"He never turns his back on us, and He loves each and everyone of us, He loves you."

I am sorry to those who visit this site. I neglected to post Elder Hintze's email from Monday, January 6th. Well here it is. It will be followed quickly by this weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

What up Hintze Family!?!?!?!?

So good as always to be a Monday when we get to exchange the short but oh so heart felt emails! Hope all is well on the home front. I would just like you to know that it is absolutely freezing here.. absolutely freezing.. going to get down to the teens this evening! Been wearing the warm coat all week!!

Monday - In the evening we ate dinner with the Depew's and the Bess family.. had all of them together! Really really good people, some of the best around, Carter has been home from school as well, so it has been fun to be able to talk to him, he is back to BYU now. For P-Day we played basketball with some people from the 1st ward and just did our usual thing!

Tuesday - We had District meeting in the morning! We then did a lot of finding, we saw Robert Dobbs. So we just did more finding and then we had to be in at 5:45 pm.. so we just chilled inside and did some cleaning, wrote Thank You letters, and the Marturello's brought us pizza and sparkling cider.

Wednesday - Saw the Hughey's, none of them were home except for one of the boys. We were fed by the Hornsby's in the evening. And we also saw Barbra in the evening with Brother Prigmore. But other than that our day was a lot of trying to see people.

Thursday - We worked at the Food Bank in the morning. And did our weekly planning.We also had an appointment set up in the evening with a man named Marcus, and we got it all set up, double checked with him the day before, and he didn't show up, and now his phone number had been disconnected, so we don't really know how to get in touch with him again.. so that was a major bummer as well. But we were able to meet this man named Jon Davis, who we met on the street and he hold us that he used to be a member, so we stopped by to try and meet him, and he was home, and he shared with us his story, of how he was baptized in 2001 and then fell away, so we talked to him, and he agreed that he wants to come back. We can't find his records, so for the time being we are going to treat him as a new investigator, and teach him all of the lessons. And hopefully try and get it so he can come back.

Friday - We worked at the Food Bank in the morning. Our hospital shift got canceled, because Brother Willie is working on Friday's now, so we don't know when we will get to do it. So we tried to see some people, and we did a lot of finding and out and about, we were on the bikes all day. And then we had an appointment with Justin Dunaway set up, a man that we met one day in his front yard, and he wasn't home either, so we need to try and get him again this next week. We ate dinner with the Thomley's in the evening.

Saturday - Saturday and Sunday were definitely the highlight portion of the week! It saved it for me. Tony Hansen called us up in the morning and asked us if we wanted to go to breakfast, so we went out to breakfast with him, and talked to him for a good while, and had a lesson with him and answered a lot of his questions. He has only been a member for 18 months. So after that we took him to see Barbra with us, and it was awesome! Tony told his story of how he quit drinking and smoking, and coffee. Just bore his testimony to her and he said, I will make you a deal if you give up just coffee I will give up something as well. So she agreed, so we put her coffee pot up again.. where she can't reach it. And we all agreed to give up something! We visited less actives and did more finding after that. Also we called the Bull family, that family from a while back again... and I talked to the wife and just said wondered if ya'll were still interested at all and she said, "Actually ya we really are!" So hopefully this next week, we are going to get somethings set up with them as well!!!

Sunday - Fast and Testimony Meeting. Probably one of the best meetings of my life at least for me.. it was incredible. An absolute answer to prayers, I had a lot of my prayers answered this week. Called Linda this week, and she said, "Elder Hintze the spirit is telling me to tell you, that God is a work in our lives, He never turns his back on us, and He loves each and everyone of us, He loves you." And then again.. I was in the meeting and just thinking about what little we had accomplished, and then the Spirit in the meeting just hit me. My heart was pounding out of my chest, the whole time. And probably the neatest experience of my mission... Gloria got up and bore her testimony, through out all of this, she had always said that she was 80 or 90% sure that Joseph Smith was a prophet.. and she got up there and she stood and said "I want all of you to know that I do know without a doubt, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this Gospel was restored through him." And it was just like Yes.. this is all worth it right there. And she had me crying and I'm crying now writing about it. Probably the single greatest thing that has happened. Family I can't tell you how true this Gospel is! The feeling that I felt there in that meeting, and that the promptings of the Spirit that we receive, are things that cannot be denied. I can't tell you how much our Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us, His infinite perfect love, something that we could never comprehend. We are His children. This is our Savior Jesus Christ's Gospel, He is at work today, He lives. The power and sanctification that we feel from His Atoning Sacrifice is something that we should use each and every day! He never turns His back on us! We also got to visit Brother Nunez and HIS WIFE in the evening with President Bess. And we had never been able to get her to come out, but they both agreed AGAIN to come back to church this week. We also met a new family the Brown's, he is a member, she is not, and they have 2 kids. I can't stop thinking about this family, and I just feel like we can help them out a lot. So let ya know what happens there! We got caught out in the rain on the bikes and we were drenched.

Family, ya'll are wonderful, I sure do love you a lot!
Elder Bradley Hintze

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