"The Spirit there was awesome, I love it so much"

Here is our email from Monday, December 23rd. Merry Christmas!!

Hello Family!!!!!

As for when the conference call is supposed to happen with ya'll I am not even sure.... It will probably be in the morning sometime, because we are going to go to the Marturello's their boys told me that they have stockings set out for us at there house.. so that is so awesome, I am excited to get over there on Christmas, mainly just to talk to you all!!!

Monday - We didn't do anything for P-Day at all.. waited in line for an hour to mail the packages, hope ya'll go them! But we ate dinner at the Grantham's house and then after that we had another dinner with Brother Willie Parker and LaMearl, and then they treated us to some ice cream as well, good, good people.

Tuesday - We did some service with the Marines, we did Toys for Tots, so we went to this way old air force building and helped them to sort out toys and to haul all these little kids bikes around and got to divide up toys for families. It was really a lot of fun, and some great service, we got to talk all of the people there! Then we had to go give Sister Knight a blessing in the hospital! And then get this after a lot of finding, we went and we helped this lady in her yard, we are still trying to do service/finding type of stuff. But its alright I guess. Then we got dinner dropped off.

Wednesday - We just did a lot of finding again, spent all of our time out and about finding people, but we didn't find anyone this week, but we talked to lots, probably just about more than ever! We stopped to see Theresa and she is fine, we didn't get to teach her because of the store, tried to set something up, but couldn't and she is again, just liking her church, so think we are going to take a step back and see what happens. And then we went caroling with the mutual in the ward, we went and saw some less active and recent converts while caroling, we saw Barbara and it made her cry. She loved it, the ward has really taken care of her lately. 

Thursday - this was our Half Mission Conference and it took all day for real though. So we went down to Panama City it was awesome! Had a Christmas program with everyone's talents, crazy how good people are at instruments and everything. The Spirit there was awesome, I love it so much, coming together as a mission with so many of us, and having President and Sister Smith there, and then we did the gift exchange, and that was awesome. Saw a lot of familiar faces, Romney Hammond, and Elder Misi from MTC, and a lot of sisters from the MTC, saw a kid I knew up at Utah State, and Sister Stanfield from our stake. In the evening we had dinner with the Prigmore's.

Friday - We did our weekly planning. And then spent the rest of the day doing more finding, a lot of our appointments canceled. I love talking to people, so we did get a lot of potentials, that will hopefully turn out after Christmas. We saw Brother Nunez and had such an awesome visit with him, about getting him back to church, but we didn't get him this week, he says he will, so we are so close with thim.

Saturday - Oh man, we spend literally just about all day moving the Lint's! From 9 am to 4 pm, so we came home and cleaned up and then went with Bro Prigmore and visited Barbra, Sister Rush, and then the Thomley's.

Sunday - All of our appointments that we had fell through again today. But we did have a good Sunday, I sung in the ward choir, and then I said my part, it was a really good meeting!  So we had to free style it and tried to see a bunch of people! 

Well thats all Family! Hope that all of the Christmas festivites thus far have been great! I love you all so much, I can't even wait, can't even wait to see all of you and talk to you on Christmas!!LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!

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