"Got Nathan coming up this week with the Baptism and then Gloria the next!"

This was received from Elder Hintze Monday, October 28th. Always great to hear from him.

HELLO there family! Much quicker week this week! We did lots of service and lots of moving people around this week! 
Elder Hintze & The Boys of Dothan
Monday - P-Day sorry it was a bad emailing time last time, a guy from the 1st ward took us out to lunch, so I didn't get a real chance to email a lot! SORRY! But we went and played tennis again! It is a blast, playing on the clay courts are awesome, it isn't like nice clay, but you can slide around and stuff, there are sometimes some really good people that play there, so I am going to try and get in on some of that! But our evening was shot, because the lady who brought us dinner, was like an hour late, so we had to wait for her and that took up our whole evening!

Tuesday - We helped Scott Magnes move out of his house, before District Meeting. He had this big safe and so I hop on the dolly and move that sucker out of there, thinking I am tough, but that thing wasn't no joke, it was pushing on my hands, by my thumbs, and my hands were swollen and black and blue for like 4 days, but I got the baby in the truck. 
Helping with a move!
We then had District Meeting. Tony Hansen and his marine buddy showed up at the end of it and sat in on it, so then after that we all went to lunch with them. Then we came back home did some of our studies and then we went to see Theresa, the lady that sent you the pictures of me painting, I wish somebody would get her to join the church! But she loves us, like she calls me to tell me good news that happens to her!!! But I was able to teach some lady in the thrift store and able to give her a Book of Mormon, so it was an actually really successful trip! After that we went and saw Linda, she made me put ice onto my hands. So she is taking care of me! Then we traded off and I went with Davidson to the 1st ward.
Wednesday - We decided that we were both going to get up at 5:30 and go running at the park, but.. 5:30 rolled around pretty quickly and needless to say we didn't quite make it! But I need to start doing some running! We biked to go and give a lady in their ward a blessing. Then we came back and we were headed to red cross to do service, but we got a call that someone needed some help unloading an attic. So we went there and Simmons and Smith went to red cross. So we moved out this attic, and this house was built in like 1908. So It was a way sweet house! Like 20 steps up and then just a door and then a giant attic, that was way sketchy and way bigger than the main floor, and it was piled to the top with junk, you wouldn't believe some of the cool stuff that was up there, it was actually really cool, it was exactly like American Pickers, it was nuts! I kept making bids on stuff, but they wouldn't let me have anything hahaha. So for like 3 hours we carried junk out of this attic, up and down these steps. We were both exhausted when we finished. Then we went with their Ward Mission Leader to see a part member family in their ward, the lady is less activeish and the guy isn't a member, but comes every Sunday, lives all the commandments, and is awesome. But won't be baptized. So the WML is their good friend and all we talked about was baptism. It was actually really awesome, the spirit was way strong, and Brother Kelly the WML just absolutely told them like it is. It was really cool! He just needs to get baptized!!! Then we traded back!
Thursday - We helped Scott Magnes move again! We loaded up his truck with a bunch of stuff and then we did a little bit of cleaning with him. So they are now out of here, they are out of our area, so I am sad to see them go, I really want them to have the Gospel! Really, really bad! Then Scott Magnes took us to lunch and Hunt's Oyster Bar and I had raw oysters... they are just whatever... I wouldn't pay money to have them again. After that we went with Forest to see Nicholas, the kid that came up to us outside of Barbra's. And we taught him the Restoration... It didn't go exactly as we had thought, he told us that he has no friends, so he wants us there to be his friends. He said we were the closest friends he has, and he has epilepsy so he is a little weird, and then he told us that he smokes weed...... So It really wasn't the best. But we just told him that we would talk about that later with him. So I hope and I pray that our next lesson will be better! So then we went home and ate some dinner and did our weekly planning. While we were doing our weekly planning, there is a knock on the doors, so I am like uh its the sisters. And so I go out there and