"President says, "why are we here? What are we doing here?"

Monday, September 29, 2014


Hello, how is everyone!? Hope everyone is doing well today! I am doing fantastic as ever! So first off new transfers.... it is crazy! So before they would send out an email today with where everyone is going and with who they are going with... then on Thursday they would work there way across the mission with the transfer van and truck with trailers... but they are switching it up... the APs called us Sunday, and they told us who is leaving, but not where or with who... so we called everyone in the zone and told them if they were leaving. So we told them they were leaving, now all of us have to be at Crestview, FL Wednesday at noon, so everyone that is being transferred, is going there! It is going to be madness, it is in the middle of the mission, where I used to have District meetings in DeFuniak! So everybody who is getting transferred is going there.... and as well they are doing a train the trainers on Wednesday morning.. Alright lets get to the week!

Monday - We played ball on P-Day as always! Gonzalo came and he played with us missionaries, so that was awesome! 

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning, and we went to the Campus district meeting... so we had to speak, ya know say a few words of wisdom! Then we taught Eric Ericson right after that at the church, with Bro Delp, we taught him the story of Bro Jared... overcoming trials/receiving revelation.. basically, he asked the Lord, what should we do about the light? The Lord says, what do you want me to do about it? So Bro Jared, goes to work! And comes up with a solution, and then goes back to the Lord... it was a good lesson, Eric liked it! 

Wednesday - MLC baby!!!! All day... so we headed out to Crestview at 7 am! So we got there did our thing, and then turned around and headed back!
MLC - September 2014
They talked mostly about the new transfer procedure, which came from Elder Zwick. President spoke at the end... just on what he said in his email, being #1 in effort and not in baptisms..... I loved the meeting though, the Spirit is so strong!! When we first opened... President says, "why are we here? What are we doing here?" And people throw out some answers... .our purpose, so on so forth. He had all of us walk out in the hall and look at the picture of the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane, kneeling down in prayer.... and had us all come back, and said that is why we are here!" It was awesome, how could a missionary look at that and then be disobedient, how could someone look at that, and not keep the commandments! After MLC, we taught Gonzalo in the evening with Bro Gentry.... we shared with him Alma 17, the story of Ammon, and then we bring it into real life scenario, and what we can learn from the Book of Mormon... 

Thursday - We headed out to contact some referrals and to do some finding... and we had a lesson with the TCC A Sisters and an investigator that they passed over, her name is Latonia Blunt, we taught her and her neighbor Looria... so we sat outside with those two, the sisters and us and we taught the Restoration, it was really good! Then we taught Christina Hamilton with Kim Mobley (who is a recent convert, lives in Christina's apartment place) ...... and it was awesome again!!!! We were planning on teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and commiting her to a baptismal date... but she had studied the Plan of Salvation in PMG, like are you kidding me? She had studied it, and I just really felt nervous before the lesson, which always means something is up, so we switched it right then, and we taught the Plan of Salvation... it went tremendous! Beautiful lesson again, and the spirit was very strong! Her mother sat in for most of the lesson as well, and she is interested, her son was there too.. Christina wants to do it on her own first however... so Kim was awesome! 

Friday - We went on a tradeoff! I went to the 4th Ward with Elder Jackman and Elder Moore.. And Cooper and Peterson, went to the 1st ward! When I was with them, we just tried to discover some new less actives and did some finding! But we were able to see a less active with a member, and we gave her a blessing, it was super powerful. She was crying, and we just talked to her about the Atonement! Then we were able to teach this investigator Ricky Spencer who has been coming to church! We were able to teach him the Restoration! 

Saturday - I was still in 4th ward... and we visited this/family, named the Cook's they are awesome! Then we did our exchange reports and then traded back! Visited with the Stanley's, tried to get them to come to the high priest activity, that night! So then we went to the high priest activity, it was a family history oriented, so people were sharing stories from their family history, and I shared a story from our mission of family history, a story of a woman who joined in Dothan, after I had left.

Sunday - We had Eric, Gonzalo, and Christina at church! Great service, super pumped for General Conference next week! So we had ward council after church, came home lunch, then we headed out, we taught Christina again, we just read parts of Alma 32 with her, it was super awesome again!!! Just talked about faith! Then we were with Bro Carroll, for some appointments! So we ate with Bishop and Sister Hargredt and they are awesome, I really, really like them! Then we taught this guy named Tori Ellison in the evening! And we taught him the restoration... it was really, really good. Great lesson, we had him pray at the end, a kneeling prayer... and it was the best prayer ever!

Family, I can't tell you how much I love you! Time goes by so quick, I feel like I am just going from P-Day to P-Day!! I love and miss you all so much! Next week, I will report to you, who my new companion is!!!!! 

Elder Hintze

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