"I used the analogy from Hitch... you gotta come 90% and she'll come 10%, only there ain't no kissing! :)"

Here is Elder Hintze's email from Monday, February 24th. Almost nine months in Dothan, Alabama!

Hello Family,

How is everyone? I must say I am doing so well! We had a phenomenal week this week. The Lord really blessed us and we are starting to see lots of successes! Not to mention the weather is still delightful! Anyway lets talk about it should we:

Monday - Nothing special at all, we just updated our area book and did our a lot of planning and scheduling in the evening!! 

Tuesday - No District meeting do to Zone Conference. Some appointments fell through, but we went and we saw Theresa, we set her up to be in the Blunk's home for Feb. 19th... but we were teaching her a lesson, getting ready to read out of the Book of Mormon and in walks this lady, and she says, "Is that the Mormon bible?" So she comes over and starts talking, and then she feels the need to sit down and start adding her two cents into the lesson, and she was a Jehovah Witness. So she starts going off and telling all Theresa all about the things they believe. I took her on the journey in the scriptures to show that Jehovah is Jesus Christ I'll share that with you briefly: read Isaiah 12:2-6 with her, say "it says Jehovah is the Holy One of Israel. So I was thinking well, who is the Holy One of Israel?" Read Isaiah 41:14 with her. "So it says the Holy One of Israel is the Redeemer, so I start to wonder who is the Redeemer?" read Isaiah 43:3 with her "So this says the Holy One of Israel is the Savior?" then I say, "So in your mind who is the Redeemer and Savior?" Isaiah 43:11, there is no other Savior. So then her answer is "Heavenly Father" WHAT!?!?!? Anyway it was really frustrating to have her there, we just let her do her thing, then once she left we were able to point something really good out. We said Theresa right as we started to read, she walked in, said that is not a coincidence, just as Heavenly Father wants you to accept His gospel, Satan does not. So we testified that there is going to be opposition, thankfully she recognized it too. In the evening we were able to teach Daniel Guyout again. He told us a lot more about his past, he has been through a lot. We talked to him about the Atonement, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Book of Mormon, all of these things, it was kind of all over the place, but it was so Spirit driven, and he feels it and knows it, was all they way into 2 Nephi, still reading like a mad man, he didn't come to church yet, but tomorrow we have a church tour with him to get him in the building.

Wednesday - We saw Manice at the library. We were able to talk to him and he still wants to investigate and figure out if it is true, but he does his school literally 24/7. We saw a new less active guy his name is Jim Smith, we had to meet him at the Troy Dothan campus, but he lives all the commandments, still pays his tithing, but doesn't come to church cuz his ex wife is there, so need to get him to come back! We saw Barbara with Charles Bain. I think I might have already told you all, but our family picture is now framed and up in Barbara's living room.. soo hahahahaha :) We had dinner in the evening with the Blunk's and with Theresa and it was awesome.. It was so cool to teach someone in their home like that, just changed the whole spirit about it! We retaught the Restoration and taught it so clearly. She is seeking for answers, she asked if she would get an answer if she prayed, read from the bible, and went to another church.. uh No. I used the analogy from Hitch... you gotta come 90% and she'll come 10% only their ain't no kissing! :) So she is definitely searching, but don't know if she is putting in the effort! After that we met with Linda and Gloria in the FH center and we also gave Gloria a blessing.

Thursday - We did service pretty much all of the day. We helped Linda clean up her shed, and then her neighbor came over, so we helped her clean up all of her yard, and then we washed Gloria's windows and we trimmed down so many trees, like I was just going nuts, like Huntsville house crazy, they had the biggest pile of trimmed trees. I loved it! Then we get cleaned up and we get a call from Tony Hansen who says meet me at the mall, my friend wants to learn about the church. So we rush up there and meet him, his name is Steven Caldwell. And before anything else, he is so probably most likely getting baptized. So we talked to him briefly there, met him, got to know him, then they had to leave quick, so we rolled to our dinner appointment with the Prigmore's. Then after we went to Tony's house and we taught Steven... Tony is so awesome, he had already talked to him about everything. So we shared with him the Restoration, and he is so sincere, it was awesome! He is joining the marines. So prepared.

Friday - We had Zone Conference all day pretty much... it was really awesome, I sometimes wish that I could serve all 3 years with President Smith, I love that man so much. Our mission is a testing mission for Family History for all of the missions worldwide. So that's the way we are headed, introduced a lot of things for us to do, how to teach baptisms for the dead, it is so clearly explained in the Bible! The Church is True.
Dothan Zone - February 2014

Dothan Zone Conference February 2014 - Elder Smith, Elder Hintze, and other missionaries.

Then we had the Young Women's dessert auction in the evening, and Theresa came to that, and she loved it, she bought so many desserts! It was such a fun event! Athen was there as well, I have committed him to begin praying about meeting with us. I talked to Cathy Coggins on the phone for on hour, it was so awesome!!! So they are coming!!!

Saturday - Saturday morning we met with Steven again and we watched the Prophet of the Restoration video with him, that video is so powerful... he started clapping when it finished, he is also reading the Book of Mormon!!! Then we played basketball, its up and running again, I got permission from President, I had to go to the top!! After that we saw Barbara Phillips and Barbara Erb. We also talked to the Brown's... and talked to him alone on the porch. I challenged him and his wife to meet with us and take the lessons and go from there, he seemed excited about it and is going to get back to us! We ate dinner at the Thompson's, and then went with him to see Brother Nunez.

Sunday - Church, so Steven came to church.. I'll just get to the kicker! So he came to church and he told me that he had been looking up things online about the Mormons and I told him to be very careful you will find a ton of lies and false information on there, so I gave him all of the church websites.. he really seemed to enjoy church. Then that night he texts us and says... "I would like to say the website you gave me Mormon.org has answered a lot of questions I was curious about, as I read into the Church of Jesus Christ and Ladder Day Saints the more I feel that this is somewhere I can see myself belonging." SAY WHAT??!???!?!?!?!?? Are you kidding me, I was freaking out... We immediately said a prayer of thanks and while I said it, I was crying. It really was so powerful. I'm so excited for what's to come with him!! We had to do our weekly planning after church. Then we went and we saw Marcus with Brother Thomley, and we talked to him about receiving answers and how the Spirit communicates with him.. we read Alma 32 with him.. and he loved it... about faith and planting a seed, so we said Marcus the seed is planted, so not it is time for you to nourish it and see if it doesn't sprout into a tree, the Spirit is working on him. He just has to work on Sundays. But get this, his boss is Bonifay who we taught when she was in Dothan, and we visit with her often, so we are gonna try and pull some strings. Then we went to the Hughey's and they had steak and chicken prepared for us, and we had an awesome conversation with them about the bible questions they had, and about prophets, all of it came from Christian the boy, I love that family so much! Our lessons we have been teaching have been phenomenal lately, I have really gained a lot of confidence, and feel that my teaching skills are on point these days!

The Lord has blessed us greatly this week and blessed me a lot. Recently it has been like the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but things are so good, looking up and up. Just in time for transfers I guess.. we will see what happens, next Monday! :/ But I sure do love all of you so much!!!!

Love, Elder Hintze

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