"Cheeburger, Cheeburger"

Before leaving Dothan, Elder Hintze, Elder Smith, and other Elders serving in Dothan ate the "pounder" at a place called Cheeburger. That's all we know! Actually, sounds really good.
"I Ate The Pounder"

"I sure am loving this place. There is a lot to be done here and I really want to be the means for good here, to be able to help out this ward."

Monday, March 24, 2014

How are things going??

This week was a great one for us. We are continuing to see many successes in the work. When walking into the library this morning, we heard someone call "Elders!" So we didn't know these people, walked up to them, they were members from Minnesota visiting here, he had grown up in the area, so it was cool to meet them!

Tuesday - We had our second district meeting, well second since I have been here! And it was  a good one as well, it is interesting being district leader, I am trying to get a hold of it so far, but I think it has been good so far! We meet down in Crestview, because that is where the Olive Branch sisters meet for their church meetings, it is interesting, so all of us have to commute quite a distance to get there. After that we ate lunch in Crestview, and after a little bit of searching, we were able to find a place that could print us some giant maps, so we printed maps of all of the cities that we cover and then one large one of the whole area, I think that it is going to help us out a lot in helping us to be more effective. We then went with Brother Pollard and we taught Thomas Copeland, his wife was there for part of it as well, we taught him the Restoration lesson, and it was kind of a different one, we taught some things we normally don't. We talked about John the Baptist, and why it had to be him for his mission. With the priesthood and all, it was cool to have Pollard there, because they used to work together. But he said to us, that "you are making me want to come to church." In the middle of the lesson, he pulled out a large print B of M too, that he already had with D &C and P of GP. 

Wednesday - We had to help a family move in from Arizona, they are related to the Andersen's who are already in the ward. So we went and helped them out, ran to try and teach a lesson, he wasn't there, so we went back and helped them finish out and then they fed us lunch. Then we traveled out to help Elliott with service and we helped him to poor cement and to fix his driveway. Then we ate dinner that evening with Sister Peeples and the Habels. She is a single lady in the ward, just as sweet as she can be we call her Mama Nell, delicious food too. A lady came as well named Tracy Harbuck, she wanted a blessing, and so we gave her a blessing and it was so powerful! And she came to church on Sunday, so that was good. 

Thursday - We taught Rosslyn Wood in the morning with Brother Pollard. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She has many family members in the church, she liked the Plan of Salvation, she knew a lot of the answers. Halfway through, her neighbor walked over and sat in on it, and both of them came to church. 

Friday - We did service in the morning at the Matrix thrift shop, we cleaned and sorted through shoes that had been donated! After that we did our weekly planning session. We did a little bit of finding and visiting, but then we got to the church and we helped them set up for the Ward Steak Dinner that we had, which was awesome, they grilled steaks, and we got to take lots home! It was a pretty fantastic turn out, we had Rick Birch, who is an investigator there, and his GF who is a member Jane Christensen, so it was an awesome event. 

Saturday - In the morning we did some finding around the lake, and then we went out and we saw a bunch of less actives. We saw Richard Skahan.. who is a man in his 70s lives alone now, his roommate who was a member just passed away. We saw Gary and Bryan Mitchem, related to members, just less active. We tried to see the Mays family. Then we saw the Habbard's. But it was good, so we split early and went and got some milkshakes.

Sunday - We had church, with was really, really good! We had Rosslyn and Linda her neighbor as I mentioned. And then Robert and Pam came again.. only their family, or his family, drove up 5 hours to come to church with them, so his sister and brother in law and his 2 daughters were there at church with them, which was way cool!!!! After church we went out and we taught Rick Birch and Jane Christensen, we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was an awesome lesson, the Spirit was there. We taught Rob Niedermeyer. So we taught him the Restoration and committed him for baptism on April 26th, and he accepted, he didn't know if he was ready. But he is reading the B of M, he doesn't understand it.. but he is reading and praying! 

So it was a good one! I sure am loving this place. There is a lot to be done here and I really want to be the means for good here, to be able to help out this ward. I'm working my guts out, I am exhausted at all times, so that's a good thing. But I sure do love you guys a whole lot, think about you and pray for you often!

