"Love this Gospel, love the mission, I know it to be true with all of my heart!"

Here is Elder Hintze's letter received Monday, November 25th. Always great to hear from him.

"HELLLOOOOOO! Busy day today! But finally winding down, ending the emails, with the fam!! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a thanksgiving in St. George! Thanksgiving this year, will consist of two dinners both with non member families, how do I work my magic? Anyway has been a great day today, we were out biking on some trails. We are headed to eat dinner tonight at the Marturello's. They feed us everyweek, great family!

Monday - I didn't write in my journal all week, it is hard to write in it, I will try and be better at that, that is my source of material for emails, hard to even remember what I did yesterday, let alone beginning of the week! So for P-Day last week we went and we played some tennis and I got to play some doubles with some kids from the local high school, they were a 6A school and said they were headed to win state. I could have beat all of them handly, even now. psssh Alabama tennis. So after that we were fed by the Marturello's again.. Their kids never behave when were go over. I love it. hahahahaha. So after that we couldn't get anything, so we stopped by the Hughey's, a family were eating dinner with and saw them.  We watched Mormon messages with Jef the father, he is who we are going to nab!

Tuesday - Had district meeting in the morning, it was a really great one! Love District meeting, after that we came back and we went and knocked on Brittani's door the one in our complex and we went and we taught her. She hadn't read The Book of Mormon, why don't people just daggum read it and pray? So we just talked more about that, and recomitted here, bore testimony and stressed the importance of it. Her boyfriend had also been saying some stuff to her, so we had to address some concerns like polygamy and what not, I love answering people's questions, love it, it all falls back on The Book of Mormon, so it went pretty well! We got invited to the Hughey boys baseball scrimmage at the high school, so we went and watched for about an hour and talked with the father, apparently he had been looking for Jesus parable videos on youtube and he couldn't find them, he said he found them in what we showed him, and he said that was an answer to my prayers. He then said, "As I keep searching, everything that I have seen in my study, and as I continue to pray to God and ask him for direction and to show me His will, everything that I have seen is pointing me to the Mormon church." I invited him to take the lessons and he said it will be a gradual thing, but we got him on the line, the Spirit is working him over. We went to basketball, next thing we know Nicholas is on the ground unresponsive, and he starts having a seizure, so all of us don't know what to do, and 911 is called and he is still unconcious after seizing for 2 minutes and he is having a hard time breathing, so the ambulance comes and takes him, we don't know him super, super well, but I find his phone and call his mom and give her the low down, and she tells me that it happens every single day. So apparently it happens a lot, because of epilepsy, I have seen people seize before, but not like this. But we have seen him since, and he is just fine. We traded off and Elder Davidson came with me to the 2nd Ward.

Wednesday - Davidson and I got up at 5:30 am and we went to the park and we ran around the track. We ran about 3 miles and did push ups there and pull ups, Davidson ran track for Idaho State University and he has gained just as much weight as I have, hahahahaha. We came out same time. So it was good to exercise, but 3 miles killed me, and I was sore the next day. I am so out of shape. We went to the food bank, but they didn't need us, so we went and we taught Theresa, and we answered her questions, she wants to be baptized, but not yet, she still didn't come to church. So working on that, but we read all of the questions with her and without us even asking she told us she will begin giving up coffee, in preparation for it, so it was really awesome, she is changing already. Then we worked at Linda's house we painted a door for her, it took so long to paint this door, for real, and we also went and we provided service at the Red Cross. We also helped Athen in his front yard, we didn't meet with him this week, I invited him out to church, but next time I see him I will invite him to sit down and take the lessons. No more dilly dally, gonna get the man. We ate dinner at the Depew's house. And then we went to Mutual, the young women invited us to their cultural night, so we ate MORE food. Then we get a text from the 1st ward that Elder Smith rolled his ankle and is injured needs a pick up. He was so mad. He tried to jump a fence!

Thursday - We worked in the Family History Center in the morning, just trying to get ourselves more and more acquantied with it! I traced a line all the way back to adam and eve also, the fam should go onto new.familysearch.org, there are some ordinances that need to be done for family, it is pretty cool. Not a lot of them, but names to be taken to the temple. Ferdinant Friis Hintze, was also the first missionary in Turkey. pretty cool stuff! We taught Brittani the plan of salvation lesson after that, one of the best lesson I felt like, I am really feeling more comfortable teaching. She was way impressed with all of the information, it kind of blew her mind, she is working on her boyfriend to meet with us. After that we did weekly planning. Contacted a media referral, which never work out unfortunately it seems like. Sister Bess dropped us off dinner, and then we saw Bro. Nunez. Had a way good visit with him talked about temple and church attendance, it was really neat, and we got him to come to church! Hadn't been in quite a while!

Friday - Had our hospital shift, quiet day, nothing really of event! We met with Gloria and Zooya afterwards and filled out baptism and confirmation records for them. Then Bro. Chappell took us out to eat. Then we saw Barbara again, she is pretty committed right now, quiting smoking, it is a constant battle, but she is doing it!

Saturday - Basically had nothing all day, people canceled on us and so we biked around trying to talk to people. But it was gloomy and cold so we really didn't do a whole lot of anything at all! Saw Theresa and Donte investigator we hadn't been able to see, and he isn't interested.

Sunday - Church! Had Gloria and Barbra there, no Zoya she was sick or Athen. Afterwards we ate dinner with the Davis'. We got invited to the Hughey kids birthday party ahahahaah, so that was cool, we ate with all of them. I said the prayer and it was Houston's Birthday.  

Love you family!!!! Miss you a whole lot, going to be thinking a lot about you this week for thanksgiving! I have and we do as a family sure do have a lot to be thankful for!!!! More than we could ever imagine! Love this Gospel, love the mission, I know it to be true with all of my heart! If there is anything that I learn, it is that I need to be better, work harder, and be more obedient, much work to be done, love ya'll!!

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