"I am remembering the story of Sodom an Gommorah, and the two angels that came and led them out of the city... I look at you two there and I know that you two are those Angels for our family, and are going to lead us out of something!"

Monday, October 27, 2014

Whats up Family!!!!

This week has been so good, so so so so good!!! I just am feeling really happy today! SO the big news...... GONZALO is getting baptized this next week Saturday... he asked me to baptize him... so I will be doing it, really humbling and exciting!  Also this transfer was only a 5 week transfer, so it is going to be transfer news this next week, but I don't think that I am going to be moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a lot of fun, this week is our Family History competition, ending with a dodgeball tournament this next week! Happy Halloween to you all this week!!!! Alright lets get to it!

Monday - We just played basketball for P-Day and we are doing that again as well... same thing, because we love it! :) We ate dinner with the Delp's in the evening, love that family! Then we met with a man named Mr. T, he showed up to the 4th ward building one day... and said he had met with missionaries before and he was ready to get back into it! So we met up with him, and we sat down and just did some HTBT, got to know him, and then we just read Alma 32 with him, get him back into the Book of Mormon! But something kept telling me that I knew this guy, so I just asked him if his first name is Tshombe? And it is! So that means... we have his old teaching record and he was ready to be baptized... but fell off for some reason!! So it is super exciting, we are going to begin to work with him again!

Tuesday - We had our district meeting in the morning, good one! We were at Campus District, the DL there is awesome. Then we got over to the mission office, to have our president's interviews! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! After that we taught that man named Tom, we shared with him the Restoration, but he doesn't believe, nor would he let us come back... so he is an interesting fellow, he doesn't believe it has been restored yet, but it will be restored! We ran back and I gave a baptismal interview to a kid name Rodson, who was baptized this week for FSU Elders. He is so awesome, he plans to go to BYU and he walked into the institute building and said, I want to be baptized! He is so awesome! Then we went to MLC, it was a 2 day thing this time, they do it every so often! So all the STLs and ZLs met in Tally and we played games and had a fire that night... It was really, really good. We had a testimony meeting around the fire, and people sung and played the guitar. The spirit there was so strong... love it!!!
Elder ?, Elder McPherson, Elder Smellie, Elder ?, Elder Hintze, & Elder ?
Wednesday - So then we had MLC the actual discussing part... it was really, really good! We got to watch the new temple garment video, and we watched Al Fox the tattooed mormon video, and we got to watch Elder Uchtdorf's talk in the mission president seminar, it was not released to the public, it was so killer!!!!!!! He talked about the sacrament and the change that should be wrought in each of us because of Christ's Resurrection as was the Twelve Apostles, then talked about unity in companionships! It was so good! Loved it all!

MLC - October 2014
After all of that was done, we got all cleaned up and we came back and we just did some finding.. Then we met with Gonzalo and we just went over all of the baptism details, set the date and we went over the baptismal questions one more time with him... he really is so excited!!

Thursday - We did our weekly planning! Then we met with Torrez Lebrun and T.R. again, we had Bro Delp with us and we we're able to finish the plan of salvation... We have taught him how to pray and he has been reading the book of mormon! So afterwards we did Family History with them again, and he really, really loves that! Then we met with Cristina and we began to teach the new member lesson, so we started with the restoration again, and we only got to God is our loving Heavenly Father and Gospel Blesses Families, and we talked a lot about her family. It was really good, every appointment with her, the Spirit is so strong! 

Friday - We met with Robert in the morning and we just talked with him about his "search." Then we went on a tradeoff with the other Tally 1 Elders, I went with Elder Harding, he is a new Elder. We met with this man named Phil Inman, we did some service with him, helped him out in his garden and then he fed us dinner. Then we met with Gonzalo again, and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus CHrist, we reviewed Faith, Repent, Baptize, Holy Ghost, and Endure, and he knew all of the answers!

Saturday - We visited with the Liedy's in the morning. Oh and we went to a 1st ward baptism for 2 kids in the morning! Our zone had 5 baptism this weekend! Which is unheard of!! So we helped set up for the 1:00pm! And then we attended a baptism at FSU for Rodson and we were there with Gonzalo, so he got to see another one! And then we went to another baptism at 7:00pm for the 4th ward! 

Sunday - Such a good day! We had Gonzalo and T.R. at church! And Cristina is still doing so awesome! After church we had a really, really good day! We just went out finding, back to the tracting.. and we had a ton of success! We found a bunch of people and we were able to sit down right then and there and teach a woman, named Reatha! Then we taught Gonzalo with Brother Carroll, and it was just kind of a Endure to the End lesson, we talked about the things that are to come after baptism, like receiving the Priesthood! Then we found this couple, that we talked to for a long time as well, that hopefully we will be able to teach! Just a finding day! Then we met with Cristina again, and we continued with the Restoration lesson, only this time her mother was in there... and she is a new investigator! It was such a powerful lesson!! She already knows that the church is true.. she has felt it! We shared the part about Joseph Smith and the First Vision, so we invited her strongly to begin to read and pray! She said, "I am remembering the story of Sodom an Gommorah, and the two angels that came and led them out of the city... I look at you two there and I know that you two are those Angels for our family, and are going to lead us out of something!" Powerful.... so we said, "It has nothing to do with us... but the message that we bare, and it is the power to lead us through anything!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy... so happy! This mission continues to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life!! It is changed me in so many ways! I really do miss and love you all like crazy!!!! Have a happy Halloween!! LOVE YOU!!!

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