"DeFuniak Springs"

Here is Elder Hintze's First email from his new area sent Monday, March 10th.

Hello Family!!

My oh my... I feel that I have so much to tell you guys!! SO MUCH!!! There has been a lot of happenings over this week.. a lot of hard goodbyes, and a lot of changes here in this new area! I guess we don't have very good email facilities here in Defuniak.. we only have the library and it is only for an hour.. so I may get cut off here shortly, I don't know what is happening! But I got lots to say, so I am going to get into it!

Monday - We did our P-Day normal things.. and in the evening we ate dinner at the Kriser's home! So that was good.. had only eaten there once before, and it was even kind of sad saying goodbye to their family! Then we taught Marcus with Brother Thomley... we talked to him a lot about Baptism, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was such an awesome lesson. He said, "well Brethren I have enjoyed this very much!" It was hard to tell him I wouldn't be back, Smith did an awesome job in the lesson though, and Marcus really liked a lot of the things that he had said. I really don't have any doubt that Marcus will progress!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting, all of us parting missionaries, had the oppurtunity to bear our testimonies, so it was a super spiritual meeting. After that we had our district activity, we all went out to eat at La Padilla a mexican restaurant there in Dothan. After that we went to Gloria's house and continued to paint her room... and then after that we said goodbye to the family... I love Gloria so much!!!!!!! When we left we had a nice long conversation with her in her kitchen, and she just balled her eyes out, and bore her testimony to me. We then ate dinner at the Bess's in the evening, love them so much! She texted us and asked for my favorite dessert, so we had homemade cheesecake, at my request, so nice of them! A lot of fantastic people I left behind.

Wednesday - In the morning Smith and I went and got our last Loyless donuts.. so good! Then we went and saw Barbara with Brother Prigmore, got to say goodbye to Barbara, she gave me the biggest hug as well, she is so hilarious, I called her and told her when I found out, and she was so upset I was leaving, love her. I also got to say goodbye to Brother Prigmore, a fantastic man, spent a lot of time with him, him and his wife are headed back to the temple in the coming weeks!!! Then we ate lunch with Tony Hansen.. that stunk to say goodbye to him.. Then we ate lunch with the Coggins.. man that family is so awesome, got a chance to talk to them about the temple! Then we went and saw Linda Pulliam... I called her on the phone and told her and she was crying so much. So we got to see her and say goodbye, she was crying again, I got to sign her bench at her house that the missionaries sign.. and I just got an email from Elder Smith and she is moving back to Arizona.. once I told her that I was leaving she told us she wanted to move back, so she could be closer to Stubbs, Smith, and I ... so she is headed back to Kingman, Arizona. It was really hard to leave her as well! Then we ate dinner at the Blunk's, love them as well!!!!! Super cool couple, hope to stay in contact with them. Then we saw Brother Nunez, you just don't know how much I love that man... He gave me the biggest hug. Then we saw the Hughey family.. and Carol Hughey was crying as well when I left, love them too!! So many people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday - Departure day. We had to be at Transfer spot at 8:45 am so Elder Nelson and I headed down there together, and the 2 new guys drove the car back.. so I got off on the next transfer spot.. so it took about an hour and a half to get there, so a lot of the day was spent traveling.. so I got to unload all of my stuff and I got to move in!! The house that we live in is pretty cool.. we live right next door to the Thomas's they are members and they let us live there. Right near the lake!! So we just got settled I did some cleaning, and then we took off to see someone, but we got lost and so he went to turn around and he pulled way to far off the road, I am just watching him silently as he gets us .... STUCK!! hahahahahaahaha, even with the truck in 4 wheel drive and all, he just got us straight deep in mud. It was ridiculous, I was laughing so hard, especially since I was talking to dad about that, just know it was not me! So somebody stopped to help us get out as well as the sheriff stopped... :)

Friday - We did our studies and we then went and helped at a thrift store. There is this girl there named Savannah Nowling, she has a BCD for March 29th, which will have to be moved back, she has been taught once. So after that we did our weekly planning. Then we saw a family named the Petry's, just stopped in and said hi. Then we saw a family named Rob and Nicki.. part member, Rob want us over to teach the wife, he wants to come back to church, so we talked to them.. set up a return.. she has had the lessons before.. so gonna teach her!! There are so many part members, so many lost members, it is so nuts!! A 20 page roster. Then we ate dinner with Sean Purdue in the evening, and then had to drive home.. it takes forever to drive places!
Saturday - From 8am to 3pm.. we worked a family history booth at the local fair, it was super awesome!! We got a lot of contacts to go and set up family history in peoples homes! They had a tractor pull at the festival. This place is crazy family... like this is the south!!!!!!! Then we biked and we saw some less active, talked to several people and we got return appointments for them! Then we ate dinner at the apartment. 

Sunday - Holy smokes.. The Church building here is so nice, it really is a big building and it is in great shape.. Everyone that I met is so nice though, I really do love this ward so far! There is a senior couple in the ward and a set of sisters, so the seniors are working on cleaning up the roster, and the sister missionaries are super awesome, they are absolutely killing it up here!!! After church we just went after searching for less actives. Then we went with a member of the ward, Brother Diviney and we went and saw a church of christ preacher. Brother Diviney raises pigeons, he breads them, just like Pres Monson! Then we met Barbara Hunt a lady baptized about a year ago, she is so awesome!! She lit us up a fire and we roasted Smores, super cool!! Then we had to head back home!

I heard from Elder Smith.. the Brown Family the ones I told you about, he has decided that him and his wife are going to take the lessons!!!!! Also it was actually super sad to leave Elder Smith, it was super sad!! I love that dude... he is cool. So it was sad to leave him alone!! :(

The Lake is next to the house and it has a trail around it, so I have been running 2 to 3 miles in the morning, Defuniak is where I get in shape!! The area here is huge, so it is going to be tricky to manage people and miles!! But so far this place really is saweeet!!

I am probably missing a lot of information.. but I love you all a whole lot!!!!!! I am so looking forward to my adventures in Defuniak, many great stories to come!!! Love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder HIntze

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