"in the next life he will know that Elder Hintze and Elder Peterson told him about the true Gospel."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello Family!
Hope you are all doing well! Today and this week were really good! And I am just extra feeling good today! So I love you guys like crazy, and now I'm going to tell you about our week! Here it is:

Monday - P-Day... told you about the wild festivities this last week, with the prayer meeting at the Capitol! It was a good time, it was with some African American preachers so it was a riot, they had recited and wrote out prayers, so we had lots of Amens and Hallelujah and Yes Lord! So I was throwing in a couple here and there, whats that old saying, When in Rome... :) We met the Knudsen's at Moe's grill, and they took us out to dinner! Then we went and we visited with a man by the name of Phil Inman, he is a guy who has been for about the last 10 years or so, we got a chance to visit him and his nephew who is like 10 or 11 named Ashton, and that little kid is hilarious. Ashton is not a member! So we are going to start working with them! 

Tuesday - We drove out to Madison, Florida! And we attended their District Meeting, we had the chance to teach there, and it went well, we taught Area Books and Role Plays! After that I went on an exchange with Elder Thompson in Madison, and then Snow and Peterson went down to the 1st ward! I had a really good day with Elder Thompson, we taught some lessons to some folks who were in the nursing home! And then had a chance to teach one of their investigators... did a follow up with him on the Restoration, read Alma 32, and then talked about Prayer and reading! It went really well, we had the chance to do a lot of finding. They usually report about 4 OYMs (opening your mouth to people, unplanned opportunities to find) And we got 19 in several hours, so it was really good! We were OYMing people in the grocery story parking lot, everybody needs the Gospel! So it was a really good day!

Wednesday - We traded back in the morning! It is about an hours drive from Tallahassee, so always a good road trip! Once back we taught this super cool guy named Tremeinko Jones, cool name right? He is a student at FAMU, and we taught him the Restoration, he accepted it very well and was excited for the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon, we will be passing him over to the FSU Elders however, because he attends FAMU, and is in the YSA age range! He didn't show up to church as expected. But then we had an awesome visit with Eric Erickson, we did some Family History work with him, and we had done it previously, but had not been able to find anything! And we said a prayer with him and things just started rolling... we were finding out tons of stuff on his dad's side, who he didn't know too well! And I just had a feeling that I should log onto my account and look up some of the people, because then it would have the temple tab, where his does not... and his ancestors had, had a lot of their work done in the temple! So we were able to email the individuals to see if we could find active members in his family, they unfortunately are all distant relatives, but had some cool contacts with them, one lady sent us a bunch of stuff, she said she has done over 9000 names. And then the other lady knows Bruce Hintze, who is father Brent's 1st cousin, very small world! After we finished, he said what are you doing tomorrow, so we set up to go again! Then we taught Dusty Brock's daughter Ava, who is progressing towards her baptism in a few weeks, so we are going to teach her the lessons. Then we ate dinner with Bishop and his wife. And then we attempted to visit Heath in the rehab, but he had left.. so we visited a member named Claud Hollett.

Thursday - We did service with Sister Lopez again, she had us raking up her leaves! And then we did just a little bit of weekly planning, then did some Family History with Eric again, and we had a lot of success again, we were able to print out a bunch of census records with his family on it, so he has all of them! Then we visited with the Daniels family, had a lesson with Sister Daniels and Taahira. Then we visited the Whitfield's I have talked about them a few times, it is a PM family, an Casey the non member, just got his son with them, who is 15 and his name is Austin, so they wanted us to come out and just teach him, to see if he was interested, and just to help him out!

Friday - We were on an exchange with Tally 4 Elders, so I was with Elder Duncan, a brand new missionary in our area, Duncan is an awesome guy! We taught Bill Kosin in the morning, and it was an awesome visit, he agreed to meet with us weekly, and he wants to come back to church! Then we did a bunch of finding, and potential work, got some good contacts, we also visited a former investigator named Tom, he was happy to see us, really happy. I asked him if he was ready to convert, but he's not sold. Then we did 12 week training with Elder Duncan, just an extra hour of study for the new missionaries, it is fun to teach other missionaries, I hope that I get to train to finish my mission! We had an appointment with Chris and Neisha and he texted us like 10 mintues before and said, "I'm not interested in LDS. Thanks." Bleh, whatever! So that stunk, they were so awesome! Then we did our exchange report!

Saturday - We taught a man by the name of Ryan Carter with Bro Kelly, Ryan called the mission office and requested that missionaries come by and see him, he is so awesome, he is a drama student at FSU. He loves the lifestyle that Mormons live, he told us that he wants to live the law of Chastity, and wondered how he could do it. It was so cool, he is so solid! So we taught him the Restoration lesson, and he loved it, we taught him how to pray! And it was so cool, he did not come to church because he slept in.. so that stunk! But we will again be passing him over to the FSU Elders, he is so solid though, without a doubt I see him being baptized! Then we saw the Liedy's very briefly, his grandfather passed away, and that family that I mentioned on Christmas eve in the ward that lost their son, was Bro Liedy's best friend, so he has a rough go of things right now, she is due with a baby soon! We taught T. R. with the Porter's in their home, and it was a fantastic lesson! We talked to him about Doctrine of Christ and the Atonement and connected into Baptism, as something that we all need. T. R. is so cool, he knows all the answers and really retains all that he reads in the Book of Mormon, but he is just waiting for the confirmation to tell him to be baptized, so it will come! Bro Porter and Cole their 14 year old son were there, so it ended up being perfect, they fed him and then had him over after to just visit, so things are going well with him! Then we saw a man by the name of Tyshawn Miller, he is a part member family, his mom is really active, so we are going to start working with him! 

Sunday - Church was really good, we had T. R. there, doing awesome! And we got to teach the youth sunday school class, on how the Holy Ghost helps us share the Gospel? It went really well! So church was good, after church we went with Bro Kelly to make a home teaching visit to a lady named Chloe Davis, a sweet older lady, who says she is too old to come to church. And then we were out finding! And I was on fire, I was in my preaching mood! So it was a blast, I told some guy that in the next life he will know that Elder Hintze and Elder Peterson told him about the true Gospel. He said to us, you guys don't know God's ways, none of us do, his ways are higher! I said, you are right, then I quoted Isaiah 55:8, and I said, but yet your the first one to say that the Book of Mormon isn't Gods's way.. hmm? It was fun! Had some really good contacts! Then we taught Otia Nash, she is an 18 year old only member in her family, and she hasn't been coming, but she says she has just been lazy. So we are getting her back to!

This week was a good one! We worked hard, everytime that morning alarm goes off, I feel like death! But life is good. I love you all like crazy!!!! Miss you!

Love, Elder Hintze

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