"I have been dancing or taught to dance since I was a lad, but now I know just how sweet the music is, for most of my life I was dancing without the music! My my my, how nice it is to dance with some music."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Monday - I feel that my emailing has not been up to par lately, so the AlphaSmart is coming back into use, hopefully! :) It is just hard to have anytime to do much of anything, life has been super busy, but that is a good thing! We have been blessed a bunch lately! So today, it was a hectic schedule again.. we did our proselyting in the morning, because we had some lessons set up, but they ended up falling through! So we just did some contacting, it is never good in the heat of the classes, because there are literally hords of people and everyone is on their way to class, but it was a super good one as always! After that we borrowed the Zone Leaders car to get some shopping done. Followed that up with going to Tom Brown Park and we played a little football and then some ultimate frisbee, followed with some sand volleyball. So it was good, it was hot and I definitely caught some sunshine. 

Tuesday - Such a good day! A lot of blessings continuing to come! We had Zone Training today, Elder Milne and Jorgenson as the ZLs, it was a good one, we learned about planning/area books, how to study/use our Preach My Gospel, and then the Spirit! We also did a role play in the 4 corners of the gym and you rotate around to all of them doing something new in each one, I was in charge of one of the corners, which it was Effective OYMing.. I literally have been in charge of that role play in zone training for like forever.. so I guess I should know a thing or two about OYMing by know. But it was cool, I was a waiter at a restaurant and I talked to them, and they had to invite me to learn about the Gospel, which was a hoot! (By the way, I think I want to try my hand at being a waiter.. I think I could do a pretty good job, I am going to look into it!) What the Zone Leaders taught us about the Spirit was pretty powerful, just contrasting Sin vs Weakness.. Sin comes from Satan, but weaknesses come from God (Ether 12:27).. knowing that we all have weaknesses so we can be stronger, and so we can turn to Christ to overcome them! We went on splits, Elder Carlile went with Dusty to get some yard work done that he needed help with, and then Elder Otu and I went about the work. We had a lesson with Therese and was it good! We started to talk about her Book of Mormon reading she is up to 1 Nephi 16!!! It is so cool, so we talked about tons of good stuff, she loves Nephi and his outlook on life and so we talked about that and shared some 2 Nephi 4.. then she told us how she got her answer that it was true.  And then she read all of Alma 5, where Alma recounts his own conversion and how he came to know it was true! So we did some other things we watched the Mormon Messages called Patterns of Light, which talks about the Spirit communicating with you, super good. Then we referenced Alma 32 again. Then watched a video called The Mediator, which talks about Justice and Mercy, and then we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end... And we set a baptismal date with her for May 2nd!!!!! After her we taught this new girl named Bianca, we did FH with her, but now we turned it into the Gospel, so we taught her the Restoration with Angy there as our member. And it was a good lesson. Then we went out and did a tiny bit of contacting.. Then came back and we went to Institute class with Therese, they are learning from the Doctrine and Covenants this year, and talked about sections 135-138, which are some dang good ones! So about Joseph Smith and the post life, which we haven't talked to Therese about all of the Plan of Salvation yet.. but she loved it! And then we ate dinner at the institute after!

Wedneday - Very warm today, just sweating like crazy out here, gotta love it! :) So lets see after the morning festivities we taught Dusty, we taught him the commandments of Chastity and Word of Wisdom, he is doing really well, and will be getting the Priesthood soon! So then we got out and we did some contacting. So after some good contacting we taught Therese. We taught her with Ashley Orosco, it was a good lesson, so much to talk about..! So she is up to 1 Nephi 19 in her reading, talked about that, we also introduced her to D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. We also prepped her for some opposition in her life, because things have been so smooth sailing, we told her she may see some opposition. Then we watched the talk "Music of the Gospel" from the Saturday Afternoon session of conference, she really enjoyed it! (Plus I really enjoyed it, it was one of my favorites. I have been dancing or taught to dance since I was a lad, but now I know just how sweet the music is, for most of my life I was dancing without the music! My my my, how nice it is to dance with some music. It is cool because converts to the church hear the music before they do the dancing! Ah something to think about.) So then we went into the Plan of Salvation! One of the biggest things that she has loved so far is having an eternal perspective! So it really answered all of her questions, when we talked about the Spirit World, we talked about Temples and Family History. In institute they talked about cleaning the church, and she asked us when it was, because she wants to come and help out. Really cool!! Then we came home and we made ourselves some dinner and then headed down to the institute we had a lesson with Alex, he is super cool. We watched the Mediator video and taught him Through Christ we are cleansed and then Faith. We watched the Patterns of Light Mormon Messages and then read Alma 32 with him, so it was good. After that we came home and we made some phone calls to all of our potentials, we got side tracked for a bit as we watched a policeman take down someone in our front yard, and then like 7 policeman arrived at the scene! It was nuts.. we live in such a safe neighborhood! :) 

