"Can I just say that it was delightful to see all of you and talk to you!!!"

Email from Elder Hintze on Monday, December 30th, we had agreat visit with him on Christmas Day. It is great to have a missionary in the field!

Hey Ya'll!

Can I just say that it was delightful to see all of you and talk to you!!! Hope you continued to have a fantastic Christmas.I did as well, very weird to be away, but so fun! I love you all a whole lot, more than you know!

Monday - P-Day we offered some service in the morning at an organization called Turkeys from Heaven. It started out as 1 Turkey but now they cooked over 1000 turkeys this year and handed them out to people in need. We were on the Green Bean crew, so I opened giant cans of green beans and drained them to be used in Green Bean Casserole, (lovely southern dish). It poured rain down on us, the whole time. Great service! After that we partook of the P-Day vibes, we emailed, played some football, and basketball. Got a hair cut! :)

Tuesday - Christmas Eve! We had our District Meeting. After that we visited Sister Crunelle, Barbara Phillips, Brother Nunez, and then the Hughey's fed us. So we ate there haven't made any progress lately as far as the Gospel, but they are again a family that is so good to us. After that the Bess's had us over, they are so awesome! We did some Fondu something or other, like boiling pots that you put meats in and fruit and bread and cheese. I don't know I was confused. But we were there for the night, such an awesome family, they gave us presents as well. I got an Alabama shirt, haha. They are huge Bama fans. But had a great visit with them, Carter was in town.

Elder Hintze & Elder Smith

Wednesday - CHRISTMAS! Got to see all of your beautiful faces! So we spent the morning with the Marturello's. They fed us Breakfast, and they even had some cinnamon roll type things. But fun to see the little kids and all of their new toys. After that the Coggins picked us up and we spent the rest of the night with them! People are way too good to us, we don't deserve any of it! So it was a good Christmas!

Thursday - We had our Weekly Planning. We saw the Woollum's. And then we tracked for probably just about the longest that I ever have, I absolutely love tracting. We found a bunch of people that wanted us to return.. so we will see if they turn out! One man, we set up to meet with the next day, but then weren't able to, so in the new year, he said to call him! So it really was good. We were able to find a lot again this week, which is fantastic, now we just have to set things up with them. We then ventured out to see a few people the Owen's, McClellan's, and the Thomley's. Brother McClellan served a mission, all his kids active, served all his life, then one day just didn't believe it was true. So I was talking to him about that, very sad to see, very very sad.

Friday - We worked at the Hospital. One of our investigators who moved to Bonifay, works at the hopsital, and we basically taught her a lesson when we visited her, she is so close to getting baptized! So it was great to talk to her! After the Hospital, we taught Gloria and Zoya. Got them set up on their new tablet with the Church's apps, they loved that!

Saturday - Freezing day. And rainy all day, so we were out on the bikes all day, it was miserable. We ate at Forest's house for lunch, met with Anita McBride, she is going to go to the temple soon, which is so awesome! We then helped a new sister from Enterprise move into our ward. We are not allowed to bike at night anymore, and it was pouring rain, so we tried to find some members to go out with, but no one could. So we did a lot of book work.

Sunday - Church, then Lunch at the Lewis's farm. Church was really good, didn't get anyone out as far as investigators. We have reactivated Brother Nunez in 2014 we hope hahaha. I love this man! So I am really hoping that we can continue to get him back, and back temple active. We tried to see several investigators, but they fell through, but rescheduled with one of them, so this week, will have some lessons! I hope and I pray that we will be able to meet with some investigators soon, I hope to be able to see the fruits of these people that we have been able to find!
But it really was a good week mission work wise and with seeing all of you! Really do love you all more than you know! I miss you and love you! Thank you for your prayers and love, I can feel it every day, and I know without ya'll I wouldn't be able to do it! It's great to be a missionary!

Love you all! Elder Hintze

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