"It was a good one, we talked about teaching people the doctrine of the Sabbath and how to help them get to church!"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Family!!!!

I sure do love you guys a whole lot, hope that everyone is well and happy today! It is a beautiful day here in DeFuniak Springs just lovely. 

Monday - Last Monday we played some tennis with the Sister's and with Savannah... And then I cleaned our apartment.. got the fridge looking really nice.  The Thomas's took us out to dinner in the evening.. We went to a La Rumba Mexican Grill. The Thomas family is awesome, they are our neighbors. . But anyway today we are going to head to a park that is over in the ghetto, where we saw some kids playing ball, so we are going to try and go play with them!

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning. It was a good one, we talked about teaching people the doctrine of the Sabbath and how to help them get to church! The Zone Leaders were there observing my skills and then afterwards we traded off, so I went to Crestview for the day with Elder Foster. But the kicker in District Meeting was I opened it up for testimonies, where everyone bore their testimony on a principle of the Gospel and how they came to know it was true, the spirit really was so strong. So I went to Crestview for the day, we had a good day. We taught Jamie one investigator briefly in her garage, about reading and praying. Then we saw a PM fam, who the husband hid, but the wife fed us ice cream and punch, mmmmm. Then we ate dinner with the Boyd's.. super awesome they used to live in Dothan, so that was cool to talk to them! They were headed back, because a girl from the 2nd ward, was marrying her brother, who I knew them both! Funny! We taught 2 more recent converts. One was Chris super cool, only member in family, he is a professional air soft gunner, and then we taught Angie, who is moving to Dothan, weird the connections. Any whom it was a good trade off, I enjoyed it a lot!

Wednesday - We traded back in the morning, and then we did some role plays with the ZL's to practice things with them. After that we headed out to Elliott's and we did service for him.. we finished up laying all of that concrete around the driveway. Put my initials in it. Then we were headed to the Methodist church near our home for a service, to meet Savannah's family, but it didn't turn out.

Thursday - We had an awesome day... we spent the whole day out seeing people with members. We did our weekly planning in the morning.. which we're getting better at!  But we headed out with Brother Mitchem up to Paxton and Florala, at the top of our area.. or area is so big, it is half the stake.. its nuts.  So we went up with him, he bought us lunch. Anyway we were able to see the Coleman's, the Crosby's, Tabatha Britton and her sons, and then Rob and Nikki Thomas. Nikki Thomas is an investigator, I met when I was first here, apparently she isn't interested.. but if we taught her it would make so much sense, her family is really anti mormon. Then we got home and we went out again with members for our weekly home teaching run, I went with Tarrick Thomas, the neighbors son, he is married got a fam, and we found a new guy Charles Ambrose a LA we are going to work with and we saw Gale Miller, active lady in the nursing home. And then we all rendezvoused for dinner the the Golden Bowl.

Friday - Oh my gosh Thursday night it was raining like crazy.. and it was thunder and lightning like mad, the most I have ever seen! There was one that woke us up in the middle of the night, I don't know how to describe it.. I thought the next world war had started, or Christ was coming back to the earth. It was nuts, so then I had to go outside and watch! :) But we worked at the Matrix Thrift in the morning, didn't have much for us to do. 

Saturday - Oh boy service like crazy. We did service with Brother Jones from about 10 am to 5 pm. Then we got out and saw the McAnally's, from Utah.. she is so sweet and active, but he just doesn't come don't know why. Then we saw Will Wilkinson, a PM family, who his wife is interested in the church, his mom is really active, so we are working with them. 

Sunday - Our investigators got sick, so we only had Rosslyn Wood there today! It was fast and testimony meeting, so I had on my tie. I bore my testimony as well, it was a really awesome meeting, I wish every Sunday could be fast sunday, I have been assigned to speak again in sacrement meeting, the last week in april, I am very excited for that! After church we taught Rosslyn, and we finished the Plan of Salvation with her, Rosslyn is super awesome, she is progressing for baptism, she had some great questions about the plan of salvation, she essentially asked if Jesus Christ was a mormon.. well Yes! :) And about denominations so it was cool. We talked about baptism and setting a day with her, she doesn't feel that she is ready... and it was super cool, she broke down and was balling, and told us she just needs to be ready, she doesn't want to be baptized and then fall back into sin.. she was so sincere. It was sweet. Some people grew up in the church and then go to other churches.. you don't see that very often.. most just go inactive. So I just want to ask them, did you pay any attention at all? :)

So this week was good!  I am feeling good. Feeling super happy! I really have been loving my stay so far here in DeFuniak... it has flown by.. like mad! I have almost been here a month.. and I am approaching 10 months on the mission.. I have been gone for so long! I sure do love you guys a whole lot! It is incredible how my love for each and everyone of you has grown! I love you all, and I love being a misionary! 

Love ya!
Elder Hintze

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