"Dothan and I just can't quite seem to part ways at all!!!"

Here is Elder Hintze's email sent on Monday, January 20th. 

Hello Family,

So as I mentioned, Dothan and I just can't quite seem to part ways at all!!! In my interview with President he talked about how Pres. Monson told him to keep missionaries in the area for 8 months. And he made it sound pretty clear that I was heading out.. but I guess I am needed here for a reason, somebody that I can still reach! I am trusting in President Smith and the Lord, so it is all good in the hood!! A fairly good week for us, finally got the new apartment settled and now we are moving again, so the new address is going to be 200 Sweetwater Drive Apt. D-55 Dothan, AL 36305. Do taking the sister's pad and making it our tiny little home. :(

Monday - We moved ourselves out of the apartment basically all day! We ate dinner with the Davis's in the evening, and then went right back and kept moving ourselves. Our apartment was a mess until Thursday, didn't do wash until Thursday, it was pretty stressful, but now we gotta do it again, the APs called me and told me we were moving, and I just started laughing and I told him that we just barely got settled. hahahaha.

Tuesday - We had Zone Training, so it wasn't with President, but the Zone Leaders instructed us, they talked a lot about giving Church Tours, and the importance of getting people to come to church, we all struggle greatly with getting people to come to church with us, so trying to improve that. And our mission is a testing mission for doing Family History, so we are stressing that a lot. We were also able to set a new yearly mission baptism goal, of 373 and a stretch goal of 324. Our last years goal was 450, and we only got 324. After that we were able to teach Manice, and he is really confused as to the whole message, so we had to do a lot of clarifying as to the message of the Restoration, he is confused about the Book of Mormon, and was trying to find Lehi in the Bible. He has a lot of fears of jumping back into church, because of his really poor experiences in the Jehovah Witness. He said he would come to church, but we could never reach him again, tried to pick him up in the morning. 

Wednesday - We traded off Tuesday night, so I went to 1st ward with Elder Sanders and Smith took Elder Carlile to 2nd ward. We went on a 15 mile bike ride to see this man in the morning, and we did, he is an odd fellow, but hope they can start working with him. A lot of our lessons for the day feel through, but we were able to teach another new couple for them, Amanda and Kirt, who live in their apartment complex. A member did take us to Cold Stone, ya! We taught Brother Filkins in the evening, a guy that has been coming to church for ever, but hasn't been baptized.. Pres. Smith has been with them twice and taught him. He still doesn't think that he has received an answer, he hasn't felt the Spirit testify to him that it is true.. but the Spirit was even so strong in the lesson, he has felt it, he just doesn't understand what he's feeling!

Thursday - Back in the own area. We spent all of Thursday morning getting our apartment in order, finally got to do wash and get everything in order!!! We also had to do Weekly Planning and we were able to teach Theresa. And she said she has been reluctant to tell us about the church she has been going to, the Pastor of the church was doing some super sinful things.. so needless to say the church is basically shut down. Heavenly Father basically tore down her church in order to tell her to listen to us. So she was going on about the programs, and how good it is, how they help people. And I was like alright enough of this, she said, "Your church is too slow for me." So I was like Theresa, "Christ's Church isn't about upbeat. God is a God of order. It is about truth, conversion, testimony, priesthood, ordinances, plan of salvation, and making it back to Heavenly Father. This is Christ's church once again established on the earth, there are way too many circumstances for it not to be. What would it mean to you if it was Christ's church?" then she says, "oh I think that it is. I am 99.9% sure." So then I said, "Well what should you do then?" And she said "come every Sunday and endure it." Then I started laughing a lot! :) So we committed her to be baptized, but she said she isn't ready for that.. she says that may take years.. but it was a great lesson with her. And she loves both of us, she said the fact that we don't irk her at all, is a sign from God. Hahaha. We also saw the Hughey's in the evening.

Friday - We had our Hospital shift in the morning. We got a ton a ton of solid potentials on the way there from talking to everyone that we see! So we are going to get back with them this week! Nothing big at Hospital Shift, some man in the ER felt the need to start telling us how wrong we are, he was cussing at us, telling us Joseph Smith was a fraud. After he finished I said, "So it's safe to say your not on the same page as us?" Then the security guards rescued us! :) 

Saturday - We saw Barbra in the morning with Brother Prigmore, we also went with him and we saw Linda in the morning! Some things fell through with appointments and we were with Bro Thomley, and so we saw Brother Nunez with him, and Yovanny the son was there! And get this, all three of them came to church Brother, Sister Nunez and the son!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty darn cool to see them there!!!! And then we went with him and we taught Marcus. And we taught him the Restoration lesson, and it didn't click with him, so we are probably going to have to cover it again. But the Spirit was in the lesson, and he is dealing with a lot right now. All of the recent lost family and his ex wife is having to have her toes cut off. So he is really struggling and seeking after the truth, but he is excited to read the Book of Mormon. And his prayer is the most powerful prayer that I have heard from an investigator, besides Gloria. It was powerful, he prayed that we would touch hundreds even thousands with our ministry. So we will start with him as the first one of a thousand! :)

