"The Curious Case of the Mysterious Wet Seat"

Today was Elder Hintze's first P-Day in his new area of Dothan, Alabama. It was so good to receive the Monday email! Here is what he had to say regarding his week. Thanks to all of you for your prayers for the missionaries. Elder Hintze wrote:

"Wednesday the 26th, so the 110 highway runs all through the mission so they have 3 stops and everyone north and south of that meets and then heads back up to the missions. So I got off at the first stop called Cottondale or Cottonwood. And loaded up with my companion and a man named Brother Dewpew he is a sealer at the Burmingham Temple he is in the ward and he is a solid, solid man. So we drove about a half hour to Dothan to the apartment. Our apartment is pretty dirty, Stubbs says it is one of nicer ones. But walk in the front door, immediately walk up 20 stairs, then left is a bedroom that is empty and a bathroom for Stubbs and a closet for him. Then right of the stairs is an open kitchen area and living room, our beds are in the living room. Then farther right is another bedroom where we have our study desks. Then a bathroom for me, and a big walk in closet that is inside the bathroom, I have the nicer set up. Anyway I unpacked a little, and then we rode our bikes and went tracting. We were there for probably an hour talked to 3 people. Then an appointment fell through so we visited a less active Bro. Nunez, he said he would come to church, but he didn't. Then we went and talked to someone who was a referral from a Bishop in Georgia, the guy had been raised in the church and knows its true, but isn’t living it, his wife/GF we don't know which haha, was talking that they needed to come back. And asking what time church was, she isn't a member, they live together, but they seemed interested, but we haven't been back. Then we ate dinner at the Dewpew's because our dinner fell through, I'm telling ya the Dewpew's are celestial people. Then we visited a recent convert Mike Thomley taught him about the priesthood, and this Sunday he was given the Aaronic Priesthood, he was way excited so that was cool."

"Thursday the 27th, we started the day with weekly planning which was actually kind of cool, we went to the map and each wrote down 3 streets we wanted to tract, and then prayed about them and then we matched them up 1-6 they didn't match up, haha. But I picked a street that they had recently been on, and Stubbs was feeling good about going back, he said that is a sign that we missed somebody. So that was kind of cool. But then we visited a recent convert named Linda and taught here about the Priesthood, we took a member Bro. Pigmore with us and he just talked to her the whole time about Mojave County in Arizona, it was really pretty hilarious to watch them go on, oblivious to us. Hahaha. But she is a really good lady. Then we went to the Hospital because on Friday we work as Clergy at the hospital on chaplain duty. I'll tell you about that, hahaha. So I got my name badge. Then we had a lesson with Nathan, the only investigator that we have, and man it was a crazy experience. They met with him before I got there, and he was swearing during the lesson and saying. He is 17 and is headed to Marine boot camp in 2 weeks, and his parents hate the church. So pretty much we shouldn't be teaching him. But... So we taught him the Doctrine of Christ and he had already read all of 1st Nephi and he told us that he had repented, because he didn't feel worthy reading the B of M. But he is reading it every night, and knows its true. But he is leaving to boot camp, so he cant be baptized. For like 13 weeks, but the Spirit was so strong in the lesson."

"Friday the 28th, so clergy duty. Pretty awesome we go around the ER and the Critical Care Unit and pray with people and see if they need our help. When we got there a black baptist women preacher named LaRhonda was there, had a gold tooth, starting talking to us about spreading the Good News that Jesus loves us. Crazy lady. So for 5 hours we are there helping people and praying with them. We get a lot of "Ya'll are just babies." "Are you out of High School" "Not bad for a bunch of 12 year old preachers." Palease people! They don't know whats good in the world though. So we were walking the ER and this guy was like hey come on in here and want to share something with you, big dude, covered in scary tattoos, cut his arm wide open when he was hanging a light up, and a razor blade cut him open about 8 inch gash on his forearm, he showed us.... Any way he interpreted some story from the bible about 9/11 and the twin towers something in Daniel, Isaiah, and Zephariah. I don't we were creeped out. But then he started talking about his past and how we came to be a Christian, and how he was in jail, and how he wants to be a missionary with us, and how he wanted a Book of Mormon, and wanted to come to church, and it was awesome. And so we gave all that to him and he said he would come to church. And then he didn't.... So that broke my heart a little bit, it was this way awesome experience. But now we got nothing because of it. Then we visited Paul Kennedy a member. He had a stroke and so he is blind, but for like a dime size that he can see out of. Telling us about he has been shooting people, and how he shot himself on accident. And how he shot a kid in the foot, because they were picking on his nephews, I don't crazy stuff. But he said he would be at church too, and then nope."

"Saturday the 29th, oh boy the day with the best story so far. So we started out moving a family into a new house. So we have a dinner appointment that night. So I sit down to eat and the seat I sat in looked fine, nothing was wrong with it. But after like a minute I'm like wait a second, is my seat wet? So I'm feeling just a little bit of moisture down there, but not enough for me to full on know that it is wet. It was just kind of a cooling sensation. So we finish up and we try and get out of there as quickly as we can. So I stand up and look at my seat and it is soaked. So I'm all like heck is going on. What is this? What is happening? Stubbs thought that I peed my pants. So the seat is soaked, my pants are soaked all over the bum. So he drives us home and we check it out. And it is pee! but I didn't pee, so where did the mysterious pee come from? I DONT KNOW. They have a cat and a dog, so we think that one of them peed on it, and it dried on the surface, or they just flipped the cushion around, but I sat in some foreign pee. Cool huh? It was kind of like the air conditioned seats in the Navigator. :) So I did some wash and took a shower, disgusting. Then we had this kid Cameron Coggins over after he is a convert only member in his family, he just got called to Japan on his mission doing it all on his own, he is 18. So he came over and we made macaroni and grilled brats, and we teach him mission prep. There is also another kid that comes Luke, who is going to Brazil on his mission. Awesome kids."

"Sunday the 30th, we taught Primary singing time, we taught them briefly about all 5 of the missionary lessons and then we sang songs that applied to each one with them, that was really pretty cool. So then we tried to visit YSA less actives in the ward and none of them were home or didn't answer. Then we went to a referral didn't answer, they were home. Then we went to a potential, they didn't answer, we could hear them inside. So then we tracked and got one ladies address and gave her a book of mormon she said she'd read it. But she lives out of our boundary, so we have to refer her, she was just visiting her daughter."

"Well family, I miss you so much. I'm struggling a little bit, because I just feel inadequate, I got a lot to learn. But I know that despite all my weaknesses, the Lord will strengthen me. I am going to keep working hard!! Love you all!!! The church is without a doubt true. The Book of Mormon has meant so much more to me since I came out, that is the key if only we could get people to read it."

Love You, Elder Hintze

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