Elder Hintze

"I can't stop walk with me, so I just walked with her around and talked to her"

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Family,

Hows it going!?!?!? Things are going really well here in Defuniak.. I really have grown to love this place so much in the short time I've been here!!! The Lord really has blessed us a lot this week in the way of work! Things have just been really, really good! I will get to it:

Monday - We ate at the Crosby's house, they feed us every Monday, and it is a ways drive to get out to them, so it was basically our whole night!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting, first on for me! It was really, really good! It is a ways drive again, we meet in the city of Crestview, so that everyone can be there! We talked a lot about goals, we have to set a lot of goals! Then we talked about OYMing, talking to everyone that we see.. I have been an OYMing fool these days! But we rode with the Habel's, to save some mile that we used, an then after that we went to Bro Reeves house he is in the bishopric, we picked up some bread to hand out to people in the ward, he picks up literally truck loads of bread, for his farm to feed to the animals and it is all still good! After that we had our correlation meeting with the ward at the church. Then we went and we taught a man named John Reyes.. he is incarcerated here in DeFuniak.. but his GF is a member, so we had about 45 minutes with him and we taught him in those room where you talk through a big pane of glass! He has been reading the B of M. We have been taking a lap around the lake here almost everyday during the day, and we talk to all of the people there, some of them are pretty fun! One lady says I can't stop walk with me, so I just walked with her around and talked to her. In the evening we saw Gale Miller a lady here who is in a nursing center. Then we saw the Habbard family, he is inactive, but the wife is very active.

Wednesday - We did some finding in the morning, talking to people around the lake. Then we taught Savannah Nowling outside by the lake, we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and it went really well, Elder Larsen and I are still honing in on one anothers teaching tendencies  but it was a good one! Savannah really is super awesome, she is over a third of the way through the Book of Mormon! Then we taught Sean Purdue in the evening... we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he is a returning member, one that is just coming back to church, the sisters here have done some awesome things!!!!!!!!!! they have reactivated a lot!

Thursday - We did service basically all day with Brother Pollard I will have to send you a picture of him, he is great! We worked with him on his property and we picked up a bunch of downed limbs and we piled them up. Then he took us to get fried chicken at the gas station.. yes the gas station! We went and talked to more people at dinner and then all of or some of the high priests and elders quorum all get together and we split up and we all go make visits to a ton of people in the ward. I went with Brother Mitchem.. But we visited some of his LA family members! Then they took us to Pizza Hut!

Friday - We provided service in the morning at the Matrix thrift store, so we just cleaned things up there. We saw a family named the Sisson's both from Utah, husband works at McDonalds and wife works at Burger King... :) So it actually was good.. they're familys are active, but are just away from home and don't come! Then we did some more finding! I called a man on the roster and someone answered and told me that he had passed away.. so that was super awkward! Then we tried some other ones, and finally we talked to a man named Chris Brown.. Then we tried a former investigator Thomas Copeland and we had an awesome visit with him, we are now going to begin teaching him! All of the people that were previously taught here, we have been checking them out. We got a call from a man named Robert Niedermeyer... who was a media referral we got before I got there, but weren't able to contact him, he called us and said he needed to talk to us, so I called him and he asked if he could come to church with us, he has family in the church, his daughters and his sister and his nephew, he has seen the temple, he is reading the Book of Mormon, so it was super awesome! So we arranged for him to get a ride to church.

Saturday - In the morning we met with the missionaries and we are searching out lost people trying to find their addresses, it is headed up by the Habel's. But then we studied, and oh yeah, Thursday we got asked to talk in sacrament meeting. Then we had an awesome visit with a less active but it was her non member husband, the sisters had seen him and he told us to get lost, but we kept talking to him and now we are teaching him next sunday! We had an awesome visit with him, but anyway he said I like your persistence, I will try it out, I have been wanting to read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday - Sunday was super awesome!!! We talked, well Elder Larsen talked.. and he went over.. and so they told me just to introduce myself and bear my testimony, so that is all I had to do. The sisters played the violin and the piano and it was so awesome! It has been pouring rain and while they did it there was the loudest thunder, it was surreal. The Spirit was so strong! But we had to teach the youth class, so we did that. But we had 4 investigators at sacrement meeting!!!!!! Savannah was there, and Rossyln was there (I haven't taught her yet), And Robert (Bob) was there and he brought his GF, it really was super awesome! So after Sacrement we went with Bro Diviney and we taught Bob and Pam. But Bob's daughter is going on a mission, he just has never payed attention to the church, but now is. But the GF is super on board, Elder Larsen and Elder Rasmussen previous guy, gave Pam a Book of Mormon at Carls Jr about a month ago, so it was an awesome connection that we made there! Then we ate dinner with the Diviney's, they are super awesome.

