"Oh we had an axe cutting contest.. cut my tree down in 28 seconds thank you very much!"

Monday, May 12, 2014


It was soooooo good to see you guys yesterday... really it was so good! I wish that we could do it more often! Well here is this week:

Monday - We ate dinner at the Crosby's home and we had a lesson with all of the folks over! We had Robbie and Cherish Martin, their little little brother and their little cousin, we had Pam and AJ and Destiny Miller. We taught them about the stripling warriors parents and we had them write something they were going to stop doing and we went outside and we buried the swords in the ground! Trying to get them into the Book of Mormon!

Tuesday - Big day of service.. we went in the morning and we picked up Brother Marshall's yard and then we mowed his lawn for him.. hopped on that rider mower and took off! And then we had to jump over and we cut Brother Lasson's yard, we visited with him, his wife has 2 months to live, and it has been so hard on him.. so we are trying to help them out a lot! He says he always feels better when we come over! We had our correlation meeting at the church! And then we did some family history at the church.. there is a new program called Puzzilla to help find cousins, it is super cool, so there is lots of holes in the family tree that I saw, that can be done! We have some crazy ancestors.. read about John Gailley and read from his journal.. talking about when he was converted to the church in England, he basically just went around and baptized people right and left! Then we grabbed some ice cream with Brother Stripling. We ate dinner with the Brittens in the evening!

Wednesday - We worked with Elliott in the morning and we cut down a ton of trees for the green house! Oh we had an axe cutting contest.. cut my tree down in 28 seconds thank you very much! After that we came home and got cleaned up we went out with Vann Driskell, he got his call to Vancouver, Canada. And we went and we gave a blessing to asister named Betty Yates and then we taught Al Jackson.. that was the one that was super cool, we taught him how to receive answers and how to feel the Spirit, and then we read with him and we really did feel the Spirit, he was highlighting the book on his car, when we left it was really, really neat! Then we had an appointment to do family history, but they didn't show. Then we helped out at mutual preparing the mother's day gifts!

Thursday - We did our weekly planning and then we didn't have our car, because it was in the shop getting fixed! Had some transmission malfunction, so we biked to see John Reyes.. intense bike ride. And we had an awesome visit with him, we are going to start reading the Book of Mormon with him every time we go by and then we are trying hard to get him to get into it! Then Elder Habel picked us up and we went out and we taught Jeffrey Fiquette. So we were able to talk about the plan of salvation and what the Book of Mormon does for us, but he needs to hear the restoration, so that is what we set up for next visit! Then we did home teaching with Bro Andersen and we didn't get into any homes, but we ate with him. And then we took off to Crestview and we slept over there.

Friday - We headed down to Fort Walton and we went to zone conference and it was really good! It went super late, but we learned some cool stuff! 

Saturday - We did service with Brother Pollard in the morning cutting down tons of limbs and piling them all up! Then we ate lunch with him, came back and studied, I had to finish my talk! And then we did some OYming around the lake and we visited a Sister in the ward, Sister Hughes. 

Sunday - Church was good, I gave my talk and it went well! I talked on Fam History.. so it went well! But always could have done better. We ate dinner with Bishop afterwards. We visited quickly with the Wyman's a family we are going to start to work with! And then I called you guys!!! And then that was the night.

I love you all so much!!!!! 

Elder Hintze

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