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Monday, December 15, 2014

Whats up Family!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today! It is our dodgeball tournament here, so we have got to be here for that and have to do some christmas shopping for you all! I am staying put here in Tally 1st Ward, staying as a ZL and I am staying with Elder Peterson, not too many changes for our zone.. This week was a really good week, it seemed that things go picked back up here, we were able to reach or exceed all of our 11 key indicators, so that is a dang good week right there! I love you all like crazy, here is our week!

Monday - We played dodgeball as always for our P-Day, I tried to find some Christmas presents at the FSU Bookstore, but it was pricy, so I am going to have to go to a different place this Monday, hopefully it is not too late to get the package there. After dodgeball the Tally 2 Zone Leaders so kindly accidentally stole our keys when they left, and so they got home and then when we were leaving we had no keys, so we had to wait for them to come back. We had to eat and change and get up to the other building, where we set up for the Half Mission Conference, got all of the tables and chairs set up, and then vacuumed. It was actually a lot of fun, Pres and Sis Smith were there. Then all of the Dothan Zone came into town, so we had 2 companionships sleeping over at our place, had my man Elder Urquiaga! So that was really good too.

Tuesday - Half Mission Conference! It was so much fun! As I mentioned I was asked to conduct, so nothing big, but it was fun. We started out with a little program and then in between short narrations by Sister Smith, different missionaries came up and performed musical numbers, there was some super super awesome ones, some people's talent is amazing. We then ate some lunch, by Sonny's BBQ, our official sponsor ;). And then we had or stocking exchange, so each district got to introduce themselves in a funny way, ours wrote a song, there were some really good ones. It was hilarious! Urquiaga had me in the stocking exchange, so he got me some good stuff. Then after that we watched Meet the Mormons..  now let me tell you, it was so awesome! I loved the movie!! It was really powerful, makes you feel really good about being a mormon, because before I watched it I was just like whatever about being a mormon, but now I am sold! ;) It was a highlight for me though, really well done! Afterwards, I went on an exchange with the APs, so I went with Elder Welch in the 3rd Ward. So we had to get everything all cleaned up and we had to vacuum about the whole building, it seemed. After that we had dinner and then our appointment canceled imagine that? :) I was with Elder Welch, we came into the mission together, so it was really good to be with him, he is the man!

Wednesday - Still with Elder Welch in the morning, we had to do some chores, we had to run and grab some mattresses from storage and load them up, and other stuff like that, had to go to the mission home to pick up the media supplies for their meeting, so we got to talk to Pres and Sis Smith, they are the bomb! So we again didn't have too much time to proselyte, but we we're able to teach this guy named Jamail, and it was just a very brief lesson, we just taught the Book of Mormon and bore testimony! Then we traded back, so I was back with my boy Elder Peterson. Once we got back, we popped by to see Bonnie and Cristina... and it was as if nothing had ever happened, they were both just so happy to see us, and so we were like, whats been going on, whats up? And Cristina says she has just been at home "meditating" and then Bonnie came out of the room and said, I heard you guys, I want you to know that I am still on, I still want to be baptized, but with it being postponed, and the Holidays, and she is really busy with work. She said I am thinking that it is going to have to be after the new year. And then we had a lesson with Gonzalo, he will be taking off to Miami for the break to see his family. But we talked to him about the Book of Mormon.
Thursday - We had our good old weekly planning session the morning as we always do. Afterwards, we had a lesson with T.R. at the church with Brother Delp, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration DVD with him, and he really liked it, we invited him to just pay attention to the spirit, and we committed him to very seriously start to seek and to know if this is true, to read the Book of Mormon and to pray. But Bro Delp has been awesome with him! Afterwards we did some service with Sister Delp. Her brother came out, he is really funny. He gave us our new saying, he always says, "Ain't nothing but love!" We ate dinner at the Baldwin's in the evening. Afterwards we contacted a super awesome referral given to us by the campus sisters, Ray Forbes, she was told about the church by a member on the bus, and then ran into sisters. So we visited her and she told us she was no longer interested which was a bummer, but a lot of her family pulled up right then, and we talked to her god mother.. I don't even know what a god mother is, for almost an hour on the porch about the church. She told us how she had just left her church and she had been praying to know what church she needed to join, and then she ran into us... but it is so interesting.. people pray that prayer, and then the run into the Mormon missionaries, but then they say I already have my faith, and keep on searching. Uh Hello!! Can't be us right? Whatever. After that we had to give a baptismal interview to a man named Bruce Howell, he has been dating a member of about 1 year, and they are engaged, he really is awesome!

Friday - We went on an exchange with the Tally 4 Elders, so I was with Elder Hildebrandt for the day here! We had an appointment to visit a member Bro Shipley. We were able to see him, but we visited him in the hospital, because his mother was there, She is not a member. And we are going to help him on his farm. We also got to see Kreg Mecham, but he was asleep. So it has been Family History week, and so we just did tons of family history finding! We know that is what President has been inspired to do! We taught Eric in the evening with Bro Miller at the church, we are just starting over with him, but he is absolutely committed he has given up the other church, and is now looking for ways that he can serve around the church here, he is so awesome! We ate dinner with Sister Presley. Then we taught Sister Daniels in the evening with Taahira Daniels, we read Alma 34 with them and it ended up being a really good lesson!

Saturday - We went to Delmara Jackson's baptism in the 1st ward, the other elders had taught her, it is a really cool story, some members picked here up walking on the side of the road, pushing her son in a wheel chair, and they invited her to church and now she is baptized. She is really cool! It as one of the most spiritual baptisms that I have been too! Then it was the Christmas party in the ward, Eric was there, and Torrez and T. R. LeBrun were there, they all went to the baptism as well! Bonnie was there! Also Cristina helped set up for everything and she was at the baptism! The Christmas party was really fun though! After that we attended another baptism in the 5th Ward for the Bruce Howell, who we gave the interview too, also such a good baptism, the Spirit was so strong! Then we taught Bonnie and it was a freaking awesome lesson, Spirit was very strong, we watched the John Tanner Story, and then talked about service and enduring to the end, went hard with some 3 Nephi 14 on them... so it was really good and we committed here to baptism on January 10th, so that is the day that we are shooting for!! Then we contacted a media referral that we got, and he is a non member, and he is married to a less active member, that we didn't; know about, not on the ward roster! So we were able to teach them for a few minutes and are going to start working with them!

Sunday - Good day at church! Bonnie and Cristina were there for Sacrament meeting, and then they had to take off. Bonnie's grandfather passed away in New York, so she is headed up there. Then Eric was there for Sacrament and T. R. was there for all 3 hours! After church we went with the Tew's and we taught Sis Groves. Then we taught that referral again, Anthony and Michelle! Then we ate with the Hargrett's! And in the evening we taught a lady named Ling, with Bro. Hollett, she is a former and we taught her to see if she was still interested, she gladly welcomed us in, she has decided to go with the Jehovah Witness, mainly because she doesn't think that Christians should be involved in politics.

I love you like crazy family!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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