"Casual Dress! Great Band! Good Coffee! Changes Lives!" WHAT THE HECK?

Here is Elder Hintze's letter received Monday, October 7th.

"So this week..... Oh boy, probably like the best, worst week of the mission yet. Me and this week totally had a love, hate relationship, but that's okay! I'll tell you why in the days to follow!

Monday - So P-Day stuff with the 1st ward Elders, it is cool hanging out with them on the P-Days. So we go with them and we helped some lady in their area carry like every yard statue known to man and load them in her truck. Then we went and played tennis, which I talked about in the letter. But that was sweet! I haven't even lost a step.
(l to r - Elder Simmons, Elder Davidson, Elder Hintze, Elder Smith)
Driving to or from tennis. Looking good boys!
So that night we tried to see a bunch of people on the bikes, and they weren't home and then I got us lost. oops!

Tuesday - Ah Crap! Basically is what this day was! So we had our District Meeting in the morning, and I have been given the district assignment to be district activity coordinator, hahaha, so I get to pick what the districts activity is at the end of the transfer. So we went and saw Paul Kennedy. Then we were heading to Linda's when we get this text from the Sister's, "Barbra got some smokes. :(" Shortly followed by "Help!!" So we wheel over there, and they were on a trade off, and Sis Johnson, was doing the whole "I don't even care that you smoked, I love you, you changed my life." I was crying, and just told her that I loved her and that we have come to far, to give all of this up now. Then I talked about a whole lot of stuff. And so she never would agree to quit again, so I left it with, "Barbra, before you drink your coffee, and smoke your cigarette tomorrow, I want you to look at the picture of the Savior, and ask you Father in Heaven if you should smoke!" And I said, I will be seeing you tomorrow morning to talk about it. So we left, and I don't know that I have ever been more heart broken in my whole life. But after that we saw Linda and Carol Hughey. Which that was good, it was a good stress reliever to sit down and talk to them, after Barbra's. So then we went to dinner with the Davis's, love that family. Then we had ball that night, and let me tell you I BALLED. Something about a Bradley Hintze on the edge, that really tears it up. But while we were there Barbra called the sister's and said that she had been praying since we left and she said that she doesn't want to smoke ever again! So that made me really happy.

Wednesday - We volunteered at the Food Bank. The people at the food bank are starting to get interested, one lady said to me, "Look at you, look at all of you, always smiling, I don't belive it, why are you always smiling." So I smiled and laughed in response. :) So then we went to Barbra's and she did not smoke this morning, she already seemed so much happier, and so we just had a low key visit with her and sang her some hymns, and just talked about how we can help her to quit smoking. She agreed to quit.... but she wouldn't let us take the cigarettes. So there was really no point to that, every fiber of my being said, take those cigarettes, but she wouldn't let us. So I have been calling her every morning since then, because she said in the mornings, is when it is the hardest. We have been trying to get bishop involved, because it isn't our responsibility really, so we tried to talk to him this evening. We saw Vicky Rush today as well. Then we tried to track down a bunch of former investigators, we have gotten a bunch of return appointments, but none have turned out yet. So then we had correlation, and this meeting was really effective, but now the ward leaders don't come all we had was Forest and the Elders Quorum President, Dean Marturello. So then we decided with the sister's we are doing a legit fireside with the ward on missionary work, and then going to start using family history more. BY THE WAY, I NEED SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY TO LOG INTO FAMILYSEARCH.ORG, BECAUSE WE HAVE A NAME WAITING ON THERE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE. I WOULD DO IT IF I COULD! HOP TO FAMILY!

Thursday - We worked at the Food bank again. Then I figured out how to use FamilySearch for our studies. There is a bunch of cool stuff on there. I didn't get but like 7 minutes on it, and I found Grandpa Hintze in a bunch of the census's and all his family, his occupation was listed as a "washman" in one of them. Haha. Then we worked at the Red Cross here in Dothan, we just called a list of like 100 people to see if they would be willing to volunteer, because of the so called hurricane. Don't worry we haven't even gotten the slightest bit of rain here. LAME! I accidentally called two guys on the list who work there, so they came and tracked me down in the building, it was a good chuckle for all involved. Then we met with Theresa, and we talked about the 3 degrees of glory, everytime she asks about them, so we read all that we could about them. And she really likes the idea, but she won't read the Book of Mormon, and she doesn't understand that these truths come from the Book of Mormon, she invited us to go to some other church with her. So not quite sure what to do with her. People down here don't think there is a true church, it is so sad! Church down here isn't about truth or conversion, it is about tradition, and a feel good church. The church next to our apartment Harvest Church, "the great and spacious builing", this sucker is massive! But their sign says, "Casual Dress! Great Band! Good Coffee! Changes Lives!" WHAT THE HECK? I don't get it, but they have thousands there! Any whom. Then we ate dinner with the Hornsby's then we had to trade the car back with the Elders.

