"There is no comfort in the growth zone, there is no growth in the comfort zone."

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Family!!

I hope everyone is doing well!! I am doing great this morning. I think that we should Skype in 17 days, what do you guys think?? Let's get to the week!

Monday - Dodgeball is the new sport of the mission, so we played dodgeball and some basketball for our activities! Today I believe we are doing the same, I may spend sometime acquiring the family some Christmas gifts as well!

Tuesday - So we went to FSU's district meeting, it was a good one, we spoke again on overcoming fears to them! After our district meeting, we went and we did some service with Sister Lopez. And then after that we went and we helped Bro and Sis Haire with some service, they asked us to come help them put up Christmas lights... Then we ran to our meeting with the Stake Presidency. Then once we were done we went to our Correlation Meeting in the evening! Our Ward Mission Leader, won a trip to go to the movie premiere of Hobbit in London and spend the day with Evangeline Lilly. So he has been out of town.

Wednesday - MLC day, we got up bright and early.. and we headed out to Crestview, Florida, passed through good old DeFuniak Spring's area. :) MLC was really, really good! We talked about Finding, how to motivate missionaries, and how to revive dead areas in the mission, we talked about consecration oil and questions about that for the sisters. President read to us the things that Christ went through during His suffering, and that was the highlight for me, He went through so much, it hit me really, really hard. There was some cool things that happened though, I have been asked to conduct the Half Mission Conference this week, as well Elder Peterson and myself are filling in for the APs, in 2 weeks at transfers, they do a train the trainers, for all of the missionaries that are training, and it is an hour and a half, and Elder Peterson and I have been asked to teach that this time, as fill in for the APs, since they will be at the airport. So after we traveled back, we taught Gonzalo! And it was a really, really awesome lesson, we talked to him about the Book of Mormon, we also talked to him about patriarchal blessings and he is going to make an appointment with Bishop to get that. Also during the MLC, Cristina texted us and said, "My mom no longer wants to be baptized..." So we texted back and just said, how sad we were to hear that, can we come and see her to talk about it? And she said, "Won't be necessary but thanks for asking."

Thursday - Road Trip day!! We had to deliver the stockings to all of the missionaries in our zone for the Christmas conference coming up.. so from 10 am to about 5 pm we road tripped to every area in our zone and delivered their stockings Madison to Perry to Crawfordville to Tallahassee, it was a pretty fun road trip though! We ate at a delicious BBQ place in Perry, Florida, it is a po dunk town, so you know it was delicious! Also Eric called us and he prayed about his job offer at the church, and he didn't feel that it was right for him to take it and he is going to ask for Sunday's off so he can come to church, so it was seriously such a miracle!! So things are looking up for him! Once back, Sister Maurer fed us dinner and then we did Family HIstory with her once more, we are having tons of success with her. 

Friday - We taught this man named Walker in the morning for the first time, he is this 82 year old man we tracted into him, and he was pumped for us to come back, so we taught him or started to teach him the restoration, and did some HTBT, and mainly just talked to him about the Book of Mormon. We went back to the Haire's they had a few more jobs for us to do for them! We tracked down Kreg Mecham he is in the Hospice House, and so we went and we visited him, he was sound asleep, so we didn't want to wake him, we talked to the nurses about him and then called his family again! They have been updated on him.. it was so cool for me to talk to his mom, it was my highlight! She said, I want you to know that for 25 years I have been praying that my son would come back to the Lord, and now it is happening, he is leaving this life better off, she said when you get off your mission you can count this as one of your conversion stories.   It was so special, it really meant a lot, I guess I hadn't looked at it in that way, but truly that is what it is! Then we taught Eric, we talked to him about enduring to the end, we watched the video the John Tanner story of the man who gave up all, good lesson!

Saturday - We went and we saw Kreg again in the morning and he was awake and we we're able to talk to him for a bit, we tried to get him cheered up and we were able to do that! He is 62 years old, and he looks like he could be in his 90s. His mother told us he is dieing, because his body cannot fight off the infection, his liver is shot. But his sister is here in Tallahassee, I talked to her on the phone for the first time. Then we were able to see the Liedy's and that was an awesome visit as well, we shared He is the Gift with him, and talked to him about his relationship with Jesus Christ, he said an awesome prayer at the end, and he was in tears. So powerful. Because of that, he came to church and also his wife, and the kids... so it was so awesome!! We we're able to see Sister Daniels and her family. We shared He is the Gift with them as well. We did a lot finding as well, we have been knocking the doors like crazy!

Sunday - We had T. R. at church, he is just fitting right in, he might as well be a member, we haven't been able to meet with him in a couple weeks, but he is awesome! Church was good, I always love Fast Sundays.. they are without a doubt my favorite weeks! After church, we went and we visited Kregg again, it was his birthday and his sister from Provo was there, so it was really fun to get to talk to her! He is kind of out of it most of the time, but it was great to get to talk to her, 20 long years and she is just seeing her brother, it is absolutely amazing! We got out and we did some more finding, we we're able to find one super cool guy that we are going to go back and teach. Then we ate dinner at the Stuckey's, and they are so awesome! Then we went and we watched the Church's Christmas devotional! It was really good, I really liked Elder Cristopherson's talk, that was my favorite!

We have Half Mission tomorrow, so we will get to watch Meet the Mormons, we are excited for that! These last few weeks have been some really hard ones but I'm going to be alright, some of the things that have happened have hurt a little bit, but I'm just gonna trust Him, because He knows way better than we do! President shared a quote a while back, "There is no comfort in the growth zone, there is no growth in the comfort zone." I love you all like crazy!!!

Elder Hintze
PS - I made good use of my old bright yellow shoes... now hanging above Charlotte street on the telephone wires... we live in the ghetto anyways, am I right!? check that off the bucket list! :)

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