"If I didn't have that walker I would drag you out there."

Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, February 17th. Thanks for reading.

Hello Family!!!

How is everyone doing!? Great, good to hear, I sure do love you guys a whole lot and can't quite get over how awesome you all are. Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines day. Anyway we had a pretty fantastic week this week, really it was, we were able to teach way more people than we had in a long time! So lets get to it:

Monday - Nothing happened, two of our appointments fell through, so we found a new less active guy, he said to visit him at work!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning! We have had some crazy meetings this week, on Sunday they called all of the missionary leaders in, having them miss their church, and all of the stake presidents for a big meeting, basically we were all worried about what was going down. But basically it was just a meeting that we aren't doing enough! For all of the southeastern missions, so all of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, ya know just all of that, and we are averaging 1.3 baptisms per missionary per year. We were able to teach Jon Davis that one guy we found on the street! So we will see what happens. We ate dinner with the Marturello's in the evening, and after that we taught Daniel Guyout again! We met Brother Evans and it was awesome to have him there, in two days he had read all of 1 Nephi, so awesome!! He feels that he got an answer to keep studying, Bro Evans and him were able to connect with their military background. The lesson seemed to just be flowing the spirit was there, it was clicking, it was awesome. So we are excited!

Wednesday - Wednesday I was in first ward, and we didn't have the car, it was a miserable cold freezing day. And nothing happened!

Thursday - We had to make some boxes in the morning at the food bank. Then we did our weekly planning. We were able to meet with Linda and have a lesson with her, she is doing so awesome, really it has been so fun to see these converts to just fully accept the Gospel and go head on. Linda and Mike Thomley (another one) were baptized right before I got here, and both of them are doing so awesome, I have had so much fun continuing to teach these two! We ate dinner at the Lewis's house, the dairy farmers. In the evening we went to see the Hughey's and we were able to again have such a good conversation with him, we were able to watch a lot of videos from mormonchannel on youtube, he is fascinated with videos about the creation and things like that! He is so close yet but doesn't even know it! I want him to read Moses.. so going to try and do that!

Friday - We worked at the food bank in the morning! And then we had our hospital shift, nothing big happened there. Then on the way home we popped by the library to meet with Manice, and set up a time to meet with him, but we ended up having an awesome conversation with him ,the Spirit was there and we were able to ask him a lot of questions and figure out where he is at, and it came down to his relationship with God, he didn't know fully if He existed, so we gained a lot of ground with him. Then we went to the Valentine Dinner at the church, for couples and single adults.. it was on our calendar, so we went and it was awesome! There were so many non members there, just about all of the part members, the Nunez's were there, and they came to all three hours of church this Sunday! Also the Brown's were there... and it was awesome, they are hilarious, and the members are welcoming them in so much! They weren't at church on Sunday, but next Sunday they said... they also opened it up for some dancing and it was hilarious watching all of the couples and the old people dancing, Barbara said, "If I didn't have that walker I would drag you out there." Hahahahaahaha. But it was awesome, I also would be lieing if I said that I didn't bust a few moves, and steal the show, the members were dieing, so ya know, I was breaking it down.

Saturday - In the morning we went to a baptism in 1st ward, a family of 3 that got baptized, super fantastic service! Really happy for the family! Pres. & Sis Akeuma then took us to lunch, he is in the mission presidency. We had a lesson with Anita McBride and then we met with Manice.

Sunday - Great church service, sadly didn't have anybody out! But it was good, there was a baptism after for a girl being baptized from the ward. After that we went with Tony and we met with Marcus and "Slab" two guys that we met on the bikes, we met with them and we talked to them about the Restoration, and it really hit home with them, particularly Marcus.. he is a really solid individual and is very spiritual, he said he is going to begin to search, and at the beginning he said he didn't want to change church, it totally changed. Then we helped Tony to do some work at his house. Then we taught Marcus in the evening with Brother Thomley, it was awesome. They knew each other, and didn't know it until they went in. We taught him the end of plan of salvation and then a little restoration, and we committed him to be baptized and he accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are preparing for him to be baptized on March 22nd, we are going to have some work to do... but way excited!!! It was a great lesson, and the Spirit again was there working on him, and not a coincidence at all that Brother Thomley and him knew each other!!!

So it really was a good week this week!!! Very excited for the things that are happening, hopefully we will begin to continue to progress! Love ya'll!!!!

Love, Elder Hintze

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