"I wish ya'll could be here as we talk to all of these people, the good, the bad, the oh so awkward, love it all!"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Here's the week!

Saturday - This is interesting starting my week off on a Saturday, so good day today! Didn't have hardly any emails haha, nobody knew it was my P-Day except for ya'll! But thats alright. And then for our evening we just ended up doing our Weekly Planning, which will end up helping us out a lot... but it is taking forever, because it is Otu's first, so I am teaching him and then we have no idea who any of these investigators are, so it is hard to plan for them! It has been a whole new experience here on FSU, I really have felt so confused and so dumb, like I have never felt before in any area on my mission... so it may take us a little while until we are fully in the swing of things! Elder Palau the new AP is the man, I have nothing but good things to say about him, the most Christlike person that I know, so fun to see him interact with people, he is so happy! So thats good, Elder Otu and I are still getting along fantastic, always laughing!

Sunday - Lets talk about like the best Sunday ever! So we have got our 12 Week training now, so we have to do an extra hour of companionship study in the mornings, so we finished and headed down to the church after lunch for 1 pm church! And then we got roped into being in a choir full of recent converts and missionaries.. hahaha, so we had to practice and then we sang in Sacrement meeting and literally we killed it.. it was so good! It was ward conference for them, so got to see the Knudsen's there. Elder Otu had to bare his testimony as requested by the stake president!! We had Ryan Carter there and he is awesome.. he will be coming to a baptism that they are having in 5th ward this week, and he wants to take us out to dinner, and then meet for 2 lessons! And then we had Brandon Klenk there. After church, they did something call break the fast, so it was pasta palooza, just tons and tons of food, so it was so much fun! Awesome to be able to get to know all of the members as well, going to be a blast. After all of those festivities, we went out and we were contacting on campus, and it was so good.. ah I love it so much! I wish ya'll could be here as we talk to all of these people, the good, the bad, the oh so awkward, love it all! We had some really, really good contacts, the campus was much slimmer on people on Sunday, so it actually helped us to be able to talk to more.

Monday - So in the morning we had a lesson with this girl named Kaylee, we got a text during sacrament meeting that said, "quick question. Do you get your own planet?" So we were like what the heck! Turns out it is a girl they had talked to previously, and we were just super nice to her and she agreed to meet up. So we had Taylor Wilhelm in the lesson with us, she is a student at FSU. But we are teaching about prophets.. and she interrupts to say, "do you live here? where do you live? do you feel jipped for coming to Tallahassee?" And so needless to say she was not interested in the least... and in her closing prayer she said, "thanks for letting me talk to them, and for me agreeing with at least 2/3 of what they said." She had seen the Book of Mormon play, which is awful, she asked us if "rule #72 was that we can't leave each others side!" Then we taught our man Dusty, he is doing good! He is still progressing right along, and working to receive the aaronic priesthood. Then we came home ate some lunch, and then got to work on calling potentials, we could spend a whole day calling people and then maybe we would catch up! There are so many people to call, so that will be a daily thing, then we got out to do some more contacting, didn't have the greatest success.. but got a few, it is strange how it changes with each new day! 

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning, not the best district meeting.. I'm going to work some kinks out and I will get back into my DL groove! We talked about some good stuff though! After that we had a family history appointment with a guy named Cyrone Ferguson, he came prepared, he met with the other Elders once before, and he had tons of stuff going back into his great grandparents, so we just took the time to start logging all of the info in! Then some lunch, and some good 12 week studying! And then we had some failed Family History appointments, we set the record here on campus for the most no shows on appointments, it is so crazy... but we set so many! So then for the rest of the evening we hit the pavement and we contacted all over Campus! man I love it so much! I think my first adrenaline rush of campus is sligthly wearing off, because man it is a tough job on campus, so so many people are rude/make fun of us, but then again maybe that is why I like it, who knows! :) So we had some fairly good success. Then some dinner and some phone calls! I handed out the first of the testimony Books of Mormon you all sent me, I was looking for real good oppurtunities.. and the girl we gave it to, it was my only one in my backpack... she totally didn't deserve it, but I told her this is my parents testimony, and she better take dang good care of this! So we'll see.