Friday - Tried to see some former's in the morning! Nothing! So we went to the Hospital, and we had a zone conference call there, to talk about some changes, and as a mission we are now setting zone and district goals, which I think is really cool. I always get called on in these instances, on the phone call the ZLs said, "Elder Hintze, what do you think?" And over the mission wide conference call a few weeks back President Smith just says, "Alright we will now close with prayer and Elder Hintze will say that for us." So nothing of event at the hospital. Then we went to Gloria and Zooya's, Zooya is Gloria's 12 year old daughter, we taught her the restoration lesson the first time! So, the sister's and us taught her how to ride a bike, so we talked to Linda, Zooya, and Gloria for a little bit. Then we biked to see that way promising family Felisha, and they moved.... just gone in like 3 days. But then we talked to his one guy that Elder Stubbs tried to take me too, and he answered the door holding a pistol pointing at us, and said, sorry can't be too careful, then tucked it in his belt. Then we shared the restoration with him, and then he talked about all manner of crazyiness, of him being a private contractor in Afghanistan. And then he started smoking in front of us, and this dude, smelled heavy like some marijuana. So needless to say, don't think we are going back there. Then we went and saw Barbra again. So in her prayer all she said was, "I ask for forgiveness" so that was good.

Saturday - I can't even tell you how excited I was for conference, I have never been excited in my life!!! And the sessions seemed to fly by, they seemed to last forever back home! But I won't describe everything about conference, but I loved every minute of it!!! Can't wait to get the Ensign so I can study those babies up, I loved loved President Uchtdorf's talk in the morning, about the all of religions. Then after we went and saw a former and ate lunch at Bojangles, famous chicken and biscuits. Then we went back for the evening session, loved all of that too! So after that we met with Gloria and Zooya and needless to say we have their baptismal date set for November 9th!!!!!!!! And they are all on board, it was crazy, to see how prepared the Lord has made them! Gloria said, "I want to go to the Temple." ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So we bounced around it and said, well we have to follow commandments yada yada. And every thing inside of me was like Bradley Brent Hintze, you commit this woman to be baptized right now! So I did it! Badabing badaboom! So I am way excited! So then we went to Priesthood session and loved that too!!!!!

Sunday - I wish every weekend could be conference weekend! So watched the morning session loved it, loved it!!!! I loved President Monson's talk at the end of the morning, and then when the MoTab sang We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet, every hair on my body stood up, it was a feeling that I could never deny!!!! It is so cool that we are part of Christ's Church on the earth!! And it was so humbling to see the Prophet talk about his sweet wife, and how devastating it has been without her. So after that we ate dinner at the Hall's, love that family too. I found out that the Church of Christ was formed by Sidney Rigdon, what????? That is what Gloria has been going too. Crazy! Then we went to the afternoon session, and I fell a sleep a little bit, but I stayed strong through most of it, and loved it! IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT I'VE LEARNED FROM MY MISSION IT IS THAT I AM GOING TO BE EXHAUSTED FOR 2 WHOLE YEARS. So then we met with Barbra, and she is out of cigarettes, so she is quitting again, that's why all of us are fasting. So we just read the Book of Mormon with her, and helped her feel the Spirit. I took her plate in the kitchen and washed it for her.  Then we did weekly planning.

I have been thinking a lot about why I got called to the mission that I did, and I think I am starting to figure it out maybe.. My Partriachal Blessing is just all about callings that I will hold in the church, and talking with the Halls, they were asking me what is one thing I wish that every member of the church knew. But I just feel like I am preparing myself for the rest of my life of service in the church, because I have learned a lot, a lot about how it should all work, I don't know, something I'm still working on in my head! Thinking about the Family a lot this week!!!! Missing and loving you, beyond comprehension!!!!!"

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