"I'm not a member I need to get baptized first."

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello Family!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well today... I literally have so much about this week that I want to talk to you about! It has probably been the best week of my whole entire mission, it has just been a huge, huge blessing! We have been blessed so much in the work! We found some awesome people this week, we have some solid investigators! I hope that you all had a Happy Easter, and General Conference, it was so so so so so good!! We really have been blessed so much in the work, so we are just trying to give our all, and do some work!  Anyway I am going to get to it, I will probably forget literally so many details, but this week was awesome!

Saturday - I told you about Saturday last week, we taught Ian Gourley in the evening, he is a new one, we were not able to see him this week, but then we didn't get to do much for the rest of P-Day!

Sunday - We had our Ward council and our ward coordination meeting in the morning! And then church, sadly we did not have anyone at church, so that is getting to be kind of a bummer! But it was all good! We went home and we changed and then Bishop saw us on the side of the road and he picked us up and had us go with him to give his son Julian a blessing who was sick, so did that! And then we contacted for the rest of the evening, and then mad some phone calls! While we were out, Elder Carlile contacted this girl named Therese.. and set a return appointment with her... she will be a focus in the rest of the week, so cool!!

Monday - We had a lesson with Michael Melindez in the morning with Taylor Wilhelm, first time appointment we taught him the Restoration and it went so well... he loved the Book of Mormon, he is a super cool guy. I contacted him and after I did, he said he was inspired to go to church, so he went that Sunday, but he loved the Book of Mormon! Then we had a lesson with Thomas in the evening as Nick Franks as the member present, we ended up answering a lot of his questions about his Book of Mormon reading he had read all of 1 and 2 Nephi, so it was awesome, he had lots of questions and commments, they were really good! And we ended up sharing the end of the Plan of Salvation! Then we had FHE, and it was paint twister, so that was cool, and Ryan Carter, remember him the 1st ward to 5th ward investigator, he came! It was so cool to see him, we are going to start meeting with him again.

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting, it was a good one! And then some 12 week study! And then we went to FAMU with the other Elders and we did some work there, and we had some good success! Then alright... we taught Therese with Caroline as the member, and we taught the Restoration and it was just a beautiful lesson, such a good spirit, and right off the bat we kicked it off and she was very open and it was just fantastic, so she was pumped! And just received tons of answers and then we gave her the Book of Mormon, and that is going to be key as well, she loves the Book of Mormon. Then we had a Family History appointment with Bianca doing some family history work. 

Wednesday - We had a lesson with Arianna in the morning, interesting case her! But we taught her the Plan of salvation and she really enjoyed it and agreed with everything! Then some contacting. Then we taught another new girl named Jasmine, member present with Aymee and we taught her the Restoration it went so well... she seemed genuinely interested.. so we will see what comes of it! 

Thursday - We had a lesson with Cameron Locke in the morning, he's the recent convert of last year! He is doing well, we talked to him about the temple, we are trying to prepare him to get there! Then we taught Thomas again with Carson, we taught him the rest of the Plan of Salvation, and it went well... He likes our views, the plan of salvation, modern prophets, but he just says... I don't know if that is the right way! Then we had a lot of lessons fall through, so we finished up our weekly planning session. Then had a family history appointment with a guy named EJ.

Friday - We had a lesson with Dusty in the morning. Then we had a member lesson with Lauren Herzog. Then we taught Arianna with Carson again, and we watched the video How Rare a Possession video, about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon... Then oh boy this was another good one, so there is this member named Ashley Keoppel, and she is awesome, she has been coming with this boy to church and long since we have been coming he has been there, even in Priesthood... so we see them on campus, and we are talking to them, Ashley is going on a mission, and so we were asking Alex if he had been on a mission, and he says to us "I'm not a member I need to get baptized first." WHAT!!!! So I said, and I quote, "Uh oh, I am about to go all missionary mode on you right now!" Boom set up a time with him and then talked to him about the Book of Mormon he is already in 2 Nephi. So we had a lesson with him and Ashley at the institute, and it was fantastic as well.. really good spirit, we taught the restoration! And it was powerful, so he is super solid!! 

Saturday - GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! So I won't talk too much about it, because I literally have zero time... but it was basically awesome! In between sessions we taught this girl named Scarlett, who is a new one, we taught with Celine B, and we taught the Restoration (love the Restoration).. and it was good as well, she has 2 friends from Virginia that are members, so she is pretty solid too! Then Priesthood session and it was awesome!

Sunday - Thank you so so so so so so so much, for the Easter Baskets, they we're awesome!!! It really meant a lot, Elder Carlile and Otu we're very thankful.. When Elder Otu opened his up he started crying! It was pretty neat. So thank you so so so so much!!! We and I really appreciate it! HAPPY EASTER! So in the morning... bring it back to Therese. We texted her in the middle of the week, and she said she was just about to text us, so that was cool... we got talking about her Book of Mormon reading, and she can't put it down, she loves it, and it is answering all of her questions, she sent so many scriptures to us that she loved, and things that she really needed to hear! So we taught her with Angy in the morning.. and we talked about the Book of Mormon and then we read Alma 32 with her, she said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! It was such a good lesson! So she then came to conference in the morning, which the session in the morning was killer! And Thomas was there, and they both loved it... like it was both so good for them! Alex also watched it ! So we had a lesson with Andrew Florial in between the sessions, he is a member. Then Therese came back and watched the evening session! And she loved it! And then we had a little easter dinner at the institute, all of the missionaries pot lucked! And she came to that as well, so we have a super good relationship with her! And then we did some family history with Dusty!

So this is probably the worst email ever.. but I am so crunched, I will AlphaSmart this next week, but life has been so crazy, and we barely have time to think, because there is so much work that needs to be done!!! We are staying very humble, but at the same time we have a lot of faith that we will be having some baptisms soon. It really was a great week. But I love you all and miss you all like crazy! 

Love Elder Hintze!!!

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