"For every city, county, po dunk town they got a pageant queen"

Here is Elder Hintze's email for today, Monday, November 11th. Enjoy!

So here is the week! Went by quick, but it seemed we didn't get a lot done this week. Plenty of fun though, the National Peanut Festival!!! Got to bring the whole Fam back out to it! Here is the week: 

Monday - So did the whole P-Day jazz. We then went and played some tennis, that is our new thing. But we are maybe going to be playing basketball today. So after that we dropped the other elders off at the peanut festival and then we went home. And then the Coggins picked us up and we went to the Festival with them, it was Father coggins, sister coggins, and bro in law coggins, no mother. So we spent the whole evening with them. I was way excited. Got to know them and had a good time with them. We did get to talk to dad a little about how transfers and all of that works. But it was good. His dad gave us each $100 dollars to start the night, and so I was like not spending this, and I was gonna give it back to him. So on the way home, I tried like 6 times to give it back to him, and he wouldn't let me, so they gave us each 100 dollars. :( So nice of them, but I felt way bad! So we got a ride pass and they just said, alright we're following you. So they walked around with us while we rode rides. Haha, They got quite the kick out of me riding the rides, so I think it was good! Tuesday - We saw Linda and we saw Paul Kennedy in the hospital. After that we saw the Hughey's and were able to talk to the son, they invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, so that is really exciting, should be good. We also saw Theresa in the morning and helped her out, we have actually had a ton of oppurtunities to share the Gospel in her thrift shop, just being there. 

Wednesday - We helped out at the Food bank, and then after that we helped Linda paint and sand down a bunch of shelves that need to go up in her new garage. Then we ate the the Bess's. :) They are so awesome! And they sent you the picture right? Spent some time in the Family History Center. Found a Ferdinand Friis Hintze, I think he is my great - great grandfather... it says he had 12 wives.. and I could count 27 kids.. I don't know how accurate it all was. But something cool, he was the very first missionary to go to Turkey!! After that we met with Gloria and Zooya with Linda and we taught them the Law of Chastity and we went over all of the baptismal questions with them! She is good to go, so the Baptism is going for this next Saturday!!

Thursday - We went to the thrift shop with Theresa in hopes to teach her, but she was too busy, but a man was there and we started talking to him and he said he was from Michigan and two elders used to live in his apartment, so we were able to start teaching him a little bit. Said he was going to read the Book of Mormon. Bye the way it is getting cold here!!! There were some days this week, where I was real nippy! So after all that we had Gloria and Zooya's interviews, before it we watched the Restoration video with them and it brought Gloria to tears! She really does have a testimony! It was so cool to see it, so Zooya was able to pass with Elder Simmons, but as I said, then Gloria had to do it with President. So after that we had dinner with Bishop Cain and his wife. It was really good. Ward councils have been pretty cool lately. 

Friday - We had Hospital and we were able to have a lesson with Theresa, it was really cool to read the Book of Mormon with her, she can feel the Spirit and when she said the closing prayer! We were also able to find two pretty solid people on the way to the hospital. One guy named Steven we said Hi to and then he yelled back at us and said, do you have a Book of Mormon I can have? What!??!?!?!?!? How cool, he is trying to get his life back in order and he went to our church at basic training, so we are looking forward to that.  Then we met with Gloria and just talked to her about the Restoration and how she was doing, she is so hilarious, she said, "don't you worry we are going to get the baptism done, so you can check another baptism off for your missions" hahahaha. She is hilarious. Then we had to go give a blessing to someone in the hospital with mono.

Saturday - All peanut festival. We were giving tickets to go to this special seating area, and so we got there early and walked all up and down the parade and talked to a bunch of people. Really cool! Then we watched the parade, all farm equipment, and then there was like 73 pageant queens that is all it was. The south for ya. For every city, county, po dunk town they got a pageant queen. Then we went to lunch with the elders, and then we went out to the peanut festival again and we worked in the church's booth there for the Boy Scouts selling "elephant ears" or scones.

Sunday - We went to church. Had Gloria there! And ward council was really good. But our plans for the day went down quick. Couldn't catch a break. So we did our weekly planning and then we saw Sister Knight and then saw Barbra. Barbra is doing okay, she is a tough one, but we are still working on her and loving her to death.

By the way: tomorrow is 5 months and the day will be 11-12-13. How about that? By the way, I still need someone to get that name off of FamilySearch.org and do that!!LOVE YA LOTS!!!!

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