"So I was like NO, NO , this is garbage."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello Family!!!

How is everyone doing today? I am reporting to you from the Crestview library, we finally got ourselves a ride down here and are going to spend P-Day down here, playing some basketball! I don't have a whole lot to report or big things that happened this week, but lets get to it and then we can talk about it at the end!

Monday - I felt that we needed to go and see Mark Lassen... and we did, wife is quite sick. Anyway we had an awesome visit with him, it took our evening, he played some guitar for us. But the end our goal was to get his membership records here.. so we asked him about it.. and it opened up a whole hour of conversation. All of his kids are active and have been through the temple, we talked to him about what he needs to do, to come back, and we offered to come by and give both of them a priesthood blessing and to begin to teach them (her) about  the Plan of Salvation. But it was powerful to be with him, he closed us with a prayer and it was one of the most humble/sincere prayers I have ever heard! So we got the go ahead from Bishop, he said that we can begin to teach them!

Tuesday - District Meeting in the morning, .. we just had no time.. we always run out of time, so I tried to smoosh it all in and didn't get to cover all that I would have liked. But we talked about working with less actives and how to improve. After that we bounced out to Reeves and got bread, after the Habels bought us Taco Bell. :) Then Rodney didn't show up for Fam History, so we did some of our own and helped there. Then we ran with Sandy Jack Brown and we gave a blessing to the Brickner's a older couple in the ward, that is very sickly in health! We didn't have much to do.. so we did a lot of finding, and found one dude named Ronnie Wilson? But we got to share the restoration with him and read out of the Book of Mormon with him and he was super interested, and we set up for Thurs @5.
Wednesday - Huge service day.  When meet a man named JR Strange.. But anyway, he got to asking us some questions, and Elliott suggests that we give him a Book of Mormon, which was super awesome, and then Elliott began to tell him all about it and it was super cool. So we had the chance to do a lot of the restoration lesson, and he was super interested in Pres. Monson, so I had my PRECIOUS only one we can get Conference Ensign and I showed him and then I gave it to him and a Book of Mormon! So I am Ensign less now... :( But regardless, it was awesome! I got Elliott to be on board to go and teach him with us, which would be so cool. We are excited! So we went to the Family History center and finally Rodney was there... and it didn't turn out to be much, because he is like the master of the fam history.. so I didn't get to help him much.

Thursday - We went out in the morning with Elder Habel and we helped Brother Reeves. Fed us delicious breakfast! Then we taught John Reyes. After we worked the lake yard again, we own that place for real though, nobody escapes us. Didn't have much success again, and then Ronnie Wilson did not show up. So we went out for Home Teaching I went with Elder Habel and with Chris Jones. We went and saw Sis Miller and then saw Rodney and gave him a blessing, he had fallen.

Friday - We were supposed to see Al Jackson in the evening, but he canceled on us, right before, so we went and Bro Pollard had us come and help him. We were supposed to go down to Freeport and teach David Royce and Bob and Pam Niedermeyer, Gary and all of them down there and then all of them canceled on us... so it was like really!?!?!? Really !?!?!?!!? Then we went and we worked the lakeyard again... and didn't have much success. We ate dinner at the Andersen's and then we helped them to fix their kitchen sink.
Saturday - Crazy day we had... absolutely crazy...! We got to the church bright and early in the morning and we filled up the baptismal font and rearranged all of the seating and the rooms for the baptism and at 10:30 Dallin Thomas an 8 year old got baptized and so we were there for that. Elder Habel met some guy on his way in and brought him to us and said here Elders give him a church tour, and so we missed the baptism, but we took him into the chapel and talked to him, he was an old fellow down the street and he wasn't interested at all, he was just interested in telling us we didn't need the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith is not a prophet. So we just testified and he was one of those ones that you couldn't tell anything too.  After that we jetted down to Freeport to see Bob and Pam again.. and right as we get there.... they call and tell us they can't make it... So I was like NO, NO , this is garbage. We are going by! So we just go there early and were able to see them and had a good visit with them, things are good with them lately, Bob especially he has got a job, and is working on getting his life in order. But we just talked to them in the short time that we had about reading and praying. Then we got through Niceville the roundabout way to get to Crestview, out of our area to give a baptismal interview and we are halfway there and they tell us it got canceled.. so now it is just comical right? Frustrating. So we go anyway, because that is closer to get home. We did get to see Pres. and Sister Smith there though. We picked up the Zone Leaders and then we headed back to DeFuniak and we saw James Griffiths get baptized, it was super awesome! It has been a long time coming for him and we all know him super well, so it is good! Then we had some refreshments!

Sunday - Church was a good one! We didn't have a single person come this week... Bob said he would be ready, and he wasn't home.... Elder Habel drove all the way down there and then he wasn't there. Ahhhh. So we finally got to see Al Jackson after church I woke him up. :) He has been reading a bit and he feels that he has got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true!! SO that is awesome.. we don't know if he fully understands yet.. but he is so sincere we just covered the read, pray, come to church, over and over again, so he could get it down! Then we did our weekly Planning, after some more OYMIng we found a super awesome dude named Cory that we are going to start seeing, he invited us over to eat with him sometime next week!

I don't know what has been going on lately... I am so happy and enjoying my mission, I am not down in the dumps. But sometimes I just don't get it at all, I am trying to do my best to be the best that I can, and things just never work out at all. I don't know what guidance anybody gives except, well endure through trials, keep pushing. So that is what I am going to do. But it just doesn't make sense all the time. I want to progress I want to help people! But for now.. I will just keep on doing ma thang. Sure do love you all a whole lot!

Elder HIntze

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