"We honestly have seen so many blessings, so many blessings in our work lately!"

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dearest Family,

Hope everyone is doing fantastic this week! This week has been so good, I have loved life this week, I am really in my dream area, and it has been so good! We honestly have seen so many blessings, so many blessings in our work lately! I am learning a lot from Elder Otu, it is totally meant to be that we are companions! Anyway but things are super good, lets get to the week!

Saturday - We went to Wakulla Springs, it was really pretty cool, saw my first alligator ever when we were there, but it was just beautiful scenery! The water is kind of murky sadly, so we didn't get to see as much as normal I guess.. but still great! They had Manatees there as well, which are kind of hard to see, but its whatever! So it was a ton of fun!

Sunday - Good Sunday, unfortunately, we did not have anyone at church on Sunday! We had quite a few people set up, but all unfortunately we're unable to make it, so we will get them next time! Before church, we just do our studies, devour some lunch and then we had correlation meeting, it is fun doing a correlation meeting with 5 missionary companionships, everyone gets a turn! So after church we hit the campus and we did some contacting! 

Monday - We went less active chasing. The Elders Quorum gave us some names to go and check out. It is hard to do some less active work here, because we have zero mobility, besides our feet! So then we hit the campus, (which might be lame when I say that, but sooo many stories within the campus). But we had a way awesome miracle, we were just contacting people and we see these 2 on a bench, and after we finished talking to this guy, they said, Elders, and motioned us to come over. So we walked over, turns out one of them was a member in the 2nd Ward Tice Sirmans, her cousin is in 5th ward, so we start talking to her and her friend named Kevin, who she was studying with.. he is not a member! So then we just went straight for it, he said that he loved school.. pssh, who loves school! So I said, "Well do you love religion!?" So turns out he loves to talk about religion and he is a really smart guy, very intellectual. So we ended up having a lesson right there on the spot, and we taught him about the Book of Mormon, and he was asking us tons of questions about our missions! So we set up another time to meet with him, and he said that he wanted to take us to lunch and then to have a lesson, and the member is going to be coming with us! We are so pumped to teach him! After that we headed back to teach Dusty at the church. As we concluded there was a guy named Harold waiting to meet with the missionaries, we didn't think it was us, but turns out it was us.. we didn't set an appointment with him, but we went in with Dusty and Taylor and we taught him right there. We did some HTBT with him and went into the Book of Mormon! He says he is seeking truth! After that we had FHE at the church, which was a blast, we played this game called heads up, which apparently there was an app for it, way fun!

Tuesday - We had District Meeting, and it went way better than last time! Getting back into my District Leader groove, so that was good always running out of time though! By the way it has been soooo cold here, it isn't even fair, its dumb! I am in Florida! Afterwards we did our District Activity, we played ultimate frisbee, it was fun! After that we hit the campus and we're contacting tons of people! It was freezing and there is Institute on Tuesday nights at 7 pm, which the Elders are not allowed to go to unless we have an investigator.. but we were going to go anyway due to the frigid temperatures and it being dark, but my conscience got to me and so we headed out into the frigid and started contacting people.. then we got a text that our investigator Will had shown up and he was there, so we came back, and then got the tail end of Institute and then ate dinner!

Wednesday - We made a bunch of Phone calls in the morning! There are so many potentials to call, so our finding activities are calling people and then contacting more people, love it, never a moment where there is not something to do! Led up to an appointment we had with Shawn Lavin, he is a member we hadn't met, had no idea what to expect, he told us he would buy us lunch, so we went to Chick Fil A. So it was a good time, we shared a message with him. More contacting and then we had an appointment with EJ to do some family history, we actually had tons of success, and he asked the question... Why do you guys do family history work? Oh well let us tell you EJ, so we got another appointment with him!

Thursday - We did service in the morning at the Grace Mission, serving pizza to the homeless, so fun! Man it is so fun to see the difference in people's gratefulness... learn a lot from some people, they are so grateful!! We came back and we got on our contacting groove, which led up to Brandon Klenk's lesson. Brandon has decided that the Book of Mormon isn't true, because of the different accounts into how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, so we read Ether 12 with him, and basically said, dude just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! So simple, do you trust God?Afterwards we taught a new girl named Krista who we contacted on campus with Dusty, she used to live in San Diego and she has tons of member friends there, so we taught her the Restoration, and it was so powerful, it was cool to see how attentive she was to it, and the Spirit was so strong! So we are way excited to continue to teach her! Then we went out contacting! After I gave Aymee, her baptismal interview, she really is so awesome, her understanding of the everything and what it means to her, so cool, it always strengthens my testimony! Elder Otu and I gave her a blessing afterwards, because she was feeling sick, and she knew that it was Satan trying to mess with her. Quick story from last week, Elder Otu and I were in the church after a fall through on an appointment, just about to head out and contact and the Tally 4 Sisters were teaching a part member couple in the relief society.. and they were just talking to them about getting a priesthood blessing from the Elders to the non member husband, because he has not been feeling well, and right as they said that we walked past the door...so it was meant to be, we went in and we met this couple and we gave him a blessing, I had Elder Otu offer it, I walked him out and we talked about what to say, because it was only his second ever given... he gave an awesome blessing! They have a child on the way, and he talked a lot about families in the blessing.. so he went to the hospital the next day and what had been confirmed as Strep... was no longer there, it has disappeared! So he said to his wife, "The Elders blessing works, that means that we must go to church." So he is going to be getting baptized soon! So cool to see how the Lord works, the Priesthood is so real!

Friday- Crazy day!!! So many lessons, but so awesome! We were heading on to campus for the day, and we got a text from Taylor telling us to go to Friday Forum, which is an institute class, and they had a guess speaker, but no one was there.. so we went to support and our investigator Tramell, showed up and we caught the end of it, and then we ate some refreshments and we went into teach a lesson with Taylor, we taught him the restoration, literally we have ran into him like 9 times on campus, so it was cool, the spirit was very powerful in there, but he had some interesting experiences in his life! So it was so interesting, because he was trying to figure out if what he was feeling with us, was the Spirit or if what he had felt before was... and so we just tried to help him figure it out, obviously he had never felt it before... and so we tried to help him out! We had so many investigators and appointments piled up.. that we had to give one to the Sisters, we gave them one of our first lessons with a girl named Yangun. After that we taught a girl named Tashara with Taylor and with Dusty... she is interesting, so cool, and so nice. But she is what she classifies as Agnostic, so she doesn't believe if God exists, so we did some good HTBT. We taught her a portion of the Plan of Salvation... We got a return with her so we shall see! Then we had a lesson with Dusty, he is preparing to receive the priesthood, so we had a lesson on that and then we just continued to teach him the plan of salvation. Then we had an appointment with Will Lasley! We had such an awesome lesson with him and it just felt right, we just go to know him and established expectations with him and talked to him about his views, he is also agnostic, and then we read Alma 32 with him! It went so well! Then we had a lesson with Nick Franks, taught him about commitments. We have had an awesome week, tons of new investigators and member presents, some of the most I have ever had.

Saturday - So this morning we had a FH appointment with these two girls named Sara, they are roommates! And then we had the baptism.. and then we went to lunch with all of the clan from the baptism! So it has been a great day, and an even better week, just going to keep things moving! I love you all so much... miss you like crazy! Really I do!!!! I feel like just now in my mission, I am becoming like a small portion of the missionary that I need to be.. so just trying hard to really dig in and finish hard, love you guys so much!!!!
Elder Hintze

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