"She has been studying and wrote down some beautiful testimonies on paper"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Family!!

So today is transfer day! The time has gone by soo quick here in DeFuniak!!!!!!!!!!!! So no news.. this time! I am staying here and so is Elder Larsen.. so it is all good with me! Also the sisters in DeFuniak are staying one of them, Sister Bennion came out with me.. she has been here for her whole mission. Elder Smith is staying in Dothan! I talked to him and this next Saturday the Brown Fam is set to be baptized AWESOME!!! They are the ones that we visited and challenged to take the lessons.. also Cindy Spivey got baptized in Dothan 1st ward this week.. remember them.. Elder Stubbs and I found them!! Really cool!!!!! I'm not trying to take any credit for anything.. because I didn't do anything.. but cool to see how things pan out!!!!!! Here we go:

Monday - We went out to the Crosby's house for dinner as we are this evening.... And they had a family that they invited over.. it was 4 kids.. so we had a chance to teach all of them! Their parents weren't there, but we are hoping to get them as well, the kids are really really interested in the church, two of them came to church this week, we talked to them about all kinds of stuff Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Prayer, and God is our loving Heavenly Father. Really, really excited to continue to teach them as a whole family!!

Tuesday - We had Zone Training down in Niceville, Florida.. so we got permission and went to Crestview and had a sleepover with them Elders and we rode with them to the conference.. it was good! Talked about church attendance and OYMing people! So then we headed back up to DeFuniak.. we did some contacting around the lake.. found some awesome guy named Shane! Then we saw Bro. Jewell a less active guy.. talked all about his mission in Utah.. I love talking about Utah with people! Then we went and we provided service for Brother Skahan.. a less active single guy.

Wednesday - We jetted out and we did some service with Elliott.. we planted some garden and we fed some of his puppies by the bottle.. Then we came back and we ate dinner we visited the Habbards... tried a few others.

Thursday - Holy cow.. we did service with Brother Pollard. We went with him afterwards and we taught Rosslyn.. she is so awesome... we had such a spiritual lesson with her, we have been sending her scriptures, she is shy sometimes and she has been studying and wrote down some beautiful testimonies on paper, it was so awesome! She is feeling good, gaining a lot of confidence. We taught her the Law of Chastity.. but we talked extensively on how much Heavenly Father loves her it was such an awesome lesson! Then we did home teaching.. which I went out with Elder Habel.. and after several failed visits we tried an investigator named Jeff, who I had never met.. we caught him there and his wife! He was introduced to the church in Arizona, he watched last zone conference.. so we got to know him. So, did some HTBT and we are going to go back in 3 weeks.. I guess and teach him and his wife more, they really are such good people, they know the bible very well, and are sincerely seeking. 

Friday - We did our weekly planning, and then we went with the Habels and Rosslyn.. Rosslyn's parents who were members have a house here that has been abandoned and she went up there and somebody had broken into it and has been tearing out the ceiling.. it was really sad to go in there with her.. she was crying, because somebody had just desecrated the place.. but there was a lot of stuff there, so we used our truck and we loaded all of the stuff that she wanted up... and then I found a hammer and some nails.. and I boarded up the door and I boarded up a window where people had been coming in and out.. so nobodys getting back in the place! I also stepped on two nails......... it was gnarly they went in my foot for real, so I had Larsen pull them out.. and my foot has been tender! Tried a bunch of people afterwards had nothing.. Then we ate dinner with the Cobb's, neat family. 

Saturday - We went out in the morning had an awesome day lined up... many really solid people we needed to see... had none of them. So we then began to contact some FH referral people from our event.. and we were able to contact this couple and we set up a time to do family history with them this next week, and then we found a relative of a member and we set up for the sister's to go teach here this week! But then we had a Family History class at the library here.. we had a whole 2 people show up... woooow! But it actually was super awesome.. one dude named Aleweshe Jackson.. we got him hooked up with family history and got to know him really well, he knew Rosslyn's parents.. so we are going to teach him this Wednesday morning. 

Sunday - Church!!!! We had the Martin kids there! Rosslyn wasn't feeling well, Bob and Pam were sleeping and had work :( Savannah is out of town, and Rick who we taught only once has had 2 BCDs set.. is just gone, can't find or contact him! So Bob and Pam canceled on us.. so we went down to Freeport and we contacted a bunch of previous and potential investigators that this sister's gave us.. missionaries used to cover just Freeport.. so we had several great contacts down there.. met a man named Gary.. he is awesome, so we are headed back to teach him in 2 weeks. Then we went with the Cobbs down to Fort Walton for the Lamb of God musical performance that the Stake put on.. it was pretty awesome.. they had an orchestra and a choir and performed the Lamb of God. 

Family I sure do love you a whole lot! I am sitting here and thinking you are not getting the full potential of my experiences, so try and ham them up! Sorry if its lame.. confession I have to make.. I have not been a good journal keeper! But I am trying to catch up the days!!!!!!!! Family, I love you and miss you dearly!!!! Love Elder Hintze

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