"I can't stop walk with me, so I just walked with her around and talked to her"

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Family,

Hows it going!?!?!? Things are going really well here in Defuniak.. I really have grown to love this place so much in the short time I've been here!!! The Lord really has blessed us a lot this week in the way of work! Things have just been really, really good! I will get to it:

Monday - We ate at the Crosby's house, they feed us every Monday, and it is a ways drive to get out to them, so it was basically our whole night!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting, first on for me! It was really, really good! It is a ways drive again, we meet in the city of Crestview, so that everyone can be there! We talked a lot about goals, we have to set a lot of goals! Then we talked about OYMing, talking to everyone that we see.. I have been an OYMing fool these days! But we rode with the Habel's, to save some mile that we used, an then after that we went to Bro Reeves house he is in the bishopric, we picked up some bread to hand out to people in the ward, he picks up literally truck loads of bread, for his farm to feed to the animals and it is all still good! After that we had our correlation meeting with the ward at the church. Then we went and we taught a man named John Reyes.. he is incarcerated here in DeFuniak.. but his GF is a member, so we had about 45 minutes with him and we taught him in those room where you talk through a big pane of glass! He has been reading the B of M. We have been taking a lap around the lake here almost everyday during the day, and we talk to all of the people there, some of them are pretty fun! One lady says I can't stop walk with me, so I just walked with her around and talked to her. In the evening we saw Gale Miller a lady here who is in a nursing center. Then we saw the Habbard family, he is inactive, but the wife is very active.

Wednesday - We did some finding in the morning, talking to people around the lake. Then we taught Savannah Nowling outside by the lake, we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and it went really well, Elder Larsen and I are still honing in on one anothers teaching tendencies  but it was a good one! Savannah really is super awesome, she is over a third of the way through the Book of Mormon! Then we taught Sean Purdue in the evening... we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he is a returning member, one that is just coming back to church, the sisters here have done some awesome things!!!!!!!!!! they have reactivated a lot!

Thursday - We did service basically all day with Brother Pollard I will have to send you a picture of him, he is great! We worked with him on his property and we picked up a bunch of downed limbs and we piled them up. Then he took us to get fried chicken at the gas station.. yes the gas station! We went and talked to more people at dinner and then all of or some of the high priests and elders quorum all get together and we split up and we all go make visits to a ton of people in the ward. I went with Brother Mitchem.. But we visited some of his LA family members! Then they took us to Pizza Hut!

Friday - We provided service in the morning at the Matrix thrift store, so we just cleaned things up there. We saw a family named the Sisson's both from Utah, husband works at McDonalds and wife works at Burger King... :) So it actually was good.. they're familys are active, but are just away from home and don't come! Then we did some more finding! I called a man on the roster and someone answered and told me that he had passed away.. so that was super awkward! Then we tried some other ones, and finally we talked to a man named Chris Brown.. Then we tried a former investigator Thomas Copeland and we had an awesome visit with him, we are now going to begin teaching him! All of the people that were previously taught here, we have been checking them out. We got a call from a man named Robert Niedermeyer... who was a media referral we got before I got there, but weren't able to contact him, he called us and said he needed to talk to us, so I called him and he asked if he could come to church with us, he has family in the church, his daughters and his sister and his nephew, he has seen the temple, he is reading the Book of Mormon, so it was super awesome! So we arranged for him to get a ride to church.

Saturday - In the morning we met with the missionaries and we are searching out lost people trying to find their addresses, it is headed up by the Habel's. But then we studied, and oh yeah, Thursday we got asked to talk in sacrament meeting. Then we had an awesome visit with a less active but it was her non member husband, the sisters had seen him and he told us to get lost, but we kept talking to him and now we are teaching him next sunday! We had an awesome visit with him, but anyway he said I like your persistence, I will try it out, I have been wanting to read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday - Sunday was super awesome!!! We talked, well Elder Larsen talked.. and he went over.. and so they told me just to introduce myself and bear my testimony, so that is all I had to do. The sisters played the violin and the piano and it was so awesome! It has been pouring rain and while they did it there was the loudest thunder, it was surreal. The Spirit was so strong! But we had to teach the youth class, so we did that. But we had 4 investigators at sacrement meeting!!!!!! Savannah was there, and Rossyln was there (I haven't taught her yet), And Robert (Bob) was there and he brought his GF, it really was super awesome! So after Sacrement we went with Bro Diviney and we taught Bob and Pam. But Bob's daughter is going on a mission, he just has never payed attention to the church, but now is. But the GF is super on board, Elder Larsen and Elder Rasmussen previous guy, gave Pam a Book of Mormon at Carls Jr about a month ago, so it was an awesome connection that we made there! Then we ate dinner with the Diviney's, they are super awesome.

Really it was a fantastic week! I don't know if it was my best email, describing it.. but I am really loveing this place! Elder Larsen and I are a pretty good team! So I am super excited for things to come! The Lord really has blessed me a lot and helped me a lot! Loving it!!

Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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