"He thinks that we have everything right, he thinks that Joseph Smith is an absolute genius."

Monday, Ocotber 6, 2014

Hello ya'll!!!

It is crazy, it seems like I fly from one Monday to the next!!! This week was great, we had the successful transfer, and I lost my boy Cooper! It was actually pretty hard to have him leave, loved serving with him! So my new companion is Elder Peterson, he was our District Leader here in Tallahassee, so it wasn't much of a move for him, I already knew him as well! I am going to pump this email out, today has been crazy, so don't have too much time. Let's get to it!

Monday - We ate dinner at the Schrader's in the evening! We did some finding, and following up with people, and then on the way home, popped by the Knudsen's for Elder Cooper to say goodbye. 

Tuesday - We had our district meeting in the morning!
The District!
I had to buy the campus district donuts because they had so many member presents! Elder Cooper bore his testimony in district meeting, and it made me cry, and he was crying... adorable am I right? Then we had our district activity, and we played what was called 5 base baseball in the gym here, we combined our district with campuses, so it was a big one, it was a blast!
Then we taught Christina Hamilton, she was bummed that Cooper was leaving... but we taught her the doctrine of family history and connected it with temples and with the plan of salvation, every meeting we have with her is so awesome.. we had planned to share something completely different, but we felt to go there, and it was exactly what she was thinking about! Then we taught a man by the name of Richard McCulley, he was a referral from the 4th ward sisters... he is really interested in the Book of Mormon, so we taught him the restoration, and then we talked extensively about the Book of Mormon. Then we ate at the Culligan's house, they are super awesome! Then we taught Gonzalo at the church, with Brother Carroll, we just read 2 Nephi 4 with him and based it off of that, he is still doing really well!

Wednesday - Transfer day... so we drove all the way to Crestview  and it was funny Elder Peterson actually rode with us! So we drove there, and we took a pit stop in DeFuniak, was able to take a quick drive around the lake, and my old living quarters! :) So they did the big meeting and announced everybody, it was a lot of fun! So I said goodbye to Elder Cooper, super hard! Elder Cooper is in Milton, Florida, it is where he started his mission, so he is super happy. So after all of that we turned right around and headed back home! Then we had to run to Crawfordville to give the new sister's some supplies!

Thursday - We helped out at a funeral in the morning a member's son died, she is the only member and her other son who lives in Utah was there. Then we met with this man named Torrez LeBrun and his son name Torrez LeBrun "T.R.", and it was awesome, new people that we OYMed and we did family history with them, and then afterwards, we taught them the restoration in the chapel. The son has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. He thinks that we have everything right, he thinks that Joseph Smith is an absolute genius. Then we went out with Bro Hollett for splits, and we visited with Bro Barber.

Friday - We met with Eric at the library and we taught him about revelation. Then we taught Christina Hamilton with Sister Stroud, and we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we committed her for baptism on October 17th!!!!!!!!!!! It was again an awesome lesson! Christina really is so awesome! Then we visited a member lady named Markeish Scott with Bro Delp, she has 4 boys. Then we taught Gonzalo and we taught him out of his new PMG, it is awesome he loves it so much! He was so happy when he got the package, he called me right up and told me to tell you thank you, he was so excited, about the chocolates too.

Saturday - AND THE CONFERENCE BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man alive it is always so good, just know that I love every single second of conference!!!! We attended the Saturday sessions at the other building in Tallahasse, and then we stayed for a baptism, and Christina was there to watch it! Then afternoon session.... then we ate dinner at the Gray's. And then we went to Priesthood session!

Sunday - AND AGAIN BABY!!!!!!! This time at our own building, we watched morning and the afternoon, so to count investigators at church, they have to watch one session of conference! And I had my all time record this week!!! We had 7 investigators watch a session of conference!!!!!!!!!! Richard McCulley watched Sunday morning, Torrez LeBrun and his son, were Sunday morning, Gonzalo watched at Bishop's house, Christina all sessions and Sunday at her house, Eric all sessions, and Ted came to the Saturday morning session with us! It was so awesome! In between these two sessions we taught Aurther H. at his house! Then we taught Christina in the evening! I feel that I am here for her, we have had such a connection, it is really cool.

:) Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry its not my best email, I am hurrying sorry. I just have had on time. Miss and love you all like crazy!!!! 

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