"OYMing (talking to people, opening your mouth) is my game...."

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello Family!!

How is everyone doing today!? I am doing fantastic as always! It is always good when Mondays roll around! I will start out by telling all of you, that it is absolutely freezing here, like we only have the heat on, and I am rocking long sleeve white shirt and a cardigan, or maybe I just want to be super classy!? :) Either way it is cold, cold, we had frost on the lawn this morning! So lets get to the week this week! Oh and by the way... I am staying here in the 1st Ward, and with Elder Peterson... our zone didn't have but 2 transfers, and a handful going home! BUT I am pumped to stay here, this is my stomping ground!!! 

Monday -  We played football and basketball for P-Day! And this past week was our Family History finding week, so today we will all be competing in the dodegeball tournament for both of the tallahassee zones! So that should be good! But in the evening we ate dinner with the Schrader's. Everytime we go over there, he gives us a big hug, in place of our father! They are awesome! Then we we're able to visit Sister Ayers, her husband was baptized earlier this year.

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning! And then we taught Eric Erickson after at the library! We shared with him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we were pretty straight up with him, and told him that if he really wants this, if he really wants to be baptized, he needs to get to church! Then we taught Gonzalo everything for the baptism! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he knew all of it, so we just reviewed with him! Then we had our meeting with the Pres. Campbell of the stake presidency! And we tried to run down some potentials, then we had our correlation meeting!

Wednesday - We we're determined to find.. and to get our Family History on! So we took off in the morning on our bikes! And we rode around for hours and hours and just talked to everyone that we could... and we didn't have too much success. We then went to Gonzalo and Eric's interviews for their baptism! So then we did some Family History for Eric... Then there was the ward Trunk or Treat, so we ate dinner there, and then we just sat with all of the members and then helped to clean up afterwards!

Thursday - We met with Torrez and T.R. LeBrun at the church, and we took what we had taught with the Plan of Salvation and we taught the Doctrine of Family History and we taught with Brother Delp, it was really good.. they are awesome to meet and they love it! We then did Family History with them. Then we taught the Adams Family... which is a part member family, she is the member, he is not, as well as his daughter was there, who is 18 I believe. Sister Adams really does have a testimony of the church. We were able to teach the Restoration, and it was really awesome, spirit was there, and so we committed them!

Friday - Best day ever! It always is when I go to FSU... I am going to try my best to get to campus, that is the place!!!! I LOVE IT. So I was with Elder Frederikson, and Elder Milne,
Elder Hintze & FSU Student & Elder Milne
and we taught a guy named Yanis, he was recently baptized... super good guy though, we watched the devotional that they we're showing at the institute with him, and then we taught their recent convert Rodson Sylune, about the Priesthood, really good lesson, loved being with Milne and Frederikson, awesome missionaries! So then we just had a lot of contacting time.... and it was so awesome!!! We had 82 OYMS.... which is crazy... crazy...... and we got 40 people's phone numbers! OYMing (talking to people, opening your mouth) is my game.... so I would stop to talk to someone, and then they would leave me, and then those two would go get someone, so we just divided and conquered!! It was so fun! Then we had to be in early for Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Thank you so much for the package and cookies, they we're so good!

Saturday - BAPTISM DAY!! So we we're at the church early to get him some baptismal clothing, and some members we're cleaning the church, so we helped them out! And while in the process, we cleaned out the baptismal font, and just spruced it up! Then we set up and got the font filling up for the baptism! Gonzalo was there so early, so we just sat and talked with him, he was so happy! So the service was fantastic! And as I mentioned I had the opportunity to baptize him... so it was really special!!
Elder Hintze & Gonzalo Mendez
Elder Hintze & Gonzalo Mendez & Elder Peterson
But it was all awesome, afterwards, we taught Eric, and we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and just went in depth, because he had some questions.  So it was super good... he is still hanging tough! Keep him in your prayers! Then we did some more potential work, and then we met up with Tally 2 ZLs and finished all of the preparations for the dodgeball duel!

Sunday - Gonzalo was confirmed in church, it was awesome as well!! Cristina was there, she hasn't missed a Sunday since we met her, she is still doing awesome! As well Gonzalo is still doing really well.... After our meetings, we attended the 5th ward sacrament meeting with Eric, so it was good to have him there after a while! Then we went out finding and trying potentials, we tried this potential named Glen.. and we went and he let us right in, so it was cool.... and we taught him and a man named Todd... So we taught them the Restoration.... and it honestly actually turned out to be super awesome! The Spirit was working this lesson... so we don't know what will happen! And then we met with Cristina, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation... it is always super awesome! And after that we headed out to see some people, and Gonzalo calls us up and says, "Hey what are you up to!?" "Oh we're just headed to see some people!" "Oh so your not seeing me!" Hahaha, so we went and we saw him.. he is the happiest that I have ever seen him!!!! It really is so awesome, he said that he talked to you Dad, and he thought you we're funny.. so obviously something was wrong! But he really, really enjoyed it!

It has been so good lately here! But it has also been hard... we are struggling a lot with stuff to do at times.. and just dealing with a lot of people where we teach them once or twice and then so hard to get back with them, so I feel like we are filing through people quick, and just trying to find all of the potentials that we got! I love and miss you all like crazy!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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