"I sure am loving this place. There is a lot to be done here and I really want to be the means for good here, to be able to help out this ward."

Monday, March 24, 2014

How are things going??

This week was a great one for us. We are continuing to see many successes in the work. When walking into the library this morning, we heard someone call "Elders!" So we didn't know these people, walked up to them, they were members from Minnesota visiting here, he had grown up in the area, so it was cool to meet them!

Tuesday - We had our second district meeting, well second since I have been here! And it was  a good one as well, it is interesting being district leader, I am trying to get a hold of it so far, but I think it has been good so far! We meet down in Crestview, because that is where the Olive Branch sisters meet for their church meetings, it is interesting, so all of us have to commute quite a distance to get there. After that we ate lunch in Crestview, and after a little bit of searching, we were able to find a place that could print us some giant maps, so we printed maps of all of the cities that we cover and then one large one of the whole area, I think that it is going to help us out a lot in helping us to be more effective. We then went with Brother Pollard and we taught Thomas Copeland, his wife was there for part of it as well, we taught him the Restoration lesson, and it was kind of a different one, we taught some things we normally don't. We talked about John the Baptist, and why it had to be him for his mission. With the priesthood and all, it was cool to have Pollard there, because they used to work together. But he said to us, that "you are making me want to come to church." In the middle of the lesson, he pulled out a large print B of M too, that he already had with D &C and P of GP. 

Wednesday - We had to help a family move in from Arizona, they are related to the Andersen's who are already in the ward. So we went and helped them out, ran to try and teach a lesson, he wasn't there, so we went back and helped them finish out and then they fed us lunch. Then we traveled out to help Elliott with service and we helped him to poor cement and to fix his driveway. Then we ate dinner that evening with Sister Peeples and the Habels. She is a single lady in the ward, just as sweet as she can be we call her Mama Nell, delicious food too. A lady came as well named Tracy Harbuck, she wanted a blessing, and so we gave her a blessing and it was so powerful! And she came to church on Sunday, so that was good. 

Thursday - We taught Rosslyn Wood in the morning with Brother Pollard. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She has many family members in the church, she liked the Plan of Salvation, she knew a lot of the answers. Halfway through, her neighbor walked over and sat in on it, and both of them came to church. 

Friday - We did service in the morning at the Matrix thrift shop, we cleaned and sorted through shoes that had been donated! After that we did our weekly planning session. We did a little bit of finding and visiting, but then we got to the church and we helped them set up for the Ward Steak Dinner that we had, which was awesome, they grilled steaks, and we got to take lots home! It was a pretty fantastic turn out, we had Rick Birch, who is an investigator there, and his GF who is a member Jane Christensen, so it was an awesome event. 

Saturday - In the morning we did some finding around the lake, and then we went out and we saw a bunch of less actives. We saw Richard Skahan.. who is a man in his 70s lives alone now, his roommate who was a member just passed away. We saw Gary and Bryan Mitchem, related to members, just less active. We tried to see the Mays family. Then we saw the Habbard's. But it was good, so we split early and went and got some milkshakes.

Sunday - We had church, with was really, really good! We had Rosslyn and Linda her neighbor as I mentioned. And then Robert and Pam came again.. only their family, or his family, drove up 5 hours to come to church with them, so his sister and brother in law and his 2 daughters were there at church with them, which was way cool!!!! After church we went out and we taught Rick Birch and Jane Christensen, we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was an awesome lesson, the Spirit was there. We taught Rob Niedermeyer. So we taught him the Restoration and committed him for baptism on April 26th, and he accepted, he didn't know if he was ready. But he is reading the B of M, he doesn't understand it.. but he is reading and praying! 

So it was a good one! I sure am loving this place. There is a lot to be done here and I really want to be the means for good here, to be able to help out this ward. I'm working my guts out, I am exhausted at all times, so that's a good thing. But I sure do love you guys a whole lot, think about you and pray for you often!

Elder Hintze

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