"A pretty darn good one we had this week"

The following is from the email received on Monday, December 16th.

Hello Family and Friends,

Another week down the drain here in Dothan.. A pretty darn good one we had this week. Will be mailing off the Christmas package today for all the Hintze Family to enjoy, also another one that is just full of random stuff, hope ya'll enjoy!

Monday - We just did some shopping this last Monday. Didn't really do anything in particular fun. We went with the 1st Ward Mission Leader Bro. Kelly to visit a lady that he knew in our area, we gave her a blessing because something went funky with her eyes. She is a non member, apparently they have been very exposed to the Gospel, so we are hoping to work with them. Then we ate dinner at the Allen's home. 

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning. And then the kicker was lunch being delivered, it was so awesome. The lady Kim came in and said are you Elder Hintze, and so she brought all of the food, and took a picture of us. The food was really good, it came in a whole spread, and she was so nice. She loved doing it. We threw $5 dollars in her car as a tip. But it really was so fun! So fun to have that done Dad! So sounds like we will be going by and paying here a visit. But we will stop by and see her! Then after that we went bowling with the district, as our district activity. It was a lot of fun as well. Then we went to Linda's home for a Christmas party/lunch. They were worried that I was going to be leaving, so they wanted to celebrate it earlier, so it was with Linda, Gloria/Zoya, and Carol Hughey. They got us a watch, a wallet, some socks, and then just personal care items, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. So nice of them!

Wednesday - Today was Transfer day. So the switches have been made, two new 1st ward Elders and a new Dothan 2nd Sister. In the morning we met with Theresa with Brother Bain, and we taught her and it was a great lesson, talked about the Doctrine of Christ all the way through complete. And she came to church this week. But it was a really great lesson with her, the Spirit was there, and she again asked about baptism, but just isn't ready to do anything yet. But while we were teaching a lady was unloading a Christmas tree at the shop, so we ran out and helped her, and she said, "Hey I met with Elders in Florida, I want you to come teach my family." Pretty darn neat. So we got her info.. and since we have called and says she needs to think on it a little more, but... still really neat, and one that we really hope to start working with, her name is Gena Taylor. After that we ate lunch, and spent some time doing some finding, tracting. Then we saw Barbra Phillips with Charles Bain, she is doing very well, she fell on Sunday, so couldn't come to church, she is in rough shape, but she hasn't smoked or coffee in two weeks. :) We did some more planning, and then we went out and we saw the Thomley's.

Thursday - We worked at the Food bank making boxes in the morning. Had studies. Then we ate lunch. And we hit the finding, we have been trying finding with a rake, we share a message that we are missionaries, and then we just offer service to them, by raking their leaves up. We don't know exactly if its working, but we will see. People treat us the same hahaha. We also did something kind of cool, at a Baptist church they had something called a "walk through Bethlehem" and we went and did that, made some friends with the preacher, but it was a reenactment of the times when Christ was born, like Roman soldiers that we're really acting the part, and the had a real baby, kind of neat. Then they gave us the talk at the end if we had been "saved" or not. So then we did more finding, and we ate dinner at the Marturello's. We then saw Brother Nunez, trying really hard to get him to come back, but he didn't come to church this Sunday. 

Friday - We worked at the Food Bank in the morning. And then after that we went to the Food Bank luncheon for all of the Volunteers, we won some prizes.. I won a candle... :( But it was really great to get to talk to so many people there, we just split up, I just sat down at a table and started talking to some folks, and the sisters did the same! So it really was good, then we worked at the Hospital, and then ate dinner at the Hansen's. Then we did our weekly planning to close it out. 

Saturday - We saw Barbra P again in the morning with Prigmore, and we then saw Barbra Erb as well. Both good visits, hopefully we are helping them in some way! Then we went to the Hughey's they had us over for lunch, and she wanted us to help put up Christmas, so that they boys would come out and help hahaha, so we did, and during dinner, their Grandma, and Christian one of the boys, started asking us different questions regarding the church and just what we believe about certain things, so it was really a great visit with them. Then we saw Gloria, and she is also doing really well, she still loves learning and always wants us to continue to teach her. Then we had the Ward Christmas Party, and it was a blast. We had people there that never had been, we got Carol Hughey to come out and watch us sing. Hahaha the missionaries all sung the 12 Days of Christmas, but missionary style, so it was pretty good! Pretty funny, got it videoed for ya'll to watch! But it was great fun, had the primary program and all.

Sunday - Good day at church. Theresa came and it really was some great talks, that I think were exactly what she needed to hear! So we will see, we didn't get any real time to talk to her about any of it. She wanted to meet after church and talk, but couldn't. Also I am in the ward choir, and I volunteered to say some parts in next Sunday's program. They put me in "tenors" I don't exactly know what that means. We ate dinner at the Hall's. And then we just went on a walking spree, talking to everyone that we saw, our destination was Sister Rush's and we talked with her, but also we got a lot of contacts, a few pretty good ones. So this week was a good one for that, we got a lot of potentials, and we got 4 new investigators, which is pretty darn good for these parts, so we are very excited! So dinner this evening was with Lee & Joy, we met Lee when he was cleaning up a broken beer bottle by our apartment, we live right next to the dumpster, so I asked him if he needed any help, but we got talking for quite a while, he goes to Church of Christ, knew Utah a little, but anyway, a few days later they knock on our door and ask us if we would like to come over for dinner, so heck ya! So we do it, and they are so nice. And we ate with them and we basically talked about everything imagineable. We talked about all manner of stuff, plan of salvation, priesthood, articles of faith, word of wisdom, new Jerusalem, book of mormon, bible, etc. etc. All of that stuff! And Joy knew everything about a lot of stuff, she was good. I gave her props. :) Haha. But we left them with The Book of Mormon and they are going to read it, and then we are going to talk some more. But they really are so nice they made sure we were taken care of on Christmas and new years, they invited us to come eat with their whole family on Christmas, and to come over and have crackers and watch the ball drop. So we will see what comes of it, don't know if they are sincere seekers, but we will see!

Can't wait for the Christmas day phone call! Well I sure do love you family and can't get over how great you all are. We'll see ya.

Elder Hintze

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