Thursday - This morning we taught a new girl named Chioma, with Carson as the member presents. We taught her the Restoration, first time appointment, it was a great lesson! She is cool her parents are from Nigeria, I contacted her twice on campus, and I knew I had talked to her, but we talk to so many people it is unreal! And then we went out contacted, Taylor came with us, so I went with him and Carlile and Otu went together. Contacting has been difficult lately, we haven't had many that are interested lately, but we never cease to get em! :) After that we had to take a trip to the Ortho doctor for Elder Otu's knee, he has been having problems with it for weeks now, he hurt it playing soccer, he limps everywhere and is always in pain! When we got out is when Pres Smith called me and let me know about Grandpa's passing.. so that was super sad! Very hard to hear, so I shed a few or a lot of tears in the Tally Ortho lobby.  But we headed out and got back to teach our brother Thomas, we taught Thomas the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Aymee P. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and taught him from there, faith, repentance, baptism, gift of Holy Ghost, and endure. It was a good lesson. And then we came back and we made some phone calls! Grateful for the oppurtunity that I had to talk you Mom and Dad tonight, sorry rest of the family! I do want you guys to know how much that I love each and everyone of you! It is so neat to know exactly where Grandpa is right now and what he is up to, he is a busy man, much work to be done! I just want all of you to know that I know that we know what God's plan is, it is a perfect plan, and I know that because of Jesus Christ this plan is perfect, because of Him we will all rise again, and we shall all be together! Death is part of that plan, but death has no sting, and has been swallowed up because of Jesus Christ! I love you all so much!

Friday - First lesson in the morning and to kick off the day, was Thomas! We taught him with Taylor W. It was a good lesson, of sorts... we read Ether 12 with him and taught him the commandment Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.. tried really hard to get him to come to church, but he won't do it until he reads all of the Book of Mormon, Then we taught Therese with Taylor again.. fantastic lesson! So she came in and she is still loving the Book of Mormon and is still texting us passages that she loves, she really is so incredible, she's awesome! Then we had a super cool experience of giving Angy's sister a blessing, she is not a member... and so we gave her a priesthood blessing and after the fact.. Angy told us that her sister said she had felt something she had never felt before! Then we went out and got our contacting on again! And then we taught Alex Fike, with Julian. 

Saturday - This morning we did our shopping with the APs in the morning! And then we had a lesson with Dusty, we watched a talk given in the Sat Afternoon session of conference titled "Latter Day Saints Keep on Trying" something along those lines! And then he came with us and we taught a new girl named Stephanie,  and we taught her the Restoration.. great lesson! Then today was the FSU Football Spring Game, so FSU vs FSU.. it was good! It was raining, so that didn't make for the best! I love sports, but it is hard for me on the mission, to be quite honest my heart just wasn't in it! So we bounced out early! And now we are here!

Grandpa's passing has been pretty tough, I really thought that I was going to be able to see him again! But I know that we will get to see him again one day! And that is the peace and comfort the Gospel brings, we know the plan, and it sure is a sweet one! How thankful I am for the Gospel and for the Savior!! I have thought and missed you all so much this week, I love you guys like crazy!!! 

Elder Hintze

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