"He found a Book of Mormon years ago in south Florida... and knew it was true, but just didn't know what the next step was.."

Monday, December 22, 2014

Lets get to this week, this week was busy... but a hard one... nothing went well with our missionary work, as opposed to last week we did not meet very many of the key indicators, love you all like crazy!!! Here is the week:

Monday - So dodgeball tournament today.. it was super awesome again! Maybe the excitement went down just slightly, but it was still a blast! We had the bracket drawn out with the Districts as well...
Of course Elder Hintze was in charge of the brackets!
and our district won on the family history return appointments, so we had a bye in the first round and the top perk and we were playing a district with 4 and we have 12... and we lost! It was pathetic... The APs district lost first round too, so it was crazy! But they came back and ended up winning it all again... it was so stupid! I was talking mad smack talk... and then didn't back it up, very dissapointed in myself! So that is why this time wasn't as good as last, I wanted to win baby!!! But it was good time, tons of hilarious things.. really such a good group of missionaries in our zone and in the other one!
Elder Peterson, Elder Hintze, Elder ??, Elder ?? at Dodgeball!
So then we did zone vs zone matches and then a massive free for all match! It was a rushed P-Day though, P-Days are basically the worst some times the busiest days, I did get the shopping done, and the packages will be shipped off tomorrow.. don't know if they will make it in time! But they're on the way soon! The Singletary's took us to dinner in the evening they took us to Longhorn's Steakhouse... we are just getting hooked up these days. The Singletary's is a lady and her son, who is like 15, they're father/husband passed away like a year and a half ago unexpectedly, and it has been hard on them... so we have been trying to get in and see them forever!

Tuesday - Had to make a run during our studies to the mission home to get all of the mission shirts for the family! Then we had our district meeting, it was a good one. We are going to be getting a new district leader in our district, so that is kind of a good thing! :) But after that we went to the Schrader's home for lunch, and while we were over there, she makes really nice gingerbread houses every year and sells them. So she let all 4 of us elders in the 1st ward come over and we each made our own gingerbread houses to have. It was pretty dang fun! Then after that we went and we did service with Bro Shipley at his little "farm".. they have a really nice place. So it was kind of fun! After that we came home and we did a little bit of finishing on our train the trainers program, but then missionaries showed up who were spending the night with us, we had Elder Thackery and Elder Jorgenson stayed with us for a sleepover! They are both training, so they come into Tallahassee the night before and then stay for the meeting in the morning. Then we went to our Ward Correlation meeting.. Also this is big secret news... that I found out about a while ago... but now has been released, Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be coming to our mission on January 16th and will be here in Tallahassee and every missionary in the mission will be in attendance! But I am super pumped for his visit! We don't know if we will get to do a special MLC or anything with him!

Wednesday - Transfer Day!!!! So we got there bright and early in the morning, and I got to see my boy Elder Cooper off! He is home now... so that was cool! I really like Elder Cooper, he went off with some other really cool missionaries that I knew, so it was good to see them. Then we got to do our Train the Trainers meeting! It actually went really, really well! It was basically just a discussion for the whole hour and a half, and we talked about a lot of really good stuff, we followed the AP's outline, but we spiced it up a lot... included some different activities and so it went really well! So then we road tripped all day! Went to Crestview got the job done there, and then we headed back home! It was cool we got to announce the companionship's of the trainees and the trainers over the pulpit! And then we came home and we ate dinner with the Stone's in the evening!

Thursday - We taught a man named Marvin Woods in the morning, he is a referral from Campus sisters.. we have been in communication with him for some time now.. So we taught him the Restoration, and it went really well. But then we did some planning! And then we taught T.R. with his dad at the church, we watched the movie Finding Faith in Jesus Christ, and again just had a lesson on prayer and developing faith... so it was basically just a pray and read and you can know that these things are true! Then we did some service with Sister Lopez, we raked her yard and bagged up all of the leafs in her yard! Then we did a little finding, contacted a referral that was fake and then we ate dinner with the Knudsen's, always awesome! Then we had to come home and finish our weekly planning!

Friday - Rough day here! We had all of our investigator lessons lined up and member presents and none of the investigators showed up... so we had to finish some of our weekly planning! And then we tried to visit Kreg Mecham in the morning... and he passed away just a few hours before we got there.... so it was sad, we were hoping to see him one more time! But then his family called us and just thanked us for all that we did, it was a really special unique experience for us! We then visited a member in the hospital, Brother Hollett, I love the Holletts, he seems to be doing better though, he had no blood flow to his legs. And then we had to meet up with Elder Jackman and Elder Moore and we gave Elder Jackman a blessing, he tore a tendon in his shoulder and is now in a sling! We were able to teach Sister Daniels and Taahira again, we read from the Book of Mormon with them! And then I gave a baptismal interview to Oscar the 4th ward's investigator. I will tell you Oscar's story in a bit!

Saturday - We went out and visited the Whitfeld's... she is a member and her daughter is a member was there, and we were able to have a little lesson with Casey.. And then I gave the baptismal interview to Oscar again... just had to work out somethings with him learning about President Monson! Oscar lives on Charlotte Street with us, and we always have seen him cruising up and down the street in his electric chair walking his dog, he is a big man... and no missionaries had talked to him until 3 weeks ago.... and now he got baptized on Sunday. He found a Book of Mormon years ago in south Florida... and knew it was true, but just didn't know what the next step was.. didn't even know about the church! And it was such a pleasure of mine, to give him the interview, he understands it all better than anyone that I have ever seen! He just gets it, and it is just beautiful, it really strengthens your testimony to see him! Just such a good person.

Sunday - Had our Christmas program on Sunday! It was good, the whole thing was just kind of weird, but it was good! We had T. R. there, and he is still doing awesome.. just fitting in right perfect with the youth in the ward! We taught a man named Webster Emmanuel after church he is from the Virgin Islands, where he grew up is 90 miles from Barbados, so we just talked to him and shared the Book of Mormon with him and The Family A Proclamation to the World, he is really interested in Family History work! After that we headed way way way out west in our area, farther than I have ever been, and we just tried to contact some ward roster people.. found some that want us to return! We traveled back and we attended Oscar's baptism. Elder Duncan the brand new missionary who lives in the shack at the compound got to baptize him, so it was pretty special! It is fun to have a new missionary that we can all take under our wing again!

But lets talk about how I will get to see you all in 3 days!!!! And I am beyond pumped... I think that I am more excited for this one, than I have been for any in the past! I love you like crazy family, and miss you!! HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! See you in 3 days!

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