this girl is asking us if we knew some guy that she went to high school with, she said he was dressed just like us and he was walking with us in the parking lot, so I was like what the heck? But long story short, we start talking to her and she says that she wants us to come teach her, so this girl knocked on our door to be taught!!!! It was really awesome, so we set up a time to meet with her on Sunday. She said that her boyfriend told her the Bible isn't as valid, because it has been translated so many times! hahahahaha. How crazy is that? You NEVER hear that from anyone down here! It was awesome. But..... I texted her Sunday to make sure we were still good and she said "I can't. We can't. I am going to stick with my church." So I said, "Alright, we are very sorry to hear that, and we can understand that, we would still like to meet with you, just to share our message that we know to be true! But if not you know where to find us!" So after that she said we could meet again, so I'll keep you posted on that.
Friday - At the Hospital, great day there, I decided to be real friendly and so I was cracking jokes, and telling old ladies that I need them to stay on there feet in the ER, all kinds of stuff. So I love the hospital shift. But after that the Myers picked us up and dropped us off at Gloria's and the Sisters had just taught her lesson #3, and then we talked to her about the Word of Wisdom, I don't know that I had ever really taught the Word of Wisdom before, but we got her done! So Gloria and Zooya both committed to live the Word of Wisdom! Then we got picked up on the side of the rode and a member took us out to eat at Ryan's that buffett, bleh I am so fat. But I did get to talk to two people there, one from Douglas, Georgia he was a member and he knew a guy that we are working with here. And a lady that goes to Southside Baptist Church came over and gave me a big hug hahahaha, she is so nice. Really good person.
Saturday - Elder Smith was not feeling well. So we couldn't go out in the morning! I just spent the day until about 2 doing the area book. I got it all updated! Thanks to your letter Dad, I figured that I better get on that! But finally he did feel better, so we went and met with Anita at the downtown library. Then we went over to help Scott Magnes finish moving for the last time! But on the way there, there was a family out having a yard sale, so they yelled to me to come preach to them, so I stopped. It was really awesome, but then none of them would let me give them a Book of Mormon or talk to them, they said "they only prophet on the earth today is my preacher". So then we saw Sister Rush, and then we saw Linda, just because I felt like we needed to, and then she just cried a whole lot to us, because apparently she was just depressed a lot and missing her husband. And so it was really good that we went over there! Then we had dinner at the Prigmore's home, and then we saw Barbra with Brother Prigmore and then that was amen to Saturday!
Sunday - Church! Good day at church, Gloria or Nathan did not come. So that was dissapointing big time! But its whatever, it will all work out! It was Fast Sunday for us, because we have stake conference next sunday! Which I am excited about, after that we had lunch out at the Lewis's, huge dairy farm. And probably the best food on the earth in that kitchen, (sorry mom) but oooh man I love me a lot of things I didn't before the mission! Green Beans!!!!!!!!!! Potato Salad, Broccoli. All kinds of good stuff!!!!!!! Then we went with Tony Hansen and did his home teaching with him, saw 3 families. Then we went and gave a blessing to this lady that hasn't been to church in 20 years and apparently she wants to come back! So that was awesome, I love giving blessings so much! It is so cool to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, exercising his Priesthood for this person, ah I love it.
Pretty good week for us! Not too shabby! Got Nathan coming up this week with the Baptism and then Gloria the next! We found out transfers this morning and everyone in Dothan is staying the same, President Smith said that he is really happy with the work that is happening in Dothan! But next transfer it is going to change a lot, I think I'm leaving next one and Davidson, and at least one if not two sisters! So kind of interesting that we are all staying the same! Romney Hammond is going to a Tallahassee Ward and he is serving with Elder Musgrave, who also went to Viewmont. He is a way cool guy, really funny! But man I sure do love this Gospel, I learn to love and appreciate all we have more and more every day!!!! We truly are so blessed! 


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