Really it was a fantastic week! I don't know if it was my best email, describing it.. but I am really loveing this place! Elder Larsen and I are a pretty good team! So I am super excited for things to come! The Lord really has blessed me a lot and helped me a lot! Loving it!!

Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

"DeFuniak Springs"

Here is Elder Hintze's First email from his new area sent Monday, March 10th.

Hello Family!!

My oh my... I feel that I have so much to tell you guys!! SO MUCH!!! There has been a lot of happenings over this week.. a lot of hard goodbyes, and a lot of changes here in this new area! I guess we don't have very good email facilities here in Defuniak.. we only have the library and it is only for an hour.. so I may get cut off here shortly, I don't know what is happening! But I got lots to say, so I am going to get into it!

Monday - We did our P-Day normal things.. and in the evening we ate dinner at the Kriser's home! So that was good.. had only eaten there once before, and it was even kind of sad saying goodbye to their family! Then we taught Marcus with Brother Thomley... we talked to him a lot about Baptism, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was such an awesome lesson. He said, "well Brethren I have enjoyed this very much!" It was hard to tell him I wouldn't be back, Smith did an awesome job in the lesson though, and Marcus really liked a lot of the things that he had said. I really don't have any doubt that Marcus will progress!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting, all of us parting missionaries, had the oppurtunity to bear our testimonies, so it was a super spiritual meeting. After that we had our district activity, we all went out to eat at La Padilla a mexican restaurant there in Dothan. After that we went to Gloria's house and continued to paint her room... and then after that we said goodbye to the family... I love Gloria so much!!!!!!! When we left we had a nice long conversation with her in her kitchen, and she just balled her eyes out, and bore her testimony to me. We then ate dinner at the Bess's in the evening, love them so much! She texted us and asked for my favorite dessert, so we had homemade cheesecake, at my request, so nice of them! A lot of fantastic people I left behind.

Wednesday - In the morning Smith and I went and got our last Loyless donuts.. so good! Then we went and saw Barbara with Brother Prigmore, got to say goodbye to Barbara, she gave me the biggest hug as well, she is so hilarious, I called her and told her when I found out, and she was so upset I was leaving, love her. I also got to say goodbye to Brother Prigmore, a fantastic man, spent a lot of time with him, him and his wife are headed back to the temple in the coming weeks!!! Then we ate lunch with Tony Hansen.. that stunk to say goodbye to him.. Then we ate lunch with the Coggins.. man that family is so awesome, got a chance to talk to them about the temple! Then we went and saw Linda Pulliam... I called her on the phone and told her and she was crying so much. So we got to see her and say goodbye, she was crying again, I got to sign her bench at her house that the missionaries sign.. and I just got an email from Elder Smith and she is moving back to Arizona.. once I told her that I was leaving she told us she wanted to move back, so she could be closer to Stubbs, Smith, and I ... so she is headed back to Kingman, Arizona. It was really hard to leave her as well! Then we ate dinner at the Blunk's, love them as well!!!!! Super cool couple, hope to stay in contact with them. Then we saw Brother Nunez, you just don't know how much I love that man... He gave me the biggest hug. Then we saw the Hughey family.. and Carol Hughey was crying as well when I left, love them too!! So many people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday - Departure day. We had to be at Transfer spot at 8:45 am so Elder Nelson and I headed down there together, and the 2 new guys drove the car back.. so I got off on the next transfer spot.. so it took about an hour and a half to get there, so a lot of the day was spent traveling.. so I got to unload all of my stuff and I got to move in!! The house that we live in is pretty cool.. we live right next door to the Thomas's they are members and they let us live there. Right near the lake!! So we just got settled I did some cleaning, and then we took off to see someone, but we got lost and so he went to turn around and he pulled way to far off the road, I am just watching him silently as he gets us .... STUCK!! hahahahahaahaha, even with the truck in 4 wheel drive and all, he just got us straight deep in mud. It was ridiculous, I was laughing so hard, especially since I was talking to dad about that, just know it was not me! So somebody stopped to help us get out as well as the sheriff stopped... :)

