"It was an awesome lesson, and it really answered a lot of his concerns that he had!"

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello Family!!

How is everyone doing!? I hope everyone is well and happy, I am doing just outstanding! Elder Cooper is doing better, much better, but if we go out, it just about knocks him down... I have been able to go out with the FSU Elders and go do some work with them.. But lets get to the week:

Monday - P-Day.. I went to the mall with the other Zone Leaders in Tally, and it was cool! It was a huge mall. After that we taught Gonzalo at his house with Bro Roberts the ward mission leader... Cooper went in sweat pants and dress shoes and a belt it was awesome, and it about killed him! He read 2 Nephi 31 and was afraid about the verse that said if you do these things and then turn away from me, it would have been better that you had not known me! Because he is just afraid that he is going to fall away, he is afraid he won't be able to make it.. so we read Alma 32 with him and we just compared it to him, and letting these things grow inside of you, it isn't going to happen over night, but as we do these things, as we keep commitments and as we follow the commandments, it will grow into a sure foundation, a strong tree that produces fruit! It was an awesome lesson, and it really answered a lot of his concerns that he had!
Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning, we split up.. I went to the campus district and he went to the Tally district... just so we could see what they were like! Then I took Jorgensen with me and we went to Sister Wright's home a recent convert and we dedicated her home for her, it was really special! She is awesome, she had a place set at the table and food and a basin to wash feet, and a towel, and she said if the Holy Ghost was going to enter my home, I would prepare a place for him. She is so close to the Spirit! Then we did a little finding! Then we ate dinner with the Flore's. We had to take Elder Barlow to the mission home, we was a departing missionary.. so I got to say goodbye to the missionaries taking off... I saw Elder Rasmussen and Elder Simmons!!! Then we had correlation meeting at the church, then home!

Wednesday - The Knudsen's brought us pizza for lunch, they are the bomb!! Then the Stone's brought us dinner in the evening! Other than that we were inside all day... and then I went out with the FSU Elders for the afternoon and the evening.... we just did contacting on Campus... I have a lot of respect for the campus missionaries, that was some serious hard work... all of the students just have zero desire to learn and aren't religious, we met so many atheists, and everyone is just going to class and busy.. it is tough stuff!!! I understand a lot what they go through.... I just love the good campus lifestyle and all they do is just contact and I love that.... but it is hard! We found 2 super cool people, that they are teaching now!

Thursday  - Straight nothing all day.... I took Elder Milne an FSU elder and we went and we helped a member lay sod at their new house, it was tough work and it is killer hot! It is the bomb... when it is so hot outside! In the evening we got taking out to eat to Longhorn's a steakhouse place by the Grissett's man it had been a minute since I had a steak... they are so awesome, and it was so delicious! Then we taught Eric Erikson at Wendy's... and we had to cut it short, because Cooper was dieing, so we were able to teach him Tithing, and how to pay tithing and he agreed to start paying it before he even gets baptized! He is the man! 

Friday - Nothing all day, all day long!!!!!!! We just chilled. :)

Saturday - It was the campus Elders P-Day, so they hang with us all day. We went out and we tried to see Robert Delmonico. He was with two of his friends. So we talked with them shortly and we addressed his concern about polygamy! And then we talked with some of his friends and then we invited him to church, then we ate with the Gray's for dinner, most Christlike people that I know! Then we went with them and visited a sister and gave her a blessing!!

Sunday - We went to Sacrament Meeting with Cooper and after that he was dieing... so I ran him home and came back with Elder Milne for gospel principles.. and then had to leave after that... because their church was starting! We had Robert there and we had Gonzalo there, and they both really, really enjoyed it as well! Robert calls me Doctor Hintze, because I told him I want to be a doctor and he thinks I am smart! Hahaha. Gonzalo is the man, he is so awesome! But then we just chilled out the rest of the night...

Sure do love ya'll a whole lot!!!! Love, Elder Hintze

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