Sunday - We had church it was a great meeting! Didn't get any investigators out, sadly, hoping for next week! We took the sacrement to a lady in the hospital. And we went with Tony Hansen and tried to see a lot of potentals, and people that we had set up with, but couldn't get in with any of them.
So not too shabby. I still feel like there is so much more to be done, I often feel that we are living way under our potential, and I hate it that a whole lot never seems to improve. But I have grown in my confidence a little recently, so that helps. I just have to try and stay positive, I hate not achieving things. So I hope this next transfer and the future being great successes for us!! Love ya'll all a whole lot!!!

Love,Elder Bradley Hintze

"He said something just keeps telling me that I need to listen to you guys."

Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, January 13th. Thanks for checking in on him. 

Hello Family!! How are things!? I am doing well..! Transfers next week.. so I am a lot scared, but it will be good we will see where I end up! So we got a new apartment!! So my address is going to change slightly!!!! I believe it is apartment G-67.. So we have had to move a bunch of stuff this weekend.. and now we have to do a lot of cleaning.. a lot of cleaning, like 5 years worth of cleaning!

Monday - talk about freezing cold!! We went out on the bikes Monday night, and it was real cold guys.. nobody told me that it got cold here!!!!!!!!!!! so we were not prepared for that.. it was like 15 degrees and with the humidity and the wind wipping! So we ate dinner and planned our evening! We had one dinner appointment this week, so I am a cooking fool! :)

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning. And then after that we taught a new guy for the first time.. his name is Manice. He is 25 years old kid, raised Jehovah's Witness. And we met with him for the first time and taught him the restoration lesson! I love sharing the restoration, any time that we get to share the account of the first vision, I love it! When we shared it with him, the Spirit was so strong! The lesson went really, really well. We just stressed you can come to know that these things are true if you read and pray, read and pray!! I am very excited for the future with him! We also saw the Hughey's this evening, and we were able to have a really good conversation with Jef! 

Wednesday - We did some finding, some knocking doors in the morning! And also made a new map for our apartment! We had a ward correlation meeting. We were able to see Barbara in the evening, and she continually gets better and better, it is just little little baby steps each time, but each time the Spirit is teaching her something new!

Thursday - We had weekly planning. We were able to contact a Media Referral that we received and it is a family, and she did request it herself! So that is my first one yet.. so we are going to call back this week and set up a time to meet!

Friday - We had President Akuma from our mission presidency spend some time with us today. We had our hospital shift back up again!! So we saw Linda on the way into the hospital, she had a bunch of questions for us! But President Akuma was with us for a short period at the hospital, he ate lunch with us, it was great to have him there. We also are able to stay in touch with Bonifay at the hospital, the lady we taught earlier, she is so close to baptism. The evening we saw Sister Crunelle, we are trying really hard to get her back active as well.

Saturday - We had President's interviews in the morning, which I love. I love being with and around President Smith, he is the man! I was just talking to him about the mission and how I always struggle to find the line between formal and informal.. just getting the perfect balance, and he said, You are exactly like me on my mission. hahahahaha. We saw Barbara again, and each time continually gets better. Dad, she loved the letter that you sent her, it made her cry when she read it, to know that there are people out there who care about her!! She has been showing off our family to everyone, hahaha. We also saw Theresa and she is now back. I don't know if I told you, but when she was in Orlando on Chrismas day at her husband's daughters house, Sister missionaries knocked on the door and they came in and prayed with them... how crazy is that!!!!! Heavenly Father wants her to listen to us! We had dinner with the Evans, Thai food, it is actually really good. Mom you would be so proud of me, I eat such good stuff, all kinds of veggies and what not! :) Our best lesson was with Marcus!!! We had our lesson with him, one that we had been trying to meet with for so long.. he told us all about his trials and everything that he has been through, he has been through a lot of deaths in the family.. So we only got through God is our loving Heavenly Father, but the Spirit was there, and he felt it. He said something just keeps telling me that I need to listen to you guys. He was talking and the member that was with us said, can I watch this video with you, it was mormon message, Mountains to Climb... and he loved it, it about brought him to tears! Marcus is awesome, going back Thursday, so I am very excited to teach him further!

