"apparently he has been meeting with missionaries for 25 years.. haha... and he told us he wanted to take a break from learning"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Family,

How is everyone doing today!? I am doing well!  This week... oh boy where to start.. we had a pretty good week this week! 

Monday - We ate dinner with the Curtis family in the evening. A younger family here in the ward. They are cool. After that we tried a few people around the area, and then we went back and we scheduled out the rest of our week, called and set up appointments. We played some frisbee at the park for P-Day, don't know what is on the agenda for today.

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning, kind of a lamer one, but we talked about our goals that we are setting for our district this transfer. Our mission is already falling behind on our baptism goal and vision that Elder Perry set for us, so we are trying hard to catch up to it! We also watched the talk "A Brother Offended" in the meeting, the one that you sent me Dad. Then I went on a trade off with Elder Rasmussen the zone leader, so I went to Crestview for the day. Elder Rasmussen is the man! We had a pretty awesome day. We went and we saw a less active guy named Mallary King. But we got to follow up with a lot of their investigators.. we met this girl named Keke, who is a roommate of this couple they have been teaching so we went by and we saw them.. We invited ourselves to dinner, because she said she was cooking, so she said yes and then we taught her the first lesson right there on the porch and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it before we come back for dinner. And then we saw another one of their investigators named Darren... he is a police officer at the jail, he has read the Book of Mormon all the way through and is working on his second time, comparing it with the Bible and really wants to get back and get into the church!! He is so cool, he asked us a lot of awesome questions, he told us that he doesn't know how to pray, so we got to teach him that, I always love teaching someone for the first time and get to describe the Spirit to him. Then we went back for dinner and met the couple and Keke for dinner couples name was Tina and Chris. They are so cool!! We played basketball in the backyard while waiting for them to come, and then they finally got there, Chris played college football and is trying to get to the NFL, he was so cool, he told us a lot about his past and where he's come from. And really they are cool, he apologized to us for not reading and said they need to put more importance on it. Crestview, has a lot of good things going on!

Wednesday - We traded back in the morning after we taught another dude at McDonald's.. apparently he has been meeting with missionaries for 25 years.. haha... and he told us he wanted to take a break from learning, and we told him if this was Jesus Christ's Church if you knew that would you join it? he said NO. So I didn't get that, but then we taught Savannah at the lake, and I learned a lot about her from Elder Rasmussen, because he taught her too. She read the Book of Mormon for the 1st time and got her answer that she knew it was true, he said she wanted to get baptized the first time she read it, so we talked to her a little bit more about baptism and the Sacrement and finally she is done traveling, so baptism is set for May 24th. We then went out and we helped Elliott, we are building a green house called a wallapini or something like that. Then we ate dinner at the Andersen's house, super awesome he is the assistant ward mission leader and comes out with us a lot, then we helped them move a bunch of cabinets through their house.

Thursday - We did some weekly planning in the morning and then we went and helped this dude named Dan Cosson he is from Tallahassee he is the land lord for like 6 apartments that missionaries live in, so he loves the missionaries, and he is hilarious. He won't join the church, but he is good to us, he fed us lunch. And we helped him unload stuff from a old house he is restoring around the lake here, he was ragging on Utah alot. Then we went out home teaching with Bro Mitchem up in Paxton, we saw David Hayes and a man named James Jeffcoats, just less active people. Then we did some lake contacting and then went out home teaching in the evening with the rest of the gang. I went with Brother Anderson and we taught Rosslyn Wood, we taught her about Baptism and we talked about the Sacrement as well, and it was cool, We then gave her a priesthood blessing to help her overcome smoking and drinking.

Friday - We taught Al Jackson with Bro Andersen in the morning and it was an awesome... straight awesome... we taught him the restoration and there was a distinct change in him, he was silent when we talked about Joseph Smith and the first vision and the Book of Mormon! He committed to read and to pray about it! We didn't get him at church.. but it was awesome! We then went up to Paxton with Andersen to check and see if we could get wifi at the church building up there and we did! So after that we went back and helped Dan Cosson out a bit more and then we ate dinner with the Habels, they had us over. And then the Browns had us over and showed us their property and we are going to go out and go fishing with them.

Saturday - We went to an air show here in DeFuniak at the airport.. we heard about it and it was cool. It is always hard in situations like that to talk to people.. because they don't care about us.. so we didn't stay long, but they had some rad displays. We then went and we taught John Reyes at the prison. We then visited Sister Miller in the rest home.

Sunday - Great day of church! Fast Sunday is always the best! Down day for investigators.. we had Zac there. We still are working on really teaching him. We took off after church down to Freeport and we taught Bob and Pam Niedermeyer... it had been such a long time since we had been able to! Saw a few more down there... but then we met this dude named David Royce.. the sister's had taught him and they passed him on.. He is awesome.. he is a deep thinker, like intense.. so he grilled us with questions, like about immortal soul, adam and eve, pre earth life, why are we here, and tons of different things. Elder Larsen is really good at this in particular, so we answered every single one of his questions and he was super impressed, so we told him that we want to teach him, not just answer questions. So we really are pumped about him and it is always freaking awesome to answer peoples questions! He is going to read the Book of Mormon, hasn't done it yet, but he says he knows there is truth in there, so he can't dispute it, he is 30 yrs old. But he knows a member, they are really good friends! So we are super pumped for that!

Well family thats a wrap this week! It was a crazy one.. this week, but some good things accomplished, sure do love ya'll a whole lot!!!!!!!

Elder Hintze

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