"He said something just keeps telling me that I need to listen to you guys."

Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, January 13th. Thanks for checking in on him. 

Hello Family!! How are things!? I am doing well..! Transfers next week.. so I am a lot scared, but it will be good we will see where I end up! So we got a new apartment!! So my address is going to change slightly!!!! I believe it is apartment G-67.. So we have had to move a bunch of stuff this weekend.. and now we have to do a lot of cleaning.. a lot of cleaning, like 5 years worth of cleaning!

Monday - talk about freezing cold!! We went out on the bikes Monday night, and it was real cold guys.. nobody told me that it got cold here!!!!!!!!!!! so we were not prepared for that.. it was like 15 degrees and with the humidity and the wind wipping! So we ate dinner and planned our evening! We had one dinner appointment this week, so I am a cooking fool! :)

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning. And then after that we taught a new guy for the first time.. his name is Manice. He is 25 years old kid, raised Jehovah's Witness. And we met with him for the first time and taught him the restoration lesson! I love sharing the restoration, any time that we get to share the account of the first vision, I love it! When we shared it with him, the Spirit was so strong! The lesson went really, really well. We just stressed you can come to know that these things are true if you read and pray, read and pray!! I am very excited for the future with him! We also saw the Hughey's this evening, and we were able to have a really good conversation with Jef! 

Wednesday - We did some finding, some knocking doors in the morning! And also made a new map for our apartment! We had a ward correlation meeting. We were able to see Barbara in the evening, and she continually gets better and better, it is just little little baby steps each time, but each time the Spirit is teaching her something new!

Thursday - We had weekly planning. We were able to contact a Media Referral that we received and it is a family, and she did request it herself! So that is my first one yet.. so we are going to call back this week and set up a time to meet!

Friday - We had President Akuma from our mission presidency spend some time with us today. We had our hospital shift back up again!! So we saw Linda on the way into the hospital, she had a bunch of questions for us! But President Akuma was with us for a short period at the hospital, he ate lunch with us, it was great to have him there. We also are able to stay in touch with Bonifay at the hospital, the lady we taught earlier, she is so close to baptism. The evening we saw Sister Crunelle, we are trying really hard to get her back active as well.

Saturday - We had President's interviews in the morning, which I love. I love being with and around President Smith, he is the man! I was just talking to him about the mission and how I always struggle to find the line between formal and informal.. just getting the perfect balance, and he said, You are exactly like me on my mission. hahahahaha. We saw Barbara again, and each time continually gets better. Dad, she loved the letter that you sent her, it made her cry when she read it, to know that there are people out there who care about her!! She has been showing off our family to everyone, hahaha. We also saw Theresa and she is now back. I don't know if I told you, but when she was in Orlando on Chrismas day at her husband's daughters house, Sister missionaries knocked on the door and they came in and prayed with them... how crazy is that!!!!! Heavenly Father wants her to listen to us! We had dinner with the Evans, Thai food, it is actually really good. Mom you would be so proud of me, I eat such good stuff, all kinds of veggies and what not! :) Our best lesson was with Marcus!!! We had our lesson with him, one that we had been trying to meet with for so long.. he told us all about his trials and everything that he has been through, he has been through a lot of deaths in the family.. So we only got through God is our loving Heavenly Father, but the Spirit was there, and he felt it. He said something just keeps telling me that I need to listen to you guys. He was talking and the member that was with us said, can I watch this video with you, it was mormon message, Mountains to Climb... and he loved it, it about brought him to tears! Marcus is awesome, going back Thursday, so I am very excited to teach him further!

Sunday - Biggest thing!!!! Brother and SISTER NUNEZ came to all 3 HOURS OF CHURCH! All 3 hours.. is was so sweet to see Brother Nunez in Priesthood. the Ward was so good, everyone was coming up and telling them how good it was to have them there!!!!!!!! Loved it, and President Bess spoke and he always just straight kills it! We did some finding after church, and then the Marturello's fed us! We did get a chance to see Melvin, the guy who came to church, he was just super overwhelmed by it all I think.. so it will be good to meet with him and explain everything to him!

Family love ya'll all a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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