"YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Letter from Monday, September 16th. Had a baptism this week.

Hello Family! One more week in the books! Wow a lot has happened great week! This one might be a little shorter except for some days. I will say it is taxing to write this big email! I will try my best! 

Monday - Nothing big happend. We did all the P-Day regular tasks, had to write letters. Then we saw Brother Nunez he hasn't been to church in like a month, but apparently he has been ill. And then on the way home we totally hit a coyote with our car. Then we did a trade off with the 1st Ward Elders, so I got Elder Davidson down with me, he came out with me into the mission, so that was cool. 

Tuesday - Elder Davison and I went and saw Barbra Phillips, with Brother Bain. She has a baptism to prepare for. Then we saw Teresa at the Thrift Store. I fixed the cash register, cool huh? Then we saw Paul Kennedy and he told us that he didn't come to church because he didn't want to, but I sure do love him. Then the rest of the plans went to shambles. And then we went to ball. 

Wednesday - So in the morning we went over and helped Carol Hughey, we built a chicken coop! So ya.. I have never done that before, but we dug fence posts and ran chicken wire and put a giant fence up, it was crazy it took like 5 hours. But we did invite her and her husband to take the lessons and we talked a lot about her conversion (she's been less active for years) and she kind of avoided the question, but we are getting there with her! Then we went with Luke and saw Barbra Phillips, went over the baptismal questions with her she passed them! Barbra is hilarious, she told us about her Jehovah Witness friend, and how she didn't believe in Christmas, but she accepted presents, Barbra says, so I told her, "You just a hypocrite because you accept presents."   "She didn't talk to me for several months afterwards." All in german accent, it was awesome! Then we saw Sister Johnson. And then we went home had dinner and Cam came over and we did our studies. 

Thursday - So Cam was with us in the morning, whipped up some pancakes and then we went to see Deborah, Linda's neighbor, and the whole time headed there I didn't feel good about it, and walking up, I told Stubbs I just said something doesn't feel right.. It just felt weird. But she let us in and we taught the Restoration. Before we started her brother called her and wanted to talk to us, so Stubbs talked to him, and said, "Elder Stubbs you ever seen a black mormon?" Hahahaha, then he just tried to bash with him. But we taught the restoration, and Deborah ended up kicking us out, because she said, "So what your saying is that my preachers don't have the authority to baptize?" We never said that, but YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But ya that is the biggest problem with some people, the authority issue. So it was real contentious and it didn't go the best, but then at the end she says oh well, I will still read the Book of Mormon because I feel like it is scripture, What Woman? If the Book of Mormon is true, than everything else falls behind it! Oh well, it was a crappy feeling after the lesson, the Spirit wasn't there and it never feels good, it is the worst feeling in the world. Then we went so see Tersesa's at the shop. We loaded a fridge in her truck and helped her take it to her house. And read with her from the Book of Mormon and then we went and saw Barbra shortly just to see how she was doing, because her interview was tomorrow. Then the Marturello's fed us AGAIN. They are the bomb! 

Friday - We worked at the food bank in the morning! I had a sketchy moment because I opened up a box and it was full of baby rats. I hate rodents!!!!!!!! So after that we went and painted Linda's new room hahahahahahaha all those years of painting things with the family, and I would never participate because I was awful, well wooooweeee you should see the job I did on this room, it is looking so nice!!!!!! Then we went to the Hospital and worked, nothing of report from there! So then we went to dinner at the Grantham's house, biscuits and gravy! Barbra called us at the hopsital, she had her interview, she said, "Hey you guys you will have to teach me for 2 more weeks, okay?"  us "Oh, okay thats alright we would love too."  Her: "I'm just kidding okay, don't you know how to take a joke, I told you I'm a kidder." hahahaha so she passed the interview. 

Saturday - Baptism day!!! She asked me to do it! SO I got to actually baptize her!!! Which was awesome!!!! So in the morning we finished painting Linda's garage. Then we went to the church got everything set up! Got in white!!!!! That felt good to be in white!!!! She showed up a little later than expected, but we got her in white, we took a ton of pictures! Then we had the program, Luke gave a talk, then we had the dunking! So Elder Stubbs and I both were in the water with her to help her, so we get her in there, I am in position and then all the old guys start telling me how to do it, and so I make a full circle around the font with all of the positionings and what not, and end up right where I started, so I raise my hand, and say the prayer, and man oh man, did that feel good!! NOthing else like it!! So then we started to take her down and she got really scared we were going to drown her so she started fighting and then I basically just shoved her under, hahaha. But needless to say we had to go again her foot came up, so then we did it again and it was a success! "I was worried those two skinny kids weren't going to catch me!" But it was a success! Then all of the missionaries sung I Am A Child of God, that was way cool, and then the rest of the program! After the baptism she had a cool experience after she came up, she told us that she saw a beam of light, and that she saw a figure dressed in all white! So she told us that she saw Christ, how awesome is that? We were walking down the hall to go back after the baptism, and she has a picture of Christ taped to her walker, and she got down to it and said, "Alright now Jesus Christ I did this for you!" And it brought tears to my eyes! So then after the baptism we went and saw Teresa and we taught her the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was there, no doubt! She was balling and talking about her mother's death, and we talked about the Gospel of Chritst and we committed her to be baptized on October 19th! Which is the day that Nathan gets back, so we may be having a double baptism here in a month!! It was really cool, she confided in us a lot and opened up to a lot of stuff in her life... But we have some major problems I will get to that. Then we went to Tony's for dinner with Tiffany and Mitchell, next time we meet with them we are going to commit them to be baptized too! 

Sunday - Gospel Principles was the shining moment of the day! Cam's family was all there, Cam did awesome in his talk! I had Teresa next to me. She loves us as missionaries, and everything we have taught so far, but she was saying stuff to me the whole time. I was trying to explain it all to her, "it wasn't upbeat enough for her." BUT WE CONFIRMED BARBRA AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!!! 

Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a great week and many of the people that we do have right now are so awesome!!! Saturday we were on top of the world, we have so much to work with right now. But I guess I should talk about the NEWS: I am losing Elder Stubbs, he is headed to Daphne, Alabama. And I am getting a new missionary from the MTC..... I am training. I am very excited for the challenge, but I have never felt more inadequate in my whole entire life. I really am terrified for the challenge, I haven't even figured things out for myself yet. But I am going to learn a lot, and I am going to have to rely on the Lord and the Spirit much more than I have been! Needless to say Pray for me, because I am really going to need it. 

Love you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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