First Piece of Mail from Provo, UT!

Today was such an exciting day at the Hintze's mailbox...we got our very first letter from Elder Hintze! 

Packed in his luggage with all the suits and ties,  we sent a sort-of fill in the blank type quiz for him to quickly fill out the first night before he retired to bed. We have been anxiously awaiting his responses and to find out how things were going!

Here is what Elder Hintze had to say after day one in the Missionary Training Center:

"I got taken to my room, dropped my suitcases and then, I went to my assigned classroom. We met our teachers, Sister Sanford and Elder (can't remember his name). We were there shortly, just introduced ourselves. We then went and heard the MTC Presidency speak. That was cool. We sang like 7 hymns, which was awesome. After that we had dinner. It was fried chicken and potatoes, it was just whatever. But, they have ice cream like crazy and all kinds of drinks. We then spent 3 hours speaking to mock investigators. There were 50 missionaries in a room and two missionaries started speaking with him just about basic things, and then the class took over the rest of the conversation. It was so awesome! My favorite part of the day by far! The Spirit was so awesome. The people as the investigators, I assume, are converts. But they played it so well, they were crying and just had a lot of past problems. Unfortunately, we didn't do very well with 50 of us. We went in circles a lot. We just kept sympathizing with him rather then getting into it."

"I have seen tons of Elders & Sisters that I know and we have orange stickers on our name tags, so everyone knows we're new, so we get 'welcome to the MTC Elders' everywhere."

His companion is Elder Misi from Hawaii and "He's cool." He says, "I am in a room with another companionship going to Tallahassee. They are hilarious. Elder Smith & Elder (I forgot, oh well)."

"But, I love it here even after one day. Thanks for helping me get here. The mock investigators really got me excited. People got a lot of problems and the Gospel can fix them all. The Spirit is so strong here. The church is true. Love, Elder Hintze"

As always, thanks for taking an interest in Brads. He is so grateful for the people in his life. So many good friends and family members have helped him get to this point and have been such good examples. He loves you all! Visit next week for more news!

P.S. Take a look in the right sidebar if you are looking for ways to get in touch with Elder Hintze! Or.....Our family has been using to send him quick notes every so often, so if you have an account, that is an easy option as well. You'll also notice a few tidbits of information in the sidebar as well. Those will be updated as we get more information from Brads and as he gets deeper into his mission so check back!

P.S.S Here are a few pictures from our MTC drop off!

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