Wednesday - Oh baby, what a day! So 5 lessons scheduled on the day, bam.. all of them fell through, so you know that is a good time! So that equals a full day of contacting on Campus.. it was good! There are literally thousands of people to talk to, and we keep track of how many we actually get to extend invitations to.. so most don't let us get that far! :) But I love it so much! So we did that all day, and then Cameron Locke a member in 5th ward took us to Wendy's for dinner, so that was cool, I like Cameron he is a recent convert of only a few months. And then some more contacting to finish off the evening. It has been so fun with Elder Otu so far. I've got to honest with you, my feet are killing me, I have never walked so much in my whole entire mission hahaha, it is a good thing! But I think that I am going to have to buy some gel soles or something, becaue we are putting on the miles. And I'm a walker, we got places to be, and people to talk to! So we have zone conference tomorrow, and so some of the Panama City missionaries came in for a sleepover, so my man Elder Smellie was here, so it is always fun having some sleepovers.

Thursday - Zone Conference day! oh and was it ever so good! I always love them, we had the Panama City ZLs teach us about member presents, Tally 4 Sisters taught us about Unity, the APs taught us about this cool new family history survery door approach where for lack of a better term, we kind of "con" the person into learning about the gospel, but not really! Just certain words that you use to get in their house, it is pretty tricky, so it is fun to do! Sister Smith taught us about Unity.. introduced our new mission theme of "United We Stand!" for 2015, she had us watch a video from youtube that was made for wounded veterans... it was so good! One of my favorite quotes from it was: "The only enemy is ourselves, if there is no enemy from within, then the enemy from without cannot harm you!" And then Sister Smith shared one I loved: "If your not in the process of becoming the person you want to become, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be!" So good, the Spirit was really strong, her words meant a lot to me! And then President THREW DOWN! But because of lack of time, he couldn't give us the full shpeal, but it was good, he talked about in 3 Nephi where it says contention is of the devil, and then in John 14, where it says if ye love me keep my commandments. And said if you truly love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, you would keep his commandments, and when you cause contention in you companionship, then you are breaking the commandments!
Zone Conference - Tallahassee 1, Tallahassee 2, & Panama City Zones
There has been so many dumb companionship problems in our mission, President talked about the lessons we each need to learn, and somewhere down the line, we will use the things that we learned from each situation! The whole conference was the bomb! I was experiencing some sadness during the meeting, it really hit me how short I have left on my mission.. and I went up to President after and I asked him if they let missionaries extend their missions, I was literally going to do it right then and there, I had been thinking about it the whole entire meeting! But unfortunately they do not allow any more to extend.. President said, "If I could you better believe that I would do it for you!" But we can't anymore. Today is my 20 month mark, and it hit me hard! So sorry family but I almost extended as hard as that would have been to do, I was dead set on it. After that we got back and we had a super awesome Family History apointment with this guy named Ali, but we were a few minutes late and he told us he was there and then he didn't show up. Nor did our next appoinmtent, so we went home and ate ourselves some dinner. And then we were set to meet with Ryan Carter, but he had to head back home to Tampa for a family emergency.. so that didn't happen! And then we attended a baptism in 5th ward for a girl named Allison Graham, great baptism.

Friday - Had some lessons today, so that was awesome! We taught this guy named Graham in the morning, he works at the Wesleyan church on Campus/lives there as well. So don't know how receptive he will be due to that, but we shared with him the restoration, it was a fairly good lesson, a little all over the place, but good! He has been wanting to meet with missionaries forever just to talk about what he has heard... everyone thinks that in the Book of Mormon it says that all of us will get a planet.. it is ridiculous, come on people! He has been to church once before, so hopefully we can keep teaching him, don't know if we will hear from him again! And then we had a lesson with Dusty, he taught us the Restoration. It was good! Then we did some family history work with Tremell, and we gave him a very brief church tour afterwards, showed him the chapel, and talked a little bit about the church.. we set it up for next time when we will be able to teach him about the Gospel! Then later on we had a lesson with a Member/recent convert of last year named Nick Franks, the elders before us were teaching members so we piggy backed off that, and are continuing to do it! Then we had a lesson with Will Lasley. Will called in to the institute wanting to learn more about the church, and wanting to know what we were about, he wants to raise a family with good values, so he is pretty solid! We finished teaching him the plan of salvation and it went well, the Dalley's the institute couple were in there with us and Nick Franks was there as well. He is so willing to read/pray and come to church, so we will see what happens... we will see if we can get him progressing! Then we played volleyball in the evening with the ward!

So it has been a good week! it has been crazy, the time flys by so quick, I feel like I was just barely emailing you all last week, it is nuts! But it is good, I am still loving life here on Campus! We are headed to a place called Wakulla Springs today, to go on a glass bottom boat, and see manatees and alligators and all kinds of other wildlife! We are going with the APs and Dusty, Sister Anderson from 1st ward will also be getting baptized at noon, so I will be in attendance there! Love you all so so so somuch!!! Miss you all!

Elder Hintze!!

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