"whatever your concern maybe the answer is just to ask God"

Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, September 30th.

So another week down the drain, everytime I say that, but things are flying by! So this was an alright week for us, we got some cool return appointments for next week. But a lot of our investigators we did not get to meet with this week. Didn't all go exactly as we would have planned it out! But still awesome!

Monday - P-Day, did all that jazz. After P-Day was all said and done Brother Willie took us out to dinner at CiCi's Pizza, you should see the amount of pizza that this man can eat, unreal! Today we are going to head to Westgate Park here in Dothan and play some tennis, clay courts, costs only 2 dollars to play there, I went in and asked them!

Tuesday - So had to be up real early! We had to be at the church at 6:30 am in order to drive down to Panama City Beach for our half mission conference. So we all gathered ourselves up and headed down there, it was awesome, all of our zone was right in a line, and then right as the Tallahassee missionaries merged in we met with them, and we just slowly picked up all the missionaries, so there was probably like 25 mission cars all full of missionaries in a line on the highway, it was pretty awesome! Sister Smith and Sister Pino shared some scriptures on obedience, basically everything in the mission conference was on obedience!
Mission Conference - Panama City - September 24, 2013
Elder May & Elder Hintze - September 24, 2013
President Smith talked about our mission goal of 450 baptisms this year, and we are way behind like we have 240 right now. And some missionary said to him, "President we can't reach that goal, that would man we have to baptize 17 people a week." But we baptized 20 last week! So he said, "Tell me I can't do something, and we are going to do it!" And the old AP Elder Norton, was there when they set that goal with P Jensen. So he told him he said, "President you weren't there when we set that goal, it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life." But we now have 280 missionaries in our mission, and Elder Pino told us that as of last week there are 78,746 of us out in the world today! Crazy. But at the end Elder Pino bore his testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and man! That made my whole body have chills, because they are called as a especial witness of Christ! Really awesome. After the conference we drove like 10 minutes and took a picture on the beach, but I felt really bad about it for like 3 days afterwards. So I have repented. But we didn't get home from the conference until like 5 or 6. So then we ate and went to basketball at the church. We have more non members than members that come to basketball, it is pretty cool!

Wednesday - In the morning we went and visited Carol Burnsed and visited some members in the Hospital. Then Luke went with us to Barbra's we read Lehi's dream with her, and she stayed on track, and was way interested to hear what it was going to be. Oh ya in the morning we helped at the Food Bank again, made lunches for kids. Then we ate at Forest Bains house, and went and contacted a media referral we got, first one ever! But then the address doesn't exist, so bummer... but we found where that guy Justin lives, the one who took us out side who wants to quit drinking, so I said a prayer with Elder Smith, before we went, because I just didn't know what to do, and we walked up and I was like do you feel sketchy about this, and he did too, because I was feeling something big time inside of me that said don't go, obviously the Spirit, so we didn't go! It was pretty crazy though!

Thursday - Best day of the week! Helped Forest Bain with some yard work in the morning. By the way, the weather down here is delightful, like way nice!!!!!!!! It is really cooling down quite a bit. So after that we went and had lunch with the two preachers from Southside Baptist Church, sketchy, not sketchy, but sketchy! So they bought us lunch at this nice Cafe place and they just got to know us and we got to know them and then they started asking us questions about doctrine stuff, they were really nice about it, Elder Smith was real quiet, but I talked to them about the Doctrine of Christ, and I shared with them the Plan of Salvation, and we talked about the Book of Mormon with them, and they wanted to meet with us again this Tuesday, but I will get there! So they had some historical problems with the Book of Mormon, so I told him, Ya know man I don't know much about the history of what your talking about, but whatever your concern maybe the answer is just to ask God, and He will tell you if its true! So then we met with Linda and ya she is still awesome. Then we got taken to another lunch by a member in the ward, a buffett. Oh boy! Then we saw Theresa, I don't really no what to do with this lady as of now, but we just talked to here about questions she had, but it gave me a lot of renewed hope that she will come around! I went through the Area Book and I got out all of the previous investigators, and so far, we have gotten 3 return appointments for this next week from it! So then we met with Bonifay and Scott Magnes and it was awesome taught her the Restoration, (I'm still a little sketchy on my teaching skills), Elder Smith did awesome he bore a couple of testimonies! But she said it all made sense to her, she said she didn't think God would leave us with nothing, she always thought additional scripture was out there! He made us Grits with Sausage and Shrimp in it as well...!

Friday - Real lame day, we have to bike to the hospital like a good 4 miles, so we leave early, are at the hospital all day, nothing cool happened. Just talked to everyone that we could. So then we went to see Gloria, and we couldn't, so we biked to another new family Felisha, one of the previous investigators, and she forgot we were coming they were eating dinner, so we were only there for a minute and she told us to come back tomorrow. Then we went and ate at McDonald's and then Brother Bain canceled our ward correlation meeting as well.

Saturday - Sunburned! Sunburned! First day yet of my mission that I have been sunburned. So in the morning we sanded Theresa's thrift shop down, we are going to paint it, we did it with a man named Mike, who has no top teeth, and he calls me "red" because he can't pronounce our last name, nobody can pronounce Hintze!!!! So we did that and scrubbed the mold off of the side of the building, going back to finish the paint next Saturday. So after that we drove with the sisters to the hospital. (which we can no longer ride in the same car as Sisters anymore, period. Which they are making it really hard.  But we got freshened up and we walked to meet with Anita, and we read with her. And then we walked all the rest of the day in service clothes offering service and talking to everyone that we could, we walked like 8 miles. So thats why I got sunburned. But then we went to visit Felisha again, and she wasn't home... I was really bummed, I really want to teach a family, and the kids seemed awesome! So then we stopped at a girl softball tournament and talked to some people there, then a member from Bristol came over and talked to us, real nice guy, would never let us leave, but real nice guy!

Sunday - Had Gloria and Zooya at church again! They are so awesome, it was awesome to see Zooya there, she really liked it. The sisters asked us if they could count Zooya as a investigator at church, oh sister missionaries you are so misinformed. Find your own dang investigators! But I gave it to them. So after that we were supposed to meet with Tiffany and Mitchell, but they were no shows, and we weren't able to get a hold of them. So Tony Hansen drove us around and we contacted a ton of previous investigators, got a couple more return appointments, offered service to anyone we could. When we drive with him, if he sees someone in their garage or in their front yard, he just rolls up in their driveway and we all hop out and go talk to them, hahaha. But then we had to do weekly planning all the rest of the night. Oh and we went and read the Book of Mormon again with Barbra. So hopefully we can get some good things going! We are kind of at a stand still right now, yet we have quite a few people to work with. It has really been a whole new experience for me with the new guy, he is coming a long! But as far as planning and stuff, it sometimes is so hard, because I am the only one who knows anything about the area, so I have really grown in my testimony and in my faith to rely on the Lord! Especially when talking to people and teaching people! But everything is solid out here on the home front! OHHHHHH also got a letter from Nathan this week and he is so sososososososso awesome!!!! So October 26th is going to be his baptismal date, I am so happy that I am going to be here to see it!! He is taking 4 other marines with him to church each Sunday!!!! Love it all!!!



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