"It was hard to leave DeFuniak!"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Well if it isn't my Family,

Family, how is everyone!? I hope so well...  we have much to talk about! It was hard to leave DeFuniak, but it felt right! Hard, but it felt right! Lets get it on:

Monday - P-Day in DeFuniak... we didn't go to the beach, too much to do packing... but we ended P-Day early and we got up to the Crosby's and we taught Zac the Plan of Salvation... it was an awesome lesson, truly awesome! He is changing a lot and so it is pretty special to see. After that we ran over to the Mitchem's for dinner and that was the rest of the night!

Tuesday - The last District Meeting for me for awhile, it went really, really well! The last hooray for our District! We discussed Christlike attributes and becoming more like Him! It was pretty neat. Then we had our District Activity, we played some ultimate frisbee with the other Crestview District, it was a blast! We got to see Sis Habbard in the morning as well, before District Meeting, she almost passed away from a heart attack and her kidneys were failing, so she seemed to be improving, she is the sweetest woman ever, so I hope that she gets better! We did Fam History with Bro. Skayhan and we got to say goodbye to him, we were able to get a lot of his family on there for him to get ready to take them to the temple! Spent time with Brother Stripling, he is the man! Gonna miss that dude. Then we ate dinner at the Cobb's in the evening and said goodbye. 

Wednesday - Our last day, we were running around like crazy! In the morning we ate breakfast with Brother Stripling. Then after that we saw Mark Lassen and we had our last lesson and said goodbye to him, he is such a special man. I hope he can continue to progress and stay committed. Then we had to go down to Freeport, where we saw Bob and Pam Niedermeyer... said goodbye to them and had a last lesson! Then we worked with Bro Mitchem and we tore out the floor in Sister Hunt's trailer and we began to put down the new boards, we worked with Bro Diviney as well! Then we had to run all the way out to Mossy Head where we had our last lesson with JR Strange... he was super sad to see us go. Then we saw Elliott and said goodbye to him and Granny for just a tad, and Granny started to cry on us...! Then we ate dinner with the Griffiths in the evening, they are super super awesome!!! They invited me to come back and go through the temple with them, they are going to be going through the Nauvoo temple! Then we ran back to the church, where we got to see Zac, we were planning on teaching a lesson, but weren't able to... so we saw him and Bro Stripling, and Bro. Skayhan and many others in the ward! Lots of good people!

Thursday - We got all packed up and Bro Anderson took us down to Crestview, where we all gathered together at Transfer spot, we all got our Wendy's that they all order us. Chiled out for a while and then the first bus came and they loaded everyone up, Elder Larsen and I parted ways. And I got to see my son, Elder Smith. He is doing well, good kid! So everybody got loaded up and then we headed to the Crestview apartment and we just hungout with the Crestview Elders and the zone leaders. Then we headed back and we all loaded up again... and off we went to Tallahassee... so it was quite a ride! Tally sweet Tally!!!!!!! So we got there and got to see a bunch of people that I knew, a bunch of them headed home! So got to meet Elder Cooper, he is so awesome, me and him get along fantastic! He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. So we live at a place called "The Compound".. Dan Cosson who has a home in DeFuniak, who is not a member owns the house we live in, and so he is always over hanging out, I convinced him to put up a basketball hoop already, and so he is going to buy us a hoop, we live next to 2 other companionships! So everynight we all get to hangout and talk, literally family! We ate dinner with the Porter's in the evening! Then they got me... I was assigned to speak in Sacrament meeting in the evening! So we live right next to the FSU Campus. We found a ton of people to go teach, we got 11 return appointments since I have been here so far! Oh this is hilarious on the front of our house it says, "God's Army LDS" Hahahahahahaahahahahahaaha Dan put that up!

Friday - It has been interesting these first few day, I have been stressed out, we have a lot going on, we have zone training tomorrow, so a lot of our time has been planning that out, 3 hours where we instruct the zone! I am super excited for it, we have a lot of awesome things planned for this zone, we can do way better than we are! I am excited for our area... we are going to do awesome things here I feel.... Tallahassee should be booming! So we have had to do a lot of administrative stuff, So we have been running around getting supplies and then we had to grab a bike. Then we visited with a guy named Bro Barber! And we are planning on doing some family history with him. Then we are just in finding mode. But we also visited a PM family, the husband has lost his voice box and has to talk with this little machine, it is really cool! We got to share a lot of the restoration with them.. and they invited us back Saturday and we are going to BBQ with them and teach the husband! Then we saw our investigator Eric, he is so solid!!! We are teaching him and his neighbor tonight! Then we ate dinner, and we did our weekly planning and our zone training plans!

Saturday - We taught Eric at the church with Bro Perez and we taught him Follow the Prophet, he is awesome. We watched some videos about Pres Monson and we shared with him conference talks, he is really wanting to know if he is a prophet. Then we had to do more weekly planning, we have just done a ton of getting things in order, it is the calm before the storm! :) Doing all of the planning and zone stuff and getting things in order! Then we had Dinner with the Atchley's, our meal calendar is full all month! :) Then we found all around their neighborhood and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We found a family, 2 young kids, they are catholic and we had a super awesome conversation with them about the plan of salvation and they invited us back ,they literally have so much potential. And that happened with several others! Then we had an awesome discussion with Robert Delmonico, he is a neighbor of member the Grays... it was so awesome, we talked about restoration and apostasy, he is so cool!

Sunday - We went to church, I gave my talk, it went really really well I think!!!!! We had Eric there and we had Gonzolo Mendez there. Gonzolo is so awesome he is in his 20s he is from Brazil has been here since he is 11 and I have no doubt he will be baptized! Then we had ward council which lasted 2 hours.. and then tons of zone training planning! Then we ate dinner with the Crandall's, then we did some finding!!!!!

I love you guys a whole lot!!!! I am loving this new area... tons to be done!!!!!!! Love ya'll!!!

Elder Hintze

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