"God's prophets and apostles speaking to us... this event should be the most popular event in the world!!"

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello Family!!!

How it do!?!? I hope that everyone is well and happy this day.. we are enjoying some nice thunderstorms here in DeFuniak! But lets get to it!

Monday - Last Monday.. I did not get to play some ball with the kids... the court was empty.. so we played some tennis instead! Don't know what will happen today with the rain... but last Monday we headed out to the Crosby's for dinner and we had an awesome lesson with them, we have been trying to teach PMG, and she asked "I have a friend who I want to share the Gospel with, but don't know how?" BING.. we got you!! And tonight we are headed out there, and there is a family.. that they are bringing for us to teach, so pumped for that!

Tuesday - We had District Meeting and it really was an awesome one! I didn't really do anything I had planned... we talked a lot about investigators how we can help them and Sister Bennion spoke on being bold and she said some things that really struck me.. so I rolled with that and just went with the flow. We ended up talking a lot about our sacred calling. We then had Correlation Meeting. And we jetted over to the penitentiary to teach John Reyes.. Then we got called upon to help the Howard's probably the most solid family in the ward.. super awesome, just a couple. So we shared a message with them, ended up not having to move the dog cage and then they took us out to eat! Then we saw the Marshall family.. the Habel's baptized them not too long ago. 

Wednesday - We went in the morning and we gave Connie Brown a blessing with Elder Habel. And then we came back and we did service with Brother Pollard. Then we did some lake contacting we found these 2 girls.. Casey and Cassidy one had taken a class on Mormonism, so we talked to them and she was super interested to talk to us, so we are excited to set up a time with them. Then we saw Mark Lasson, an inactive member.. he fed us dinner.. he is a big man who plays in a band and is from Montana.

Thursday - We did service out at Brother Reeves house.. he leaves on a big farm... and it was nuts..... it was exhausting work. We got all of this bread out of his truck.. tons and put it in to barrels.. then I used a fence post digger to dig like 5, 3 feet by 2 feet wide holes.. exhausting work, but it was good to get out and work!... We ran home and we taught Savanah.. she is headed out of town until basically May.. so we set a Baptismal date of May 10th for her and taught her the law of chastity and the word of wisdom, committed to live both. She really has no problems at all. So I hope that nothing interfers. Then we saw the Farris's.. Then we did home teaching in the evening we went out with Brother Diviney, didn't have to much success.. we saw the Adkinson's.. but then he took us out to eat.

Friday - Oh boy Friday.... all day all day. We helped Tarek Thomas move into his house... so we had to travel about an hour to Baker, Florida load up a Uhaul and then drive like over an hour to Freeport, Florida to help him unload. This morning when jogging it was a sauna out here, so humid, I was cooked. Any whom we moved him from this hanger that Brother Thomas our neighbor has. But then we had Sports night in the evening.. it was really good, we had some none members out that a member invited, and they're coming back next week.

Saturday - Oh baby, conference weekend!!! Wasn't it absolutely stellar, am I right!?!??!?!!? man it was soooooo good, I love it all! Besides conference we ate lunch and dinner, did our weekly planning and we contacted a potential Tracy Porter.. who was unable to meet with us, but is super pumped to do it. But lets talk about conference... I was like a little kid at Christmas Saturday morning.. I had chills. My favorite talks were Elder Holland's, Sister Reeves, Elder Andersen, and President Eyring. They were all so good. It was just us in the church the sister's and Brother Pollard, so nice to watch it in the chapel. Then Saturday afternoon was good, not quite as good as the morning but still fantastic. And then holy cow Priesthood Session!!!! Dear woman in the family, if you didn't watch Priesthood session you should have... man it was phenomenal! Elder Oaks talk right off the bat talking about men and women in the priesthood and the priesthood keys! Mind blowing when he talked about how there are priesthood keys that we do not hold in this dispensation.. Namely ressurection, creation, and in essence we don't have the keys to give women the priesthood. My favorite line was: "In the Priesthood Authority we should forget about our rights and think about our responsibilities." Bam.. so good! I loved it all so much! President Uchtdorf, President Eyring, and President Monson all killed it too. "Are you sleeping through the Restoration?" One of my favorite quotes from President Monson: "Courage is not only to die manfully, but to live decently." So good. I can't even put it in too words, it WAS AWESOME!!

Sunday - Again.... ooooh baby all 10 hours, I couldn't get enough!! Sunday morning was awesome again… "President Uchtdorf.. don't even think about it!" Ah man.. gotta love our beloved Prophet! President Uchtdorf and Elder Ballard and President Monson. And then the afternoon session. I loved Elder Corbidge's talk. After conference we ate at Bishop Everett's house... man you should see the road to get to his house.. that thing is intense. We had an awesome visit with them. 

Kind of interesting conference this time around... last conference was all about missionary work, no doubts about it. This time around what was the theme? I don't know if there was one true theme. The major things that I got out of it were Matthew 22:36-38 "Master what is the great commandment in the Law? Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and Great commandment." and then also John 14:15 "If ye love me keep my commandments." The theme for me was spiritual strength, loving one another, and not being afraid to stand alone. Family, if you believe that this church is true, as I do... Then nothing else matters!!!!! I think the brethren know what is ahead of us, and the world continues to get uglier by the minute. We will always be the minority, Christ's church, the truth will never be widely accepted as they said. They killed Christ, they killed his Apostles, why would we expect it to be any differently now? We live in a magnificent time, we truly do, I hope and pray that none of us took for granted what we just had the oppurtunity to view this weekend. God's prophets and apostles speaking to us... this event should be the most popular event in the world!! But it never will be, we need to stay strong, protect our families, from the whirlwinds that our sure to come. Family I would hope that you take the time to rewatch the talks that were given, and I pray that you guys go to the temple often, take family names to the temple! It is a whole different world down here to hear about temples that aren't that close to the members? We have them all over the place.. how often are we using them!? Family I sure do love you guys a whole lot.. I miss you a whole lot!!!

Elder Hintze

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