Friday - We did our studies and we then went and helped at a thrift store. There is this girl there named Savannah Nowling, she has a BCD for March 29th, which will have to be moved back, she has been taught once. So after that we did our weekly planning. Then we saw a family named the Petry's, just stopped in and said hi. Then we saw a family named Rob and Nicki.. part member, Rob want us over to teach the wife, he wants to come back to church, so we talked to them.. set up a return.. she has had the lessons before.. so gonna teach her!! There are so many part members, so many lost members, it is so nuts!! A 20 page roster. Then we ate dinner with Sean Purdue in the evening, and then had to drive home.. it takes forever to drive places!
Saturday - From 8am to 3pm.. we worked a family history booth at the local fair, it was super awesome!! We got a lot of contacts to go and set up family history in peoples homes! They had a tractor pull at the festival. This place is crazy family... like this is the south!!!!!!! Then we biked and we saw some less active, talked to several people and we got return appointments for them! Then we ate dinner at the apartment. 

Sunday - Holy smokes.. The Church building here is so nice, it really is a big building and it is in great shape.. Everyone that I met is so nice though, I really do love this ward so far! There is a senior couple in the ward and a set of sisters, so the seniors are working on cleaning up the roster, and the sister missionaries are super awesome, they are absolutely killing it up here!!! After church we just went after searching for less actives. Then we went with a member of the ward, Brother Diviney and we went and saw a church of christ preacher. Brother Diviney raises pigeons, he breads them, just like Pres Monson! Then we met Barbara Hunt a lady baptized about a year ago, she is so awesome!! She lit us up a fire and we roasted Smores, super cool!! Then we had to head back home!

I heard from Elder Smith.. the Brown Family the ones I told you about, he has decided that him and his wife are going to take the lessons!!!!! Also it was actually super sad to leave Elder Smith, it was super sad!! I love that dude... he is cool. So it was sad to leave him alone!! :(

The Lake is next to the house and it has a trail around it, so I have been running 2 to 3 miles in the morning, Defuniak is where I get in shape!! The area here is huge, so it is going to be tricky to manage people and miles!! But so far this place really is saweeet!!

I am probably missing a lot of information.. but I love you all a whole lot!!!!!! I am so looking forward to my adventures in Defuniak, many great stories to come!!! Love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder HIntze

"I'm sorry but. Elder Hintze.. and Elder Smith... I LOVE YOU. These two young men have been such a blessing in my life."

I am sorry for my late post on this one. Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, March 3rd. 

Dearest Family,

Hello family, hope everyone is well! I am doing fantastic this morning! As has been mentioned I am soon to be headed to my new home of Defuniak Springs, Florida. It is a massive area, so we will most likely be allotted quite a few miles, I also hear that we have a truck for our vehicle, we will see what the 4 wheeling capabilities are in that baby! ;) It is super sad to think that I will be leaving Dothan this week, our transfers are now on Thursday, so that President gets to spend an extra day with the new missionaries, so I will have an extra day to say my goodbyes, to the loved ones in Dothan! We did get to teach Steven quite a bit this week, will talk about that, he was progressing for March 15th baptism, and is super gung ho! But get this... right when I figured out that I was leaving... Tony Hansen texts us and says "Call Steven to say bye he is headed to boot camp this morning." So we were like WHAT!?!?!?!  He was supposed to head to marine boot camp June 2nd, but was trying to leave as soon as he could, so somebody bailed and they had a spot to fill on the bus, so they called him at 8:30 am and he left at 11 am, I got to talk to him and give him my goodbyes, I told him that as soon as he gets to bootcamp to find the church, and to not wait, to be baptized! He said that he would do it, so I will get his address and try and remain in contact with him! Just crazy how it all went down... So here is the week:

Monday - Today we are headed to Cheeburger Cheeburger to take down there burger challenge for lunch. But last week we just did some mall shopping and thrift shops. In the evening we ate at the Herrings home. Afterwards, we saw some new people on the ward list.. Gene Kelly, Stephen Hardy, and Michael Smith. One was active.. we just didn't recognize the name, Michael. The other ones, we are going to begin to start visiting, both wanted us to keep coming over!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning! And after our meeting, we met with Steven at the church, we taught the Plan of Salvation, it was an awesome lesson, it honestly doesn't really matter what we talk to him about.. he already knows its true, so it was a good lesson, and he understood it all, still been reading, and we taught him to pray, so he has been praying more and he says that it has been coming very easy to him. After that we had an appointment set up for Daniel Guyout, but he called us and told us that he was welcomed back to his old church, so did not want to study 2 faiths.  We had dinner with the Cain's, and it was an awesome visit, we taught them about the recent family history gameplan, and Bishop really, really liked it.. he said that he felt that this is the way we need to go. After that we went to the church for basketball, it is back no baby, holla!!

