"HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Elder Hintze's email from Monday, December 2nd. First Thanksgiving in the mission field.

"HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again.. I already wrote this out.. but it got deleted, it literally was finished.. So I feel sick inside and now I don't have enough time to go again really. I will try and get it in again. Had an awesome Thanksgiving. I hope that all of you did same!

Monday - Did some biking and then went to the members. We then ate at Marturello's in the evening for dinner. And we went back and we planned out the rest of our week, it is necessary in order for us to be more effective, we have run into a lot of problems meeting with people, so we are trying to all call ahead planning now.

Tuesday - We had zone training in the morning, so all of the missionaries in the zone got together in Dothan and the zone leaders instructed us, no president, just the zone leaders. We do role plays on role plays on role plays. Hahaha. So after that we hit the streets knocking doors and talking to people, it started to rain on us. We saw Robert Dobbs a less active guy that just likes to play music for us, no gospel conversation, seen him once before, but we were able to talk to him about why he is less active. Then a lady tried to kick us out of her neighborhood for soliciting, it was ridiculous, I told her like 12 times we weren't selling anything. Then we ate dinner at the Hornsby's.

Wednesday - We taught Theresa in the morning and is fine, she isn't progressing, so we told her we have told you everything, and you agree with it all , you have changed because of it, now it is up to you in order to take the initiative and read and pray to know if this is true or not, she still says she wants to be baptized, but nothing immediately. So we will see what happens, she still hasn't come to church. We then did service at the Red Cross, that's where you got the thanksgiving video from. 

They didn't really need us too much, so we did family history. We tried to see Brittani, but haven't been able to this week. We then contacted a media referral we got from a member in California, it is pretty cool. We get a text messsage that says their name, address, phone number, missionary visit or what they requested, who send them in this case it was a member in Apple Valley, California, and this one said they spoke spanish. So we took Brother Marturello, who went to El Salvador on his mission, so I spoke to the lady at the door and she didn't speak any english, so Marturello just took it over and whipped out spanish as we stood there, it was so cool. So we got a return appointment, but we can't call them and they live forever away, so we didn't get to see them again, he couldn't get a hold of them. Our nearest spanish missionaries are in Tallahassee, so we may have to teach with an interpreter.  We also picked up a new less active lady to work with. We then saw Barbra in the evening, she is doing really well, she has now quit smoking and coffee for over 10+ days again, and she is so much happier when she does.

Thursday - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it was a good one for you! We had a fun one! In the morning we played the Turkey bowl, football game. So we got there early and Davidson and I ran a couple of miles, to prepare for the food, I am pathetic, I get exhausted after like 2 miles now. But we played and it was really, really fun, we had about 22 guys and a ref came from the 1st ward, non member guy who refs high school, hahahahaha he was serious, like halfs, play clock, flags thrown, etc. It was the most organized flag football ever, it was hilarious. No injuries and I scored my fair share of touchdowns. It was also like 30 degrees when we started and the humidity, makes it cold, cold, cold. So after that we got picked up by Cameron's dad to go to dinner with them , so we went out to the house out in Cottonwood, an awesome house, way open tons of windows that look into the back, lots of land, with a couple different ponds, and there is a gator our there in it. So we got to meet a lot of the family, and talk with them for a long time. Didn't get anything too Gospel in, but talked to them a lot about our missions and about Cam and what he is doing. Haven't heard from him in a while, but read his email to his fam. But got to spend a lot of time talking with just his parents after the crew left. We also got to fish a little bit in their pond, which was good. Then we ate at the Hughey's house. And good visit with them, we had a really good Gospel conversation with them, Jef read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet I left with him, so I just wish they were members, they are dry mormons!!!! Thats what they call themselves, but slowly they are getting reeled in, the sons are awesome, they want me to come back and room with them at Auburn University.

Friday - We taught Linda in the morning, then we went to the hospital. The hospital was good, got to pray with quite a lot of people and talk with them. Then we ate dinner at the Hansens house and then we did our weekly planning in the night. 

Saturday - We met with Barbra again in the morning, doing really good. So happy now! Then all of our appointments that we had set up canceled. So we each didn't have anything solid, so we decided well we can't visit anyone, because they will watch the game. So we went on a joint service spree, hitting a bunch of areas in the 1st and 2nd ward Chopping bushes, raking leaves, painting stuff. People are going crazy down here, and their were Alabama fans that were so mad! hahahahaha I am a total Auburn fan now, I was cheering for them all the way, I wanted the under dogs, so it was awesome. Then we visited Sister Burnsed, hadn't been able to see her for quite sometime and she is up in Headland which is out of our area, but Forest went with us to see her, really good visit with her.

Sunday - Church was real good! Didn't have Gloria, Zoya, or Barbra, all of them are sick, and we didn't have any investigators. Again our member canceled who was giving us a ride, so we had to wing it all day. We did some tracting, and we biked around a ton and saw some less actives. We visited Sister Knight, and we gave her a blessing. She isn't doing well. 

Hope that all is well on the home front, and you had a good thanksgiving! I have got a lot to be thankful for, we all do, and I am so thankful for this family. You guys really are awesome and I love you all so very much!!!!!!!!!! I have grown to love and appreciate you all so much more and what the Gospel really means in terms of the family! This church is true, and I am feeling so blessed to be able to share that message each and every day! Love you all!!!!!!!!!"

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