Here is Elder Hintze's letter from Monday, February 10th.

Hello Family!
How is everyone!? I am doing fantastic this afternoon. Let me first tell you about the weather that we have been experiencing this week, nothing short of delightful, it is has been 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, light breeze, it has felt absolutely delightful!!! Had a pretty good week for us this week, I am very excited about this next week ahead of us!
Monday - As I mentioned we had our appointment set up with Marcus for Monday and he was not there... so we had to reschedule with him again for this evening, so we will try and see him tonight! We went with Brother Thompson and he cannot go with us tonight.

Tuesday - We had our zone training, which was just with the zone leaders, we have our big zone conference with President Smith coming up in a couple of weeks on the 21st! But the zone leader training was really great. We ate dinner with the Myer's they fed us some big steaks for helping them move furniture. We were able to visit Linda Pulliam and Sister Rush. In the evening we tried to find some individuals, that is a huge problem down here, individuals are just gone, we have their names on the ward roster, but we don't have any number or address, so I found a roster with notes from Elder Leyba who was here for a year, and combined them with my notes, so we have done some awesome things with tracking people down, it has been a huge push from the General Authorities. I have called everyone on our ward roster, hahaha, so many disconnected phone #'s and so many people that want nothing to do with the church! so sad. Also March 8th in Tallahasee, Elder Ballard is coming to speak to us, just us missionaries!!!!! Way pumped about that!!

Wednesday - We worked at the food bank in the morning! We were able to talk to the new librarian here in Dothan, the libraries are so nice, and we are hopefully going to begin to teach family history classes. We saw Barbara in the evening, still progressing slowly. 

Thursday - We worked at the food bank again in the morning! And we did our weekly planning! We were able to see Brother Dobbs, and we have been trying family history with him. We ate dinner at the Sturridge's they are from Jamaica. After that we saw the Hughey's, we didn't get much of a teaching time with them, but we're able to see them, and we gave Jef the restoration pamphlet, but there was just too much crazyiness, to get to talk to him about it.

Friday - We had our Hospital shift. And in the evening we were able to meet with Theresa, she bought us dinner and wanted to have a lesson with us, so we did that. And we got to talk to her a lot about the Restoration, which is exactly what we were planning on talking about with her. After it she told us, "well it sounds like I need to do some serious praying and reading." I continually have high hopes for her.

Saturday - We met with Barbara in the morning with Brother Prigmore. And after that we tried a new guy in our complex named Daniel Guyout, retired Marine and he is a riot, but he is very, very interested in learning about the church. It was a really powerful lesson that we had with him. So we were able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and the power that comes from reading it each and every day. He has great potential. We had a lesson with Anita McBride in the library. We were able to get a hold of Manice, the guy we taught from a few weeks back, and he came to church with us, getting ahead there. But on the way we met these guys that had met with missionaries before, I was razzing them for wearing so much bling, but it ended up being really awesome and a sincere talk with them, I'll keep you posted, one of their names is "Slab." :) We ate dinner with the Hansen's in the evening, and then we went out with Brother Sullins to visit some people.

Sunday - Church was good as I said, we had Manice there, which was really, really cool. He enjoyed it and the ward was so great to him as far as welcoming him in! He loved the artwork of the Savior, so we have a church tour set up in the week with him. We didn't have the Nunez's or Brown's, but I talked to Brother Nunez on the phone and he said he had a cold, and we talked to the Browns that evening, they were out of town. After that we had lunch with the Thomley's and then went with Brother Thomley, we went to see a guy we tracked into named Keon.  We visited with him, it was an awesome lesson, we just shared with him the Restoration, and he was like locked on us the whole time and when we started telling him about Joseph Smith, I thought that he was frozen.. The Spirit really was working on him and it was there so strong! I also went and gave a blessing to Maxine, I just want to say that the Priesthood is real, it was a very, very neat experience to be able to give her a blessing.

Love ya'll a whole lot!!!!
Elder Hintze

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