Wednesday - In the morning we had a correlation meeting with the sister's, so we could coordinate who in the ward we are visiting! After that we went and sawTheresa, but she got really emotional, after the visit we tried to get her to come to church, the 1st ward's baptism, and set up a time, but she was always too busy, we just decided that she needs a break. After that we met with a new couple named Ty and DC, she works at Subway, so that where we met her, so we talked with them, just outlined our expectations and things like that, got a feel for where they are, DC doesn't believe in Jesus Christ because he doesn't think someone can come back to life, the Jehovah's Witnesses have gotten to him as well... so we will have to buff that out of him! :) So he wanted to hear about the Plan of Salvation, was really interested in why we are here. We had dinner at the Lewis's home in the evening! 

Thursday - In the morning we worked at the food bank doing the brown bag program! And after that we went to the doctor to get Elder Smith tested for diabetes, and he came up clean.. which is super awesome! After that we had a lesson with LInda, and we did some more work at Gloria's house, went to work just chopping away! Then in the evening we had a lesson with Steven at the Davis's home with Landon Davis, we taught him the Doctrine of Christ, and again it went super solid, he really is just embracing it all!! The gift of the Holy Ghost was something new to him!

Friday - We had our hospital shift, super slow day, which I guess is a good thing for a hospital, so we didn't have much to do, even the ER was empty. After that we ate dinner with the Marturello's. And after that we saw the Hughey's.

Saturday - Oh boy.. you know those storage units that you see in the movies.. in which it is packed literally to the front and to the back with all boxes, and when you open the door boxes cascade out.. ya that's what we had to move. It was with the high priest's as well! So we had to load this huge storage unit full of boxes and furniture... so we loaded two trailer fulls and 3 trucks up and then drove about 20 minutes to the new house and then unloaded all of these boxes into an empty room in her brand new trailer.  After that we went over to Gloria's and we helped her move some furniture and we began to paint their bedroom for them... hahahahaha! So gotta go back and finish up her room! Then we booked it to the church for the 1st ward's baptism's, they had two young men get baptized! Then we did our weekly planning in the evening!

Sunday - It was fast and testimony meeting, and because of the service with the high priest's we made it in many people's testimonies, all saying how miserable it was, but how upbeat we were. Steven was there again!! It really was an awesome meeting, I really really really really love testimony meeting, the Spirit is always there so strong! Gloria got up again.. this was the highlight she said, "I'm sorry but. Elder Hintze.. and Elder Smith... I LOVE YOU. These two young men have been such a blessing in my life." it was so sweet.. !!!!!!!! After church we taught Steven at Tony's house, we taught him the word of wisdom, his first
Sunday there, it came up and so afterwards he asked me about it, he said "you don't drink tea??? ?" So I debriefed him on that so since that time he had given up chewing tobacco, and had been trying to quit tea, so it was super awesome to get to talk to him about it, he was already trying to overcome it! It was great to have Tony there, because he's from Georgia, so he overcame the coffee, tea, alcohol, and smoking... obviously, it isn't as powerful coming from me, because I have never tried either of those things! Also we taught the Elders Quorum Lesson on Family History, but we are now teaching the Kriser family, family history tonight, and after our lesson with Steven, we helped Tony to get his family history work started. We went in the evening with Forest and we tried to contact a lot of people, but didn't have much success. 

So that's all from here!!! I just got my new address for Defuniak it is: 334 Crescent Drive, Defuniak Springs, Florida 32433   It appears to be very near the Lake Defuniak. So going to be some exciting changes coming.. I am not excited to pack up all of my junk that I have collected, so you may be getting a lot of packages from me this week, before I leave, as well as your peanuts and what not, can't forget about those! :) Love you all so much!!!
Elder Hintze

Transfer Day!!!

Morning email from Elder Hintze on Monday, March 3rd!

"So here is the big news.... I am moving...........

Headed to Defuniak Springs, Florida... to be with an Elder Larsen, don't know anything about him.. I think that he is young.. I am also the District Leader there!!
It is a massive area.. like huge.. it is in the Fort Walton Zone/Stake.. so it will be interesting... way different than Dothan, it is going to be a rural area. Elder Smith is staying with Elder Tautolo."