"If I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet I would be a Mormon, nothing else would matter"... usually we are telling other people that!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


How is everybody!?!?! I am doing so well, I really am loving my new stay here in Tallahassee, Elder Cooper is the man, I love him. I got to talk to the DeFuniak Elders... and Al is scheduled for next week and other than that things are going well! So we will get to it this week!!!!'

 Monday - I forgot to mention to ya'll Monday morning we taught Robert Delmonico in the Gray's home he is awesome, he is 58, he is from Italian descent, has a 4 year old daughter single father!! We taught him the Restoration and it went so well, the Spirit was there and he took it well, he had awesome questions.. he said that he truly feels that God intended for us to have one religion and to not be spread out! The Gray's were an awesome help as well! Then we emailed and we played ball here at the church! This is one of the only churches in the south with a wood court, it is pretty big too, so holla!!!!!!!! Then we taught Gonzalo Mendez with Brother Carroll at 6 at the church... we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Brother Carroll is the assistant ward mission leader, he brought the Spirit! Gonzalo really wants to change his life and get right with God. I have never seen anyone more humble or open with us... he was worried because he thinks that "church" things are sometimes boring... but he recognized feeling the Spirit in church!!  Then we went and we ate dinner at the Hare's.. they had a big get together with a lot of members.. Then we planned zone training, things really came together for us!!!! :)

Tuesday - We got up full of confidence, suited up, and getting fresh and departed for Zone Training!! We got the zone there and then it began!!! Overall it went really really well, we started out doing finding/teaching by the Spirit, what President is really focusing on right now, not more numbers, just the Spirit! Then we role played a bunch of different stuff.  We presented something called the 40 day fast... striving for the Spirit and purifying ourselves, give up 10 things we do that hinder the Spirit and then for 40 days fast for them, so as a zone this is what we are doing striving for the spirit!! It went well, the Spirit was strong!!!!! After that we had lunch and met with the District Leaders shortly! Then we did some finding, because our appointment fell through.. then we met with Stake President Campbell, we meet with him every Tuesday briefly, just to get a report. Then we had Correlation meeting in the evening!'

Wednesday - We had a good day Wednesday, we had a ton scheduled out, so some of it fell through... but we taught Topaz in the morning, we taught her the Restoration in her front yard and it was awesome.... the Spirit was so strong and she felt it.. we are going to pass her off to the sister's but it was such an awesome lesson, super spiritual and we invited her to be baptized when she comes to know that it is true and she accepted! So we will see, then we taught a man named Oscar Henriquez super cool dude, we taught him the Restoration and he accepted it skeptically, he looked up some stuff on the internet and talked to us about that, so he is skeptical, we are gong to go back and teach him again! AND then we met with Ted & Kaitlyn, the super awesome Catholic family that we found... so we talked about the Restoration briefly and then answered some questions, but then we taught the Plan of Salvation and presented that to them, they shared some of their views with us. So we gave them a Book of Mormon and committed them to read and pray... they are so awesome and so kind, super cool people some of the best I have ever met..... so they said we are always welcome and next time we are going to address the restoration more and the apostasy... they asked us a lot of questions.  She said, "If I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet I would be a Mormon, nothing else would matter... usually we are telling other people that!!!

Thursday - A really slow day... we did our weekly planning and then we ate lunch with Dan Cosson our land lord, which you probably saw the pic on Facebook,
he is so awesome, he takes such good care of us! Then we were at the mission office forever, trying to figure out numbers and all of that stuff, the APs came and helped us figure it out... had to do some shopping for the surgery, got him some gauze and whitey tightey's. :) Then we taught Eric in the evening at the church, and he basically taught us, he has been studying so much, in the D&C and in the Book of Mormon, he believes that he needs to do so much more than just believe, he knows he needs to be baptized... he is so awesome, we taught him the Law of Chastity and the Ten Commandments and obedience!!

Friday - Sunday - So Friday we took him in for surgery... oh man so funny, he was so nervous, so so so so nervous, I had Elder Milne with me, since they are in a trio... and it was hilarious, the doctors gave him the stuff and he was so funny.. so I got to talk to the doctor and sign him out.. so while he was in surgery Milne and I just ate lunch and we had to run around for 2 hours finding his pain pills... I am Mama Hintze, then we got him Cold Stone Ice Cream.... and then since then, we have just been chilling inside! Then I took Elder Jorgensen with me to sacrament meeting... but we have just been chilling and I cleaned the apartment, been figuring out all of our zone leader number stuff! It has been good though, he has been in a lot of pain, so I have been giving him his pills and feeding him in bed, and bringing him otter pops.. it has been fun! So I have just been relaxing! But I am loving it here, the work, the missionaries, the members!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much as well, miss you like crazy!!!!

Elder Hintze

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