Guess Who Sat on the Stand in Church?

Second piece of mail found it's way to us from Provo! Elder Hintze had a lot of exciting news to share about his first week in the MTC. Here are a few of our favorite tidbits:

-He and the rest of the missionaries in his branch met with the Branch President and the next day Bradley received a letter calling him to be a Zone Leader! He and Elder Misi (his companion) were sustained on Sunday. Elder Hintze said they haven't had too many responsibilities yet, but they are just supposed to make sure the missionaries are happy and be a support to missionaries who may be struggling! They also are bedtime enforcers, so they go around turning off lights each night!

-They have started teaching investigators every couple days. Bradley is working really hard to get the hang of teaching so his investigators understand and apply principles in their own lives. His companion doesn't participate much, so Brads is getting a tad frustrated!

-Elder Hintze was on a volleyball kick prior to leaving for the MTC and to his delight there is an outdoor volleyball court he and a few other missionaries have been able to play on during their rec time. Some of you may have seen the tweet Bradley had us send out about the volleyball dynasty he is forming! (Bradley is changing so much already, yet he is still exactly the same.)

We are so proud of Elder Hintze. It is obvious he is already learning and growing so much. It is so fun to have a brother/son serving a mission! Please keep Bradley and his investigators in your prayers!

We LOVE missionaries so much!
Thanks for your constant support.

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