"To be perfect, does God have to be the most rational or logical? Or, is he perfect due to a lack of logic or reason? In other words, is logic the tool of a sinner or a mark of/stride toward perfection?"

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday - P-Day! After we finished up our emailing we went home and got a bite to eat, and our day didn't turn out exactly as we had planned. They had MLC here in Tallahassee. I got to see Elder Peterson, so that was way cool, I love Elder Peterson! And all the other peeps, got to see Elder Urquiaga. So we then got our shoppng done and then the Knudsen's took us out for some dinner, and we went to Burger Fi, and it was delicious, seriously sooo good! Afterward, we also went to this frozen yogurt place, so we were full, and it was all delicious!

Sunday - So before church we did some good old weekly plannig and then we scurried on down to the church for our coordination meeting. Church was good, because we had 3 investigators there!!! We had Alexander Farabee, Jamael, and Jason Fuller. All 3 of them had to take off after Sacrament, but it was awesome to get them there and they all seemed to really enjoy it! Afterwards, we came home got changed and ate some dinner, and then we hit campus shortly for some contacting. But then we went with a member Robert Strobel and we went and we had a lesson with Ahmad Balzubi, we taught the Restoration to him and it seemed to go fairly well. After his lesson we came home and we got finished up all of our weekly planning!

Monday - We taught Alexander Farabee in the morning with Therese, and he is still the absolute man! We taught him the commandments of Follow the Prophet and the Word of Wisdom. He also loves the idea of modern day prophets, he said that was one thing that really, really stood out for him on when he was researching. Afterwards we hit the campus to do some contacting, Therese and Taylor came with us, to talk to some peeps. It was a pretty dead day on campus, because it was Memorial Day, so there was no class, and nobody to talk to! We made some phone calls to potentials afterwards, and then we had some dinner with Taylor and his roommate Peyton. And then we had a sports night, we played dodgeball! And it was actually super fun, we had a way good turnout and Therese brought two of her non member friends, so it was fun! 

Tuesday - We had zone training in the morning, so no District Meeting! It was a good zone training, I once again had to bare my testimony as a departing missionary! They did what we did for a zone training a few back, they had recent converts come, so Dusty and Therese came and talked to the zone. That was probably the best part of it all! After that we had to go to a doctors appointment for Elder Otu, he had to get some blood drawn! We came back and we had a family history appointment with this girl named Stephanie, it was our first time meeting her, and we had a ton of success on her family.. but she won't be able to meet until August, so she will be gone until then! Then we had a lesson with Therese's friend named Jen Kovak with Therese there. We were just trying to get to know her and ask her questions.. We just read Alma 32 with her and talked about/asked her to exercise some faith in what we have to share! After that we we are at Institute, because Alexander came, so we stayed there for the lesson and then dinner afterwards with him! 

Wednesday - We taught Alexander Farabee in the morning with Therese, and we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and it was a killer lesson, he loved it! It was his favorite lesson thus far. He had already known/read about a lot of the Plan of Salvation, but never all together like that, so it was super helpful for him.. He cooked us lunch, so afterwards we ate lunch with him and Therese, made some delicious chicken and rice, and we all know how much I love that, and we told him jello was a Utah thing, so he made that! After his lesson, we had a lesson with Therese and we talked for the most part about the temple. Then the rest of our day was on campus contacting, it was kind of a bummer day, because it rained for a good bit, so we had to seek refuge and then we just forged on in the storm, the only problem is when its raining there is no one else outside! Contacting has still been super tough lately, and it is crazy because we have literally talked to a good portion of the people that walk the same path as us each day!

Thursday - Happy Birthday Mother!!!!! Our morning started out on campus doing some contacting, and it was a warm day today! We contacted this girl named Jashett on campus, and we ended up teaching her right then and there, we taught her the Restoration, and it was super cool! She understood everything and was actually pretty excited about it, she prayed really well at the end, and she committed to read the Book of Mormon! After some more contacting, we had a lesson with Jen Kovak. We had planned to teach the Restoration, but ended up teaching the 2nd half of the Plan of Salvation dealing with after life. Did some contacting and then we did some Family History with Therese, and we killed it this time found a bunch of family names to take to the temple! After that we ate dinner and then finished off the evening with some contacting, we also gave Carson Draney a blessing, she is a member.

Friday - Super crazy day, on our lessons, we taught 2, but they were long ones! We taught Farrah on campus again! She says stuff that I don't even know what these words mean, so I always have to have her define things for me. We taught her the Restoration, but also answered tons of her questions and we taught about the spirit world, so some of the plan of salvation. She asked this question, "To be perfect, does God have to be the most rational or logical? Or, is he perfect due to a lack of logic or reason? In other words, is logic the tool of a sinner or a mark of/stride toward perfection?" After some good contacting we had a lesson with Jamael. We watched the Prophet of the Restoration video with him, Therese was there as well as Carson and James Burrows his member friend, so we watched it and afterwards we talked briefly and committed him to gain a spiritual witness that these things are true, and afterwards, the Spirit was strong!!! Finished off with some dinner and then some good contacting on campus!!

Saturday - Don't know what we will do today for P-Day, we have the dodgeball tourney this Monday, and since it isn't our P Day on that day we will be taking the 2 hours out of today.. so we will proselyte for 5 hours today! :) And there is a baptism, so may not have much time to do anything crazy fun today!

Elder Hintze

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