"And I most definitely know that it did happen!!!!"

I am sorry I am late with last weeks post. This is from Monday, November 4th.

"What up!? What up!? What up!? Another week down here in the mission! Another alright week, hope everyone had a Happy and a safe Halloween!! Lots of trick or treaters this year???? anyways lets get to it!

Monday - So yes it was a different P-Day we got here early, because we went and helped a guy move his sons. It is in 1st wards boundary, so hopefully they will be able to visit the sons. We went and played some tennis! We do that every P-Day now it is becoming quite fun for us. But after that we went and ate dinner with a new family in the ward, the Herrings, they moved from 1st ward, young couple from Arizona, they are going to the new medical school here in Dothan. So they are really cool! And then after that we hit the bikes and we rode to Sister Knight's, and the Sister's brought Barbara there, and so it was a really good visit with them.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning. And Tony Hansen came and he taught us for District Meeting. It was about talking to people or sells basically. Our job and his job as a marine recruiter surprisingly are a lot the same! Except we are recruiting people for a little bit different "branch"!!! Haha. But anyway after that we had our District Activity, so we went and we got free hot dogs from a member that owns a stand outside of Lowe's. We went to see Theresa after that, and we didn't get to have a lesson with her, she just had us help her to put up a cross for her thrift shop sign. So we helped her do that, and despite it, we really did do a dang good job of putting that thing together. Theresa still isn't progressing at all, but we need to actually sit down with her and have a legit lesson again. So this week!!! Then we saw Brother Paul Kennedy. And after that Linda had us and the Sister's over for dinner, we also ate with Gloria, Zooya, and Athen. So it was a really good dinner appointment. We are trying really hard on getting Athen to be involved!

Wednesday - We worked at the food bank in the morning, we were part of the backpack program, which is make individual lunches for kids. So we were there for like 3 hours, because it was us and a few other ladies, and the sisters came late and left early, so it took quite sometime. Then we went and we saw Barbara with Charles Bain, and then we headed to the ward trunk or treat, we just covered our trunk in toilet paper and then I hid in the trunk and I tried to scare some little kids, haha but that didn't quite work. But it was really fun, there was quite the crowd out and we had quite a few non members there that we were able to meet! So it was really quite fun!

Thursday - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Unfortunately we did not dress up.... I know I know. We just didn't have time to go costume shopping and what not. So the best that I could do was to wear a fake mustache! We were also asked to be in at 7 for the night. So for lunch we went with the other Elders to try and find some pumpkins to carve for our evening, but we couldn't find any, so we bough apples and caramel and we tried to bake some apples. But after that we came back and we did our weekly planning. Then we went with Forest to see Barbara again, it was a really great visit. Everytime we read from the Book of Mormon with her, it just feels so good and she says it everytime. After that we had to get to Linda's to fill back in the hole that we dug for her. And after that we went to the Marturello's for dinner, they had chili, and breadsticks. And cookies, carameled apples. It was just kind of like being at home! But then we went trick or treating with the kids to a few houses, just walked with them. So then us and the other Elders went to the church and we baked our apples and we drank some sparkling cider and we played some basketball for our halloween evening!

Friday - We worked at Red Cross in the morning and we basically just made lunch for their big event that is coming up. So after that we hit up the Hospital, and it was a good shift. Nothing of event, but it is awesome to get to talk to so many people, I absolutely love it! So we picked up the 1st ward elders from red cross after that, and right before we got there, there was a huge drug bust, just like the movies. Like no joke probably 30 undercover cops in just normal cars and the sheriff, just all swarmed this house, and there were these 2 guys in a ghetto sled, just flying down the rode in reverse, and they were throwing cocaine out the windows, like huge bags of it, and as they are flying down the rode, a cop in a truck, just takes them out, and plows them off of the rode. We didn't get to see it first hand, but we saw the aftermath. So after that we went to visit a bunch of people and we got nothing. Tried to contact a referral that was supposedly really solid, but we didn't even get up the driveway before they told us to get lost. So then we biked to the church and we talked with the sisters about doing a family history booth. We are going to get a booth outside of the Walmart here in Dothan. Which should be pretty sweet. Then once we were home, we got a call from Tony Hansen, he got a call from Nathan's parents and apparently Nathan hadn't really talked to them about the baptism, so they were all up in arms, and Nathan's mom had to work, so she couldn't be there. And so Nathan was on his way home to talk to them, but they said the baptism is't happening. So Tony talks to them and we get it set up for Sunday morning, before he leaves, his parents can be there. So I was way worried, all night. But I figured it would be okay.

Saturday - So right off the bat, I start jumping through hoops to make the baptism happen, I am on the phone with Tony, Forest, I am talking to President Smith seeing what he thinks we should do, and I am texting Bishop. So we decide that it would be best to do it late that night after stake conference. But no Nathan. So I call his house and talk to his dad, and he was alright, not overly nice, and then he said that he would have him call us. So after that we met with Gloria and Zooya and we taught them tithing, and we were a little worried going into it, that this would be a tough one, but she knew it all, she told us how it is one tenth of you income, described the blessings and the sacrifice. So I just said, "Well sounds like we don't have to teach you much." The faith of both of them and the Spirit that they have, it really is very cool to see how much they are prepared. But before we went in, Nathan's dad called me and said, that the baptism is off. So we did not have the baptism, nor is there going to be one, until he gets back from boot camp. So he sent us some text messages saying how sorry he was, and when he gets back he will be sure. And he said he was really embarrassed. So we texted him told him not to worry about it. So we went home we got freshened up ate some dinner and then we went to Stake Conference the adult session, President and Sister Smith were there. After President could read what I was feeling he said, "No baptism, be patient it will come."

Sunday - We went to Stake Conference in the morning, and Pres and Sis Smith both spoke this time, which was way awesome. And all of the members of the stake presidency and what not spoke it was really good. So after that we went with Brother Prigmore and we saw Barbara, she was smoking when we got there. :/ So thats cool, but it was a good visit. And then we came back and we had to finish up our weekly planning, because we didn't have a chance to do it. And we made a ton of phone calls trying to set up some visits, but we couldn't get anything. And then the Thomley's picked us up for dinner. So we did that, I talked to President today after the conference, and he gave us permission to go to the peanut festival, so that should be really cool!!

So it was a good week here! A disheartening one! I was reading some way old Ensign last night about the Sacred Grove and the plaque going into the sacred grove says, "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith here." And I thought that was so cool, that is all it said! It is either a yes that happened or a no that didn't happen. And I most definitely know that it did happen!!!! Without a doubt our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph, and because of that everything falls into place!! So I'm just gonna keep being happy and working as hard as I can! :)

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