"Looks like your jump shot could be better!"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dearest Family,
Happy Easter week! I hope that everyone had a great Easter, and remembered the true reason that we celebrate Easter!! It was great to think about our personal relationships with our Savior.. I can't even begin to describe what He did for us! But He is Risen! What a glorious message this is! This week was alright.. we are finding a lot of new investigators.. but aren't able to teach a lot of them.. so this next week, hopefully we can begin to do better and teach all of the people that we have! Here is the week!!!

Monday - We went out to eat at the Crosby's for dinner! And they had lot of people over for dinner, it was awesome! We had Robbie and Cherish Martin there.. friends of the family.. and then Destiny Miller who just got baptized in January she's 13 and friends of the family, her Dad and girlfriend were there with their son, and then Zac the Crosby's girls Boyfriend. So we had a houseful.. and because there were so many it was nuts.. but we just said that we would like to share our first lesson with you.. and we covered all of the Restoration with them.. and it actually went really, really well.. the Spirit was very strong in the room.. and the Crosby's were adding in awesome insights, so it really is the perfect lesson.. we handed all of them out Book of Mormons when we were done, it was cool, just dishing them out! So there is a lot going on right now.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting.. it went really, really well!!! I shared the talk Why 1820? with the District and talked about it.. it is an awesome talk by Hyrum W. Smith ya'll should look it up! Then we had our district activity.. and it was freezing.. well I mean like 50 or 40 degrees.. why is it still cold? Anyway we played ultimate frisbee with the other district, it was awesome the field was soaked, so we were all super muddy! Then we ate at Wendy's following. We came home and we taught John Reyes at the prison.. it really is an interesting situation... its hard to teach him in this setting.. but as we talked to him.. he just broke down into tears.. it was actually really sweet. Then we had to go up to Paxton, Florida.. and we ate dinner with Sister Peeples up there.. she is so sweet, one of the first in DeFunaik in the church!

Wednesday - We went out chasing some people! We tried to track down some potentials.. but were unable to.. then we saw the Habbards and the Mays. Then we went out with Vann Driskell.. a kid from Bonifay that is preparing for his mission... he asked to be able to come out with us. Super cool. We went and visited a lady named Sister Sharp, she was in the hospital.. sweetest lady, so funny. Then we taught Alewesha Jackson, they guy that we got at the family history event this past week.. and he is awesome and we began to share the Restoration with him, he is super gung ho about everything we just got into it, but Rosslyn Wood, her parents are members and he knows them and Rosslyn's sister Jacque, he called her before us coming over, so he is cool! Then we teamed up with the Young Men and the Young Women for a service mutual night, we had a bunch of places lined up to help them with yard work... some of them canceled, but we were able to go and cut Sister Varella's yard and clean up around her house!

Thursday - We went to John Reyes trial in the morning, because he told us he was maybe getting out, so we went to support, and then they didn't even bring him out and they rescheduled for May sometime. Then we went up to the Howard's and we helped them to rip out the carpet in their home and take out every little staple in the floor. Then we went out with the Priesthood for Home Teaching, I went with Brother Thomas and talked to the Copeland's briefly.. he has been in the hospital, so he just got out! Then we saw a fam named the Routley's, interesting talk with them!

Friday - We did our weekly planning and we finally completed our giant maps of the area. Hard day for us.. all of our appointments canceled.. so we were just flying around trying to find people to see. We worked with the Habel's on drawing up our banner for our Family History event that we are doing at the retired building up in Paxton, it used to be the house of the Paxton Branch.. it is a double wide trailer church!

Saturday - We headed up to Paxton in the morning after trying to see some people.. So we went up and we had a family history event up in Paxton.. first one, we are trying to open it up for a family history center.. so it was kind of a test run for us.. of getting the internet and the computers to be working properly and we are going to see if it will be worth our while! Then we saw all of the people up in that area... We were able to visit the Coleman's .. Hazel Adams.. and Viki & Elijah Martin.. talked to Elijah a lot. I heard some hoops being played.. and so I told Larsen.. lets go talk to him.. man playing ball.. I said, "Hows it going?" ... Good... as he shoots the ball and misses.. "Looks like your jump shot could be better!" And so we started shooting with him and playing with him.. and his family was meeting for a get together.. so all of his little cousins and nephews were coming over some of them small, but he was like in his late 20s.. so we started playing PIG.. and I beat them the first 2 games.. and I said alright if I beat you guys three in a row.. You have to agree that missionaries get to come by.. so they agreed and started talking some more smack! So I beat em 3 times!!!!!! So sadly.. both live out of the area.. but I am sending one of them off to Atlanta, Georgia.. and then the other is just in the neighboring area! :) We got back into town and then we streamed the Handel's Messiah into the church.. the MoTab and we watched it as missionaries, the Habel's and the sisters.

Sunday - My oh my... .I wish every Sunday was Easter Sunday.. it brought the folks out.. we had a full house in there today it was awesome to see the chapel building, so full of people!!!! We had a lot of less active people.. there so maybe they will continue we will see! We had AJ, Zac (part of the new Crosby clan there, as well as Rosslyn!!! So lots more to be done.. we have been in contact with all of them, but just haven't been able to teach them in a while, Bob & Pam, Savannah.. all of them are doing well! We went out to the Mitchem's house for dinner and that was our night.. Got to spend a lot of time with their family though.. they are all members.

I sure do love ya'll a whole lot!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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