"The big hit so far has appeared to be the weather here in Dothan"

Here is Elder Hintze from Monday, February 3rd. Hope you enjoy.

"Hope everyone is well and happy! The big hit so far has appeared to be the weather here in Dothan.. let me just talk about that for a second, but first lets just enjoy a good laugh together, Hahahahahahahaha. 3 stinking snow days for school down here, members texting us warning us of the treacherous weather, nobody would drive to lessons with us, we had to be in at 6 pm on Tuesday, all roads shut down at that time, and nothing happened Wednesday all day inside! People are so crazy, it was just rain for the longest time, and everyone was nuts, the water and crackers get bought out at the store. Workers at the Hospital here in Dothan slept over. Anyway, just know that it literally was NOTHING. And it was like the storm of the century. And then this weekend it was in the 70s. I can take that!

So Wednesday was all day inside, and basically all day Tuesday this week, and we weren't able to teach anyone on Monday night.
This snowman was made by someone in Dothan, Alabama and posted on Facebook!

Thursday was cool, we were able to go out with Justin Beals in the ward, he is a senior in high school and I was praying that we would have some great experiences. We were just trying some potentials after the appointment fell through, one being this girl named Kelsey who we tracted into, we weren't able to teach her much, but talked to her a lot about what we do and what we come and teach, so we shared the Book of Mormon with her, and we are going back this week to teach her and her boyfriend, they are both looking for a church.

We also visited this young kid named Fuller, who we tracted into.. and it was so weird, his dad answered and just said come on in guys! Like way friendly to us, and made Fuller sit down and listen to us, despite his interests.. so we taught him the Restoration lesson it was all over the place, he wasn't interested, he had to go to life guard training, and his dad was cooking dinner, I invited him to listen as well, and so he did from the kitchen, but we got all through it, and Fuller did not seem at all interested, but then his dad comes in and is like well you better do what they have told you to do, you better read that Book... so it was so weird! His dad was so gung ho about it, you would have thought that he was a member of the church, the dad said that he had friends who were Mormon.. so I am excited for the family as a whole and the dad, not so much Fuller, because he is like 16 and not real interested, but we are headed back this week!

We also got to teach Marcus this week, we taught him the Plan of Salvation, easily probably one of the best lessons that I have been in, Brother Thompson comes with us, (Luke's dad), it was so inspired that he came, they hit it off just great, and Bro. Thompson talked a lot about losing a daughter and Marcus had lost a daughter. The Spirit was in the lesson, and Marcus invited us back for tonight. One of the cleariest times in a lesson that I have felt the Spirit really helping me to put words in my mouth and help me remember the lessons! Marcus is very sincere, but does not quite understand the full restoration yet, as we are clearing it up this evening, but the Spirit is touching him and since the first time that we have talked with him, you can see a difference in him!

We attended a leadership broadcast that was sent from Orlando to our church building in Dothan, there were 7 members of the Seventy there, and Elder L. Tom Perry was there, and oh my gosh, it was so awesome. Elder Perry has got to be one of the funniest people that I have ever seen, he was calling people out of the audience and banging his fist, it was so awesome! He said, "I don't know why I got called to be an apostle, I hate meetings, I hate preaching, and I hate traveling." He talked about the force that our church has with other churches, with our religious freedom act, talked about how the Cardinal of the catholic church and the evangelical leader send him Christmas cards addressed "Dear Tom." The other thing he does when they eat at restaurants and the waitresses poors him coffee is he says, "What do you think your doing? I'm a Mormon. We don't drink that stuff. My body can't take it. We are the happiest, healthiest people in the whole world!" He then asks them if they know any Mormons and he hands them his card and says take this card to your friend and tell them that you met this man, hahahahaahah!! But they talked a lot about Ward Councils and Hastening the Work of Salvation! It was so interesting, they had big Q & A and they talked about the roles of each member, he was calling Bishops out of the audience. He said, "Enthusiasm is the greatest disease you can spread!"

But we also were blessed with some very cool potentials for this next week! Also Brother Nunez was at church again on Sunday. As well as the Brown family that I told you about.. I feel that, I am in Dothan for them, I don't know why. But the 2 kids and the wife and Ryan were there. I am really excited for what is to come with them, we are going to follow up and try and invite her a little more. Their daughter loves us so much, she walked into church and said to her mom "where are they?" I am very excited for what is to come! 

Love ya'll a whole lot! Sorry I didn't do the day by day thing, but I got in the highlights of the week! 

Elder Hintze

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