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Monday, November 10, 2014


Hope everyone is well and happy! I am doing fantastic, been busy today, but here is the email and the week coming at you!!! 

Monday - We had our Family History dodgeball tournament.... and it was sooo sick and soo much fun!!!!!
We had perk for all of the districts, the winning district, the other team couldn't catch their ball to get them out, and then the small districts who only had like 5 people, if they caught a ball, then their whole team came back in! But each district had their own shirts on and they all had their own cheers and it was so much fun! We had the bracket drawn out and it was a double elimination tournament... it got competitive and fun, but not maliciously, so it was awesome, it turned out to be a really good unity exercise!
The APs and the Tally 2 ZLs district won it all, they had all Elders... I blew it for me district, their was one person left from this district, and he caught my ball that I threw at him... but I am going to avenge our loss and bring my team back up this next transfer! In the evening we had dinner with the Roberts. And then we went to visit Bro Barber, but his friend Mike Jones was there, who we had met before at his house, and was interested, but we were never able to get up with him, we ended up being able to start teaching him the restoration, and with Bro Barber there he was adding to the lesson, super awesome!

Tuesday - We had district meeting and then we had our district activity and we played SCRUD on the pool table in the institute building! We have mission conference calls every Tuesday and for like 6 straight Tuesday's the Tally 1 Zone has been given a shout out to by President for doing awesome things! We were out hunting most of the day, in the finding grind.. Then we ate dinner with the Miller's in the evening! And then we taught Aurther Harrelson at the McDonalds.. haha, he wanted to meet us there, so we taught him, and don't really know about Aurther, don't know if he is really that interested, so we just tried to get him going, based the lesson around Moroni 10:3-5! Then we had our correlation meeting in the evening!

Wednesday - TRANSFER DAY! So we loaded up and got everyone set out to go! And then we drove all the way to Crestview, and we had the announcing of all the new companionships and all of the new areas!
Elder ?, & Elder Smellie & Elder 
Elder Hintze & Elder ?
Elder Smellie & Elder Hintze
We didn't have too many changes to report in our zone! It took us a really long time to get back, and we had an appointment with Eric at the church... and we were a few minutes late.. We had to run and pick up a missionary to stay with us for the night and tomorrow, who was headed home.. and so we got Elder May to stay with us! He is awesome!
Elder May & Elder Hintze
We taught Gonzalo in the evening, and we just went over D&C 138 with him, talked about the spirit world, he is still doing really well!

Thursday - Had that weekly planning and then we taught T.R. and Torrez LeBrun, taught them with Bro Delp and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ it was a great lesson, and we invited T.R. to be baptized.. but didn't really jump at the prospect, but we are going to continue to chip away at him slowly, and their is progression coming! Then we did some family history. Then we taught Mike Jones again with Bro Barber, we we're able to finish up the Restoration lesson, and he is super interested, and he is very, very impressed.. so he is really awesome though, so we are really excited! Then we dropped off Elder May, he is a goner.. the picture on the blog of Pres and Sis Smith in black, it was hilarious!!
Departing Class of November 2014
Then we taught Cristina and we watched the Restoration DVD with her.... she really loved it! And she showed it to her mother, and then her mom started to read the Book of Mormon after that! Then we had to run and pick up Elder May again to spend the evening with us. This evening we took Elder Rispress with us into our companionship to form a trio!
Elder Peterson & Elder Rispress & Elder Hintze
Friday - We helped Bro Pope move in the morning, they are headed down to Crawfordville. It is so funny, Gonzalo is there helping out, he is just part of the ward now. And Cristina is signing up with the other members to feed us.. they are both so awesome! Then we did some Family History work with Gonzalo at the church! Then we taught Mike Jones at Bro Barber's place again, and we focused the whole lesson on saying prayers and how we can learn and receive revelation from our prayers! He is coming along, he has a broken leg, that hasn't been treated yet, so he is not able to come to church.. but he is reading and praying! Then Elder & Sister Mills a senior couple who works in the mission office, went back to Utah.. and so he has been talking for months that he was going to take us out to dinner and he took us to Outback Steakhouse.. Outback Steakhouse on Elder MIlls, I ate lobster for the first time! 

Saturday - In the morning is when we tracked down Eric and talked with him for a bit about what happened! Then we went to the other church building in Tallahassee to hear Elder Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy... lets just say it was the new best thing of my life... wow!!!! It was so awesome and the Spirit was so strong... we we're with him for about 3 hours! And he talked about goals, plans, and our attitude! It was incredible, he spoke to me and I learned so much... I have a lot that I need to work on.. he spoke about our attitudes and our thoughts and it really hit me, how I need to dig deep.. not much time left on the mission! He also opened up goals for me and I really received a witness as to how important they are!!! President told the story again of him and I when I was first out, how I had not taught the Restoration lesson.. and we taught Gloria.. I cried so much, when he told it. Story means a lot to me! But it was just amazing! After that our evening was nothing special, we just tried to do finding and chase down our potentials.. we contacted a referral passed over to us by the campus sister's... so we saw him, and he told us he knows its all true, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, but yet he has decided to go to another church... my favorite line to say is, "Can I be bold with you for a second?" And of course they always say yes... and they gave me permission.. haha, so I told him how ridiculous of a thing that he just said, but he has decided to stick with the old church!

Sunday - Church!!! It was kind of bad, we didn't get any investigators to church... I always hate that... doesn't ever feel good, but we will regroup and get them next week! We had to each Gospel Principles, they told us when we we're on our way to church... hahaha. Gonzalo received the Priesthood this week, he is now a Priest! And this next Sunday, he will be blessing the Sacrament.. it was so cool to see! After church we did some planning of the next week.. and we saw Gonzalo for a bit and just ran through blessing the sacrament and the prayers... Then we visited with Cristina and we were teaching her and we are really interested in teaching her mom, but we want to separate the 2 appointments, so we are going to begin teaching Cristina to her needs, and to her Mom, so her mom was in the back bedroom, so we had Cristina go get her and we are now going to teach just her.. she said she has a lot of questions, and she wonders what is different with what we have, and what she has as a Baptist, so we are excited to teach her this week! Then we taught a new one named Silena White, she was a former from the sister's that we met, so we taught with Bro Hollett and we also taught Silena's roommate... we just taught the Restoration and it was good one!!

Love you all like crazy family!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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