Sunday - Biggest thing!!!! Brother and SISTER NUNEZ came to all 3 HOURS OF CHURCH! All 3 hours.. is was so sweet to see Brother Nunez in Priesthood. the Ward was so good, everyone was coming up and telling them how good it was to have them there!!!!!!!! Loved it, and President Bess spoke and he always just straight kills it! We did some finding after church, and then the Marturello's fed us! We did get a chance to see Melvin, the guy who came to church, he was just super overwhelmed by it all I think.. so it will be good to meet with him and explain everything to him!

Family love ya'll all a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

"He never turns his back on us, and He loves each and everyone of us, He loves you."

I am sorry to those who visit this site. I neglected to post Elder Hintze's email from Monday, January 6th. Well here it is. It will be followed quickly by this weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

What up Hintze Family!?!?!?!?

So good as always to be a Monday when we get to exchange the short but oh so heart felt emails! Hope all is well on the home front. I would just like you to know that it is absolutely freezing here.. absolutely freezing.. going to get down to the teens this evening! Been wearing the warm coat all week!!

Monday - In the evening we ate dinner with the Depew's and the Bess family.. had all of them together! Really really good people, some of the best around, Carter has been home from school as well, so it has been fun to be able to talk to him, he is back to BYU now. For P-Day we played basketball with some people from the 1st ward and just did our usual thing!

Tuesday - We had District meeting in the morning! We then did a lot of finding, we saw Robert Dobbs. So we just did more finding and then we had to be in at 5:45 pm.. so we just chilled inside and did some cleaning, wrote Thank You letters, and the Marturello's brought us pizza and sparkling cider.

Wednesday - Saw the Hughey's, none of them were home except for one of the boys. We were fed by the Hornsby's in the evening. And we also saw Barbra in the evening with Brother Prigmore. But other than that our day was a lot of trying to see people.

Thursday - We worked at the Food Bank in the morning. And did our weekly planning.We also had an appointment set up in the evening with a man named Marcus, and we got it all set up, double checked with him the day before, and he didn't show up, and now his phone number had been disconnected, so we don't really know how to get in touch with him again.. so that was a major bummer as well. But we were able to meet this man named Jon Davis, who we met on the street and he hold us that he used to be a member, so we stopped by to try and meet him, and he was home, and he shared with us his story, of how he was baptized in 2001 and then fell away, so we talked to him, and he agreed that he wants to come back. We can't find his records, so for the time being we are going to treat him as a new investigator, and teach him all of the lessons. And hopefully try and get it so he can come back.

Friday - We worked at the Food Bank in the morning. Our hospital shift got canceled, because Brother Willie is working on Friday's now, so we don't know when we will get to do it. So we tried to see some people, and we did a lot of finding and out and about, we were on the bikes all day. And then we had an appointment with Justin Dunaway set up, a man that we met one day in his front yard, and he wasn't home either, so we need to try and get him again this next week. We ate dinner with the Thomley's in the evening.

Saturday - Saturday and Sunday were definitely the highlight portion of the week! It saved it for me. Tony Hansen called us up in the morning and asked us if we wanted to go to breakfast, so we went out to breakfast with him, and talked to him for a good while, and had a lesson with him and answered a lot of his questions. He has only been a member for 18 months. So after that we took him to see Barbra with us, and it was awesome! Tony told his story of how he quit drinking and smoking, and coffee. Just bore his testimony to her and he said, I will make you a deal if you give up just coffee I will give up something as well. So she agreed, so we put her coffee pot up again.. where she can't reach it. And we all agreed to give up something! We visited less actives and did more finding after that. Also we called the Bull family, that family from a while back again... and I talked to the wife and just said wondered if ya'll were still interested at all and she said, "Actually ya we really are!" So hopefully this next week, we are going to get somethings set up with them as well!!!

Sunday - Fast and Testimony Meeting. Probably one of the best meetings of my life at least for me.. it was incredible. An absolute answer to prayers, I had a lot of my prayers answered this week. Called Linda this week, and she said, "Elder Hintze the spirit is telling me to tell you, that God is a work in our lives, He never turns his back on us, and He loves each and everyone of us, He loves you." And then again.. I was in the meeting and just thinking about what little we had accomplished, and then the Spirit in the meeting just hit me. My heart was pounding out of my chest, the whole time. And probably the neatest experience of my mission... Gloria got up and bore her testimony, through out all of this, she had always said that she was 80 or 90% sure that Joseph Smith was a prophet.. and she got up there and she stood and said "I want all of you to know that I do know without a doubt, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this Gospel was restored through him." And it was just like Yes.. this is all worth it right there. And she had me crying and I'm crying now writing about it. Probably the single greatest thing that has happened. Family I can't tell you how true this Gospel is! The feeling that I felt there in that meeting, and that the promptings of the Spirit that we receive, are things that cannot be denied. I can't tell you how much our Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us, His infinite perfect love, something that we could never comprehend. We are His children. This is our Savior Jesus Christ's Gospel, He is at work today, He lives. The power and sanctification that we feel from His Atoning Sacrifice is something that we should use each and every day! He never turns His back on us! We also got to visit Brother Nunez and HIS WIFE in the evening with President Bess. And we had never been able to get her to come out, but they both agreed AGAIN to come back to church this week. We also met a new family the Brown's, he is a member, she is not, and they have 2 kids. I can't stop thinking about this family, and I just feel like we can help them out a lot. So let ya know what happens there! We got caught out in the rain on the bikes and we were drenched.

