"Christmas in Dothan!"

Later on Monday, December 9th, we received his weekly email. Enjoy!

"HEYO Family!!
So as you know, I am staying in Dothan, Alabama for the Holidays. So that is going to be super awesome, and I already got the hook ups for a skype call Christmas day! I hope ya'll are still around!
So one of our sisters is leaving and we are getting one from Geneva which is right next to us. And then both of the 1st ward Elders are leaving.

Monday - We worked at the food bank in the morning. We spend out P-Day at the mall looking at some gifts and what now. Got some people's info as well to learn more, all in a days work! Then we ate dinner and we didn't really have any plans, so we took the time to plan out our whole week.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting and then we went and got free hot dogs from the man in the 1st ward, Bro Filkins. We then helped Brother Bain in his yard rake up his leaves and we tore out some bushes and planted trees. Then we went to Linda's and she had already finished the painting, so we talked with her for a second, then raked her leaves, did some service for her neighbors. Then we went home and dinner time.

Wednesday - We worked at the food bank in the morning again. And then we went to a red cross luncheon for all of the volunteers, so that was cool. 

Got to meet lots of people there. Then we did some finding, trying to talk to people, did some tracting. Then we saw Barbra Phillips with Charles Bain. Barbra is well, still fighting the smokes and coffee, she knows it is wrong, but so she is trying very hard. Barbra is having a hip replacement surgery, I am kind of worried, but I told her it would help her. I hope it is a Zimmer part! :) She said a Dr. Robinson is doing it down here. Dad, look into that! Then we had our ward correlation meeting, and then a ward choir practice, thats right, opa! I'm in the choir, and nominated to say some parts in the program! Then we ate dinner with the Thomley's.

Thursday - We worked at the food bank again in the morning. And then we worked at the red cross after that unloading all manner of junk from a shed, we had to move like over one hundred shovels and rakes. Then we met with Sister Crunelle, a less active in the ward. Then we ventured out to find lost people. We were sent by the ward and it was actually really, really good. We found quite a few of them, and we were able to sit down and talk with them. Some we will hopefully begin to work with some. We then ate dinner with the Thompson's, awesome family. Luke's family. Then we saw Brother Nunez, had another really great visiit with him, he didn't come to church however, but he has been so sick, so hopefully once he is healthy, he will come. Then we stopped by to see the Hughey's, everytime we see them, Jef is slowly being realed in!

Friday - Pretty sweet day, on the way to the hospital. We stopped just to see how Linda was doing, and look who pulled in the driveway.. Athen. So I was like enough of this, lets do this thing. So we invited him to take the lessons. And he said, yes! Which was really cool, he said that he has been thinking about it for a little while. So it may not be immediately, he said he may need some time. But also on the way there we got to talk to two guys, who both told us to come back and talk to them, which was cool. So we worked at the hospital. And then we went to dinner with the Evans!

Saturday - We saw Barbra again in the morning with Brother Prigmore. We saw Theresa, and she is just the same, we are thinking we are going to take a step back and then see what's up with her. We saw Sister Rush, but basically just spent the whole time trying to find people, just talking to people. Then we had dinner and did our weekly planning in the night time.

Sunday - Church was good, didn't get any of our investigators out. After that we had our ward choir practice. And then we hit the streets to go find, just walked around and talked to everyone that we saw, we were headed to meet with Jeffery our new investiagator we found on the way to the hospital, but he didn't answer. So we then got a call from Sister Knight, she is leaving and so we headed to see her for the last time, because it was her last time and we had been talking to her a lot about the church, so we got her info for the sisters. And then we had a ward pie social before the Christmas Devotional. 

Did ya'll watch the devotional? I don't think I have ever seen the devotional before. But Cameron's mom and sister came out to that, I called them during the week and made sure they were invited. And Sister Davis went out and invited them together. 

So that was the week. A pretty good one. So I guess we will just keep doing our thing, and keep asking the members for referrals. I am really excited to spend Christmas here! I love you guys a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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