Family, ya'll are wonderful, I sure do love you a lot!
Elder Bradley Hintze

"Can I just say that it was delightful to see all of you and talk to you!!!"

Email from Elder Hintze on Monday, December 30th, we had agreat visit with him on Christmas Day. It is great to have a missionary in the field!

Hey Ya'll!

Can I just say that it was delightful to see all of you and talk to you!!! Hope you continued to have a fantastic Christmas.I did as well, very weird to be away, but so fun! I love you all a whole lot, more than you know!

Monday - P-Day we offered some service in the morning at an organization called Turkeys from Heaven. It started out as 1 Turkey but now they cooked over 1000 turkeys this year and handed them out to people in need. We were on the Green Bean crew, so I opened giant cans of green beans and drained them to be used in Green Bean Casserole, (lovely southern dish). It poured rain down on us, the whole time. Great service! After that we partook of the P-Day vibes, we emailed, played some football, and basketball. Got a hair cut! :)

Tuesday - Christmas Eve! We had our District Meeting. After that we visited Sister Crunelle, Barbara Phillips, Brother Nunez, and then the Hughey's fed us. So we ate there haven't made any progress lately as far as the Gospel, but they are again a family that is so good to us. After that the Bess's had us over, they are so awesome! We did some Fondu something or other, like boiling pots that you put meats in and fruit and bread and cheese. I don't know I was confused. But we were there for the night, such an awesome family, they gave us presents as well. I got an Alabama shirt, haha. They are huge Bama fans. But had a great visit with them, Carter was in town.

Elder Hintze & Elder Smith

Wednesday - CHRISTMAS! Got to see all of your beautiful faces! So we spent the morning with the Marturello's. They fed us Breakfast, and they even had some cinnamon roll type things. But fun to see the little kids and all of their new toys. After that the Coggins picked us up and we spent the rest of the night with them! People are way too good to us, we don't deserve any of it! So it was a good Christmas!

Thursday - We had our Weekly Planning. We saw the Woollum's. And then we tracked for probably just about the longest that I ever have, I absolutely love tracting. We found a bunch of people that wanted us to return.. so we will see if they turn out! One man, we set up to meet with the next day, but then weren't able to, so in the new year, he said to call him! So it really was good. We were able to find a lot again this week, which is fantastic, now we just have to set things up with them. We then ventured out to see a few people the Owen's, McClellan's, and the Thomley's. Brother McClellan served a mission, all his kids active, served all his life, then one day just didn't believe it was true. So I was talking to him about that, very sad to see, very very sad.

Friday - We worked at the Hospital. One of our investigators who moved to Bonifay, works at the hopsital, and we basically taught her a lesson when we visited her, she is so close to getting baptized! So it was great to talk to her! After the Hospital, we taught Gloria and Zoya. Got them set up on their new tablet with the Church's apps, they loved that!

Saturday - Freezing day. And rainy all day, so we were out on the bikes all day, it was miserable. We ate at Forest's house for lunch, met with Anita McBride, she is going to go to the temple soon, which is so awesome! We then helped a new sister from Enterprise move into our ward. We are not allowed to bike at night anymore, and it was pouring rain, so we tried to find some members to go out with, but no one could. So we did a lot of book work.

Sunday - Church, then Lunch at the Lewis's farm. Church was really good, didn't get anyone out as far as investigators. We have reactivated Brother Nunez in 2014 we hope hahaha. I love this man! So I am really hoping that we can continue to get him back, and back temple active. We tried to see several investigators, but they fell through, but rescheduled with one of them, so this week, will have some lessons! I hope and I pray that we will be able to meet with some investigators soon, I hope to be able to see the fruits of these people that we have been able to find!
But it really was a good week mission work wise and with seeing all of you! Really do love you all more than you know! I miss you and love you! Thank you for your prayers and love, I can feel it every day, and I know without ya'll I wouldn't be able to do it! It's great to be a missionary!

Love